MG 361 - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains:

BOX 1 - A typed history of the first Capitol buildings; a handwritten paper by George W. Harris describing a feat of daring in the dome of the Capitol by Col. Wm. Piper; a Bible which went through the fire at the capitol in 1897; the dedication program for the new Capitol, 1906, with an invitation to the dedication, tickets to the Grand Stand for the dedication and the menu for the luncheon with President Roosevelt; pamphlet with a brief description of the Capitol at Harrisburg with an outline of State Government, 1923; dedication programs for the Barnard statues, 1911, the Education Building, 1931, with news clippings; an invitation to the Unveiling of the Equestrian Statue of Major General John Hartranft, 1899; a letter of welcome by Gov. Fisher to the dedication of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial, 1930; a handbill announcing a legislative reunion, 1874; a release by the Dept. of Commerce about Harrisburg Historic Sites; a brochure on the Pennsylvania Scenic Rivers Program; papers concerning the Farmers' High School, 1857; a booklet on the laws relating to firemen and fire departments, 1971; a broadside listing the counties of Pennsylvania, their origin and date of formation; a booklet by the Dept. of Highways on Pennsylvania; the dedication program for the statue of Gov. Curtin, 1922; and superior court records, 1931, 1938, 1940.

BOX 2 - Pamphlets on "Ethnic and Folklife Resources of South Central Pennsylvania," "Facts About Pennsylvania for Young Citizens," and "Hemlock, the State Tree of Pennsylvania."

BOX 3 - Handwritten address to the Legislature, 1799, unsigned; printed booklets with the annual address of Governor Andrew Curtin, 1864, 1866; remarks of Dr. S. T. Davis, 1887; biennial message of Governor Robert E. Pattison, 1895; Inaugural address of Edwin S. Stuart, 1907; Inaugural address of Martin G. Brumbaugh, 1915; Message of Governor Brumbaugh to the General Assembly, 1917, 1919; address by Governor Edward Martin, 1946; Proclamation by Governor Pennypacker for day of thanks, 1903; political cartoons concerning Governor Pennypacker; booklet listing the Pennsylvania soldiers buried at Andersonville, Georgia, 1864-1865; booklet with the historical sites of early Pennsylvania; program for the sesquicentennial celebration of the Sullivan-Clinton-Brodhead Expeditions against the Iroquois, 1779-1929; booklets from the Department of Agriculture, 1904,1905; Pennsylvania Farm Show, 1966; reports of the Department of Commerce on the typewriter, the first paper mill, Stephen Foster, birth of the radio, motor driven tractor, salute to the Grange, education, and America's first hospital and printed booklets with cartoons about Pennsylvania; publications of the Department of Education; publications of the Department of Environmental Resources, Department of Health, Department of Public Instruction; booklets of cases before the Supreme Court; papers from the Executive Office; handwritten index of the Journal of the House of Representatives, 1806-1807; programs and invitations; booklets and reports from various departments of government.

BOX 4 - Broadside of General Orders Number Five to the volunteers of Pennsylvania who offered their services to President of U. S. in war with Mexico, 1846; list of the Notary Publics of Pennsylvania, 1859; proclamation by Governor George Earle on 300th anniversary of Pennsylvania Commission, 1938; Reunion roll of members who served in legislature prior to 1850; list of electors of president and vice-president of the U. S. appointed by Governor James Beaver, 1888; license granted by Governor William Findlay to collect tolls on the Middletown and Harrisburg Turnpike road, 1818; commission to Samuel Poole, Valentine Hummel, George Whitehill by the Governor to view and examine turnpike road, 1818; commission to Andrew Mitchell, William Allison, Joseph Doll appointed by Governor Simon Snyder to view and examine turnpike road, 1817; drawing of the revised Pennsylvania coat of arms, 1881; bonds issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1852, 1861, 1867; warrantee map of forty-four tracts of land in city of Harrisburg, 1948; map of the original twenty-one tracts of land in the city of Harrisburg, 1933; auditor general's report to the Legislature on the banks and savings institutions in Pennsylvania in 1837.

Date(s): 1799-1983

Extent: 1 carton, 3 boxes