MG 131 - Democratic Party Collection

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Scope and Content

Contains campaign literature, political flyers, convention programs, tickets, including a notice and circular sent to the members of the State Central Committee, 1853; the Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Convention, 1856; the Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Democratic Party of the City of Harrisburg, 1862; the platform adopted by the Democratic State Convention, 1888; an essay concerning the tariff and the surplus, c.1888; tickets to a Democratic celebration, 1838 and a ball, 1878; the Campaign Handbook and Political Guide, 1914; various political hand-outs for candidates running for office, undated; a statement, "Why I want to be President of the United States," by Jesse Jackson; handouts for delegates for Mondale and Hart, 1984, and a sample ballot for Jesse Jackson.

Date(s): 1838-1991

Extent: 1 box, 9 folders, 29 enclosures