MG 270 - 4th Battalion Lancaster County Militia Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains the reports of the companies of the Fourth Battalion Militia of Lancaster County under the command of Col. Robert Elder and includes listings of non-attendants in Capt. James Murray's company, 1777-1778; reports of the absentees of Capt. James Collier's company, 1777-1778; reports of Capt. John Rutherford, 1777-1778; a report of Capt. Crouch with a certification of the transfer of Jacob Craimer to the Northumberland Militia, 1778; reports of absentees of Capt. James Clark, 1777-1778; a listing of the arms and accouterments provided to the sixth and seventh companies of militia under Capt. Martin Weaver and Capt. Michael Whitley; a report of the delinquents of the eighth company of Capt. John Gilchrist; and a listing of the guns in Capt. Weaver's and Capt. Clark's companies fit for service.

Date(s): 1777-1778

Extent: 8 folders, 21 enclosures