Sunday, September 25, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

25-1 Clear. Fine. Cool. Windy. Rev.__[?]____De Witt preached in our ch. [church] this morning. In our Parlor in Evn. [Evening] I walked in morning before Church and in afternoon bet. [between] 2 and 3 pm. In all 3 to 4 miles. An Elderly man a stranger in our ch. [church] This Evn. [evening] with [ ? ] home 8 ½ and to bed 9 ½ .

Monday, September 26, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Sept. 26-2 Clear. Fine. Pleasant. Coolish. Rode on horseback from 8 ¾ to 9 ¾ am. 6 miles onto dogs along. Met Board of Enrollment morning & afternoon. [?] Draftings. Draft the 1st 4th 15th hands of Harrisburg. Capt. Hurnt [?] talked for duty in Board in place of Capt. Clement, sick and leaving [?] walked home after tea. Called at [?] [?] Haven in after tea about bring drafted. Pleasant Evn. [Evening] at home and to bed 9 ½ PM.

Tuesday, September 27, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

27-3 Clear. Fine. Pleasant. Rode on horseback from 8 ¼ to 9 ¼ am. Met Board of Enrollment morning and afternoon and proceeded with draft of Dauphin Cou. [County] and Juniatta. Mrs Rawn and self walked [?] some after tea between 6 ½ and 7 ½ pm. To bed 9 ½ .

Wednesday, September 28, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28-4 Rain at 8 am. I started to ride on horseback at that time but was [afraid?] of acc [account] of rain to return and put my mare into [ ? ] livery stable till it clears, on I send her to my [ ? ] at noon. Mrs. Rawn at Market. I was up early and also out at market by 6 ¼ am just to look around. Met whole Board. I walked in Evn. [Evening] bet. [between] 4 ½ and 6 PM. 2 to 3 miles. Spent Evening at home. To bed 9.

Thursday, September 29, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29-5 Cloudy. Warm. Walked after breakfast bet. [between] 8 and 9 am. Met Board of Enrollment. Morning and afternoon. Cont. [continued] the Draftings in afternoon. June 27th unit Walked around home in Even. [evening] Attended Enthusiastic Union Meeting in the Court House from 8 to 9 a.m. Genr. [General] Cavey from Ohio one of the best, if not the best speaker I ever heard on Political [?] Made a speech some 2 hours long. I went after he had began and left before he quit. I never saw any audience in that Court House so delighted and entertained. His arguments were thorough and overwhelming. To bed 9 ½.

Friday, September 30, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30-6 Rain in late night. Cloudy all day. Met Board of Enrollment morning and afternoon. Com. [Communication?] Examinations of drafted men in 1st 4 hands of their City. Pleasant Evening at home and to bed 9 ½ PM.

Saturday, October 1, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Oct 1 ~7 Cloudy- some little Rain through day- attended after breakfast to presenting another requisition from [Forage] having presented one yesterday on which an order was issued (v. my letter file) but having retained it till this morning. H. Fajen the Forge Master could not issue the [Forage] as it belonged to the Sept. mo. And his report for that mo has been closed and forwarded but [Even] [Norm] Edwards [(mr CaC & Norman’s) fault that I delayed transport from yesterday to today, as he had slept more at noon when I wanted him to go and had been upon his night turn last night. He seems to be dreamy or inept or easy going creature with not much fire or energy and quite an careful not to hurt his comfort as appear agreeable to me [army horse]. I lost my months forage worth now some $151, his manifestation of [?] I then deliver this morning in advance for the month for one horse as yesterday all through my requisition exception granted, of oats & Hay calls for two horses as I had intended to [care] for [two] and get another horse perhaps [ I have] R. [Lahmer] Look as he wanted sell him but an oversight made in filling up the quantity only for one horse instead of two and Where did it stand then ~ I did not observe the discrepancy till after I got the order and got to my office. Said Edward Lewis attended to having it delivered at and put away at my stable this afternoon.

Mrs Rawn at market last [Monday] this morning I pd 28 cent

Lamb and Beefsteak 67, 1 lb butter 35, Sweet Potatoes 25$1.27
tomatoes, cucumber, Pepper 30, Bread 10 mustard celery seed 15.55
10 lb sugar, jam preserving grapes [for] . $2.41 mos. 32.44
$ 4.26
Today. Beef 4 ¼ lbs 75, 2 lbs butter 70, apples10, Bread 10$ 1.65
Buttermilk 2 qts 6, gl cider 5 pepper 3546
$ 2.11
Copy Books; change Fannie 15+10=25$2.36

Met Board of Enrollment morning and afternoon and continued examination of drafted men [of] yesterday

[Rent] of J.K. Boar in Compromise of Mechanics diem and Jno B Simon

White Paste Over

For aid Ivv. $4.50 1-3-63) Mid [October] Mrs and Rawn

the order. Mrs. B Simon to the 2nd July 64 army Band

[Paid] CR Mr Simon $61.50- $3.69

me that advance, for him interest to the 15 Oct [int]

he, stamp on transfer 2nd 15 Oct 1859 for $100 6.00

Mr Simon 22 June . . ‘65 . $9.69

Between 7 and 8 P.M. 2-24 July ‘65

paid in full [all] 1 [mo] [dates]

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