Sunday, October 29, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29-1 Clear. Fine. Fresh. Mrs. Rawn and Fannie at church in morning and Mr. R. in Even. I remained at home all day and Even. And to bed at 9.

Editor's Note: Egle 339. The Rawns attended the Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg, which was formerly called "Pine Street Presbyterian Church." This church was incorporated on February 1, 1859, and Rawn was elected one of seven trustees. See Appendix 4 for sketch of the Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg.

Monday, October 30, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30-2 Clear. Fine. Fresh but highly agreeable.

Paid Richard McCulla for milk from 24 Aug. to this date both dashes mclurine 68 qts at 8 cts.$5.44
Paid stamps for article of agreement with Fahnestock$3.00
Paid citate. Of magnesia….35

October 30-2 continued Received of William Gray and Levi L. Gray his father trading as William Gray and Co on account of the first months.

Rent on lease made to them of my house and Stove Room where I live.$50.00
also ½ the cost of a stamp for said lease$1.50

I have rented my house and stove the former in view of my bad health and the probability that I part. And me warned might be to do at a time when the chances for which renting might be very poor. In the event of my not getting well, my family would not remain in this house. This therefore considered by the family all around the best to rent it now and go to my own house on State Street. (Mitchell House) or rent or buy some other if that shall be settled to be too small. We shall continue in much measure of health as to move. It will be very repugnant to my feelings and disposition. We have a very large house full of things and the matter of making vendue [?] and moving involve an amount of money and perplexity which must be enjoyed to be appreciated but which if it come in my time, I shall be careful to avoid any shame as much as possible. Besides, I am well fixed in every way although it would be much more profitable for me to live in a cheaper place and rent this inst. I moved here in 1838, and there are associations connected with the place which to a man at my time of life are strongly persuasive to a continuance and opposed to change. Spent day at home except that I was out merely a few minutes with Fahnestock round noon day time. Dr. Charlton called with my wife in afternoon and Henry Omit here in Evening. To bed 9 pm.

Tuesday, October 31, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

31-3 Steady Rain. Commenced in last night. Continued off and on throughout day. I spent day and evening at home and to bed 9 to 10.

Wednesday, November 1, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Nov.1-4 Clear and cloudy. Pleasant. I attended for Jn. Laban from 9 ¾ to 11 ½ am as atty. at ald. Maglan [?] within a suit against him by his wife’s sister Florence for money borrowed as she alleged

I received from said John Laban (28) in said caseFEE $5.00
Received of Morena Schwenk, 1 mo. Rent due this day$12.50
Received of William Ogleton—1 mo. Rent due this day$12.50
Paid John Fraelich [?] for making and trimming coat and pants and slightly altering new black shirt of mine for John Calvin (pd and rec)$16.75
Paid Sickel and Friede shoemakers in my neighbour Pollack’s Room for two pairs of new Balmoral or short ankle boots got for John Calvin (rec’d on Nov. 8 for this entry with pair for Mrs. Rawn) $7.00
Paid at Brownold’s [?] in my front Room per Mrs. Rawn for John Calvin for pair of pants…$9.00
Paid freight on said clothes. Boots and a flute contained in a champagne basket to Adam’s Express to convey issue to Calvin at Princeton..75
Mrs. Rawn at market and paid
1 lb butter.45
2 ¾ lb beefsteak55
a large chicken50
to Evy for oysters in full50$1.55
nearly 2 lb lard38
S. potatoes and horse radish 37.75
Corn husk mat25
2 lbs white sugar40.40
1 pair gloves for Fannie.35

spent afternoon and evening at home and to bed 9 pm.

Thursday, November 2, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2-5 Rain in last night and remaining through the day. Mildish. I spent day and evening at home; am very unwell. To bed 8 ½ pm.

Friday, November 3, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3-6 Cloudy all day. Dampish. Some little rain. J.R. Shunk, son of F.R. Shunk, called at my office. He is son in law of Hon. J. R. Black who is counsel for complaints in the matter of a bill in Equity to be filed against certain firms now and then date of Harrisburg Carton Co.

The former Henry Omit, Catha. An his Aaron Bombaugh, Chas. C. Rawn, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Coleman, and V. Muhlenberger whom the said $100 fee for Black which pd.

To Strunk for him today (v. R)$100.00
I paid office fee and omit pd. Same amt.$22.50

Mrs. Murphy paid $15 and the others each

Nov. 3-6 cont’d

Received of Jn. Wolf 1 mo. Rent due$12.50
Received of Gottleib Kreider 1 mo. Rent due$15.00

Rode with Horses and Rockaway from Calder’s livery from 11 ¼ am to 12 ¾ pm chiefly among my houses.

I pd. Jos. Broniger [?] (31 net) for that day cleaning my cellar furnace in full.75
Pd 1 lb rice15
¼ lb Culabria legumes19
Paid for Juliana Rawn at Rileys drug store for
1 bottle Schenk’s pumonic syrup1.25
1 bottle Schenk’s sea weed tonic1.25
1 box Schenk’s Mandrake pills .25

I am feeling considerably unwell today notwithstanding ride and other favorable circumstances. Spent ev. at home and to bed 9 ½

Editor's Note: Egle 537. Governor Francis R. Shunk was elected in 1844 and 1848. He resigned in the first year of his second term due to poor health.

Editor's Note: Egle 467. Aaron Bombaugh played a prominent role in municipal affairs and served as a member of the Borough Council.

Saturday, November 4, 1865 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4-7 Rain in last night and now and through today. Mrs. Rawn at market and paid

1 lb butter 50, 5 ¼ lb beef 90$1.40
1 pair chickens 50, apples, sweet potatoes, radishes 33.83
3 qts. Cornmeal 25, bread 5, ginger and cloves 11.41
1 pint molasses 15, 3 lbs brown sugar 51 .66
clothes pins 5, 3 qt. Jar 18, 2 boxes matches 5 = 28 = $3.58$3.30

I commenced last night with Schenk’s medicine and shall give them a fair trial. This is largely and may say chiefly in compliance with the wish of my sister Juliana Rawn who has been urging me for some time to try them on the strength chiefly of old Mrs. Mitchell’s strong recommendation as they had most magically cured her. Spent Evening at home and to bed 9 ½

Rec’d of Chas Looker 1 mo rent due$12.50
Rec’d of B. Geiser 1 mo rent due$20.00
Replaced in Dauphin Dep. Bank$100.00

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