Sunday, January 8, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8-1 clear-fine-cold hard frozen-bracing-calm Mrs R self and children at church morning and Evn. Mr Mitchell preached in morning a stranger youngish man whose name I did not get in Evns.home 8 ½ to bed 9 ½

Monday, January 9, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9-2 clear-fine-very cold softening in Middle of day paid A. K. Fannepeck for stamps for lease, (U.S Revenue 3 leases) $1.50

Susan Peck Geo. Bailey here in morning. At Resisters office with them for her bond on her husband [illegible] Aungst’s Estate- [illegible]= gave him explanation of liability

Pd M.B. Montgomery Col. My school takes for 1864 in 4th & 5th Wards of this city

[Illegible list]

Rcd. Of Mo. Hamilton 1 mos. Rent$8.00
Paid for 5 Bank leases - -.25
" 1 lb almond crackers - -.25
Handed daughter Fanny few days ago.25

Jany 9-2 contd. Met Revere Hetzel by Jones House- asked me if I could put him in a way to get his Hotel bill from CAPT Clemens for boarding the board of [illegible] clerks orderly & 1863. said he had written to him often and either could get no reply or money I don’t remember which-think no reply I told him I could not tell him how to get his bill. I had nothing to do with it. That Clemens and the government [illegible]

I had discussions of this manner and both that he wanted to [illegible] me on the subject of personal liability. He said he had all Books or Registered [illegible paragraph]

Wrote to F.M. Brooke Esqr Media del. Co. in reply to letter Rcd from him the 5 inst and kept copy. spent Evns 10PM.

Tuesday, January 10, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10-3 Rain & snow in last night & this morning- cloudy-wet-foggy-slippery very disagreeable all day-Rev F.A. Barnitz & me J.H. Seifer the later of Kenin Ohio here an afternoon to call family alter- we had a long talk

I pd Mrs Rawn 5 lbs Coffee groceries when at Kelloges$2.00
2 lbs soap 30 Baking soda 5- .35
I paid ½ lb macaronis.30

Spent day and evening chiefly at home and to bed 91/2

Wednesday, January 11, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

11-4 Clear-Fine-Cold-hard frozen in morning-softening in places in middle of day considerably more especially on the pavement-but very chilly all day.

Mrs Rawn at Market paid 4 lbs veal 65, ¾ lbs beef 65, 1lb butter 50$1.80
Hominy 15-apples 30, 3 qts cornmeal 25- Bread 10.80
I paid for a peck of apples, pound apples, had been frozen .30

Wrote letter in afternoon for a Mrs. Sara Jenkins & Isaac Jenkins her husband he not at my office to one Thos Price Esqur Solicitor Market St, "abergavenny (abergavenny) Minnrinstshire England. (My better file letter left by her)

I made no charge- she handed me to pay time & c. - - - $0.75

Wrote to Geo W Sweigard 20 army core Savannah reply to a letter [illegible] from him a few days ago spent Evns at home to bed 10.

Thursday, January 12, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

12-5 Clear.fine in morning & hard frozen. softening in middle of day I walked 31/2 to 4 miles circular bet.10 & 11 1/2 am. Calling at boat at Canal street above and on Matz Street to see Mrs Jenkins as she had desired me yesterday I [illegible] in her on the deck of the boat and had only a few minutes talk with her telling her she must call at my office on any further business

I pd at Kunkels Drug Store for a large Bottle Bitter Fine Miu of Non $1.00

Rcd of Geo. Obris 1 mos. Rent due 1 inst $9.00

Spent Evening chiefly at home and to bed 9 ½ to 10

Friday, January 13, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13-6 Cloudy-soft. Icy and [illegible]. I walked through day 3 miles also spent rest of day chiefly at home Rcd Mr Mitchell our Pastor in ½ hour or more about 3 ½ pm. We talked considerably of schools-colleges &c.

Rcd of M. F. Bronner 1 Mos. Rent due 1inst- - $20.00

Spent Evening at home and to bed 91/2 to 10

Saturday, January 14, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14-7 Clear cloudy-windy-cold- softness-moderate in morning till 11 am or after- things got colder-freezing in afternoon and evening-Mrs Rawn at Market

2 lbs butter 1.00, veal, Beef Sausage $1.00, 2 qts buckwheat flour 20$2.29
Some Radish, cherries, Buttermilk 20, Mead 10, Coal oil 30 (1 quart) Chlorine brine 10.70
4 lbs Brown sugar $1 (on 12 inst)1.00

Wrote letter to Saml H. Taylor L.L.S and over man in subject – sending my son John Calvin to school there Prepatory to his entering Princeton College. Rcd. Letter from F.M. Brooke Media del. Co. Jany 13th. ([Illegible) Spent day chiefly at home evening also and to bed 9 ½ to 10.

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