MG 289 - Harrisburg Volunteer Artillery Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains the handwritten constitution of the Harrisburg Volunteer Artillery with a list of the "Artillerists" under the command of Captain Richard M. Crain; minutes of the meetings, 1815; a statement of the court martial of Jonathan D. Heister for disobedience and misbehavior with a signed note from the committee stating that he should not be discharged; undated lists of members; a muster of the Artillery attached to the First Brigade, Sixth Division of Pennsylvania Militia; furlough paper of Joseph Grouse for six days, November, 1814; correspondence concerning the legal status of the Artillery, 1814; the roll of the Company of Volunteers, 1814; the Penn Mag. orderly book of the company with seven galleys, 1814; a handwritten account by Joseph Wallace of the Artillerists campaign against the British from Sept. 2 to Dec. 8, 1814; a muster roll of officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates attached to the Harrisburg Volunteer Artillery, 1813; a detail of guards for September 15, 1814; a morning report of Capt. Crain; a summons for Capt. Crain to attend a court martial, Sept., 1814; a signed statement by Capt. Crain that George Gongawan served and received payment; a request by Henry Blake for money due; a requests for discharge from John Shanning and George Eichholtz with the approvals attached, 1816; receipts for muskets returned; correspondence from R. T. Leech to Capt. Crain, 1814; small slips of paper signed by Capt. Crain certifying individuals served a tour of duty; vouchers signed by Lt. Alexander Piper, Lt. George Caruthers, and Capt. Richard Crain for pay and subsistence, Oct., 1814; inspection report of men, arms and accouterments; morning report, 1814; voucher for equipment delivered to the company at Camp Fairfield near Baltimore, 1814; mess list of the Artillerists encamped at Camp Springfield, 1814; undated muster roll.

Date(s): 1812-1817

Extent: 2 folders, 35 enclosures