MG 140 - Almanac Publications

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Scope and Content

Contains more than 175 almanacs, some in the German language. The earliest is a German almanac published in 1792. "McCulloch's Pocket Almanac" published in Philadelphia in 1814 is the earliest English language almanac in the collection. Includes almanacs by American publishers, German language almanacs, Maryland publishers, New England publishers, New York publishers, Central Pennsylvania, a Lancaster publisher (Agricultural Almanac, 1843-1936), a Harrisburg publisher, Philadelphia publishers, International publishers (Great Britain), and religious almanacs published by various organizations and churches.


An almanac is a yearly publication which includes calendars with weather forecasts, astronomical information, tide tables, and other useful information in both related and unrelated fields. In Pennsylvania, almanacs were invaluable to early farmers in helping to determine the best planting and harvesting times as well as making other agricultural decisions.

Date(s): 1792-1967

Extent: 1 carton, 3 boxes