MG 661 - Gehr, Clyde Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains a scrapbook started when Clyde S. Gehr was a member of the junior class at Harrisburg Technical High School and while the United State was at war. It contains many items concerning the war in Europe including cartoons, pictures of military leaders and armaments, maps, poetry, and more. The scrapbook also contains articles of many other events during the time period 1918-1923, such as a snowstorm in 1920, a flood, school news with a picture of the Tech football team of 1919, inventions, articles on the dirigible, Lincoln, McKinley and Harding funeral trains, and Governor Pinchot's inaugural address, 1923.


Clyde S. Gehr, 1608 Derry Street, Harrisburg, was a junior at Harrisburg Technical High School when he began the scrapbook. Most of the articles in the scrapbook were taken from "The Literary Digest," a prominent magazine during World War I.

Date(s): 1918-1923

Extent: 1 box, 1 enclosure