Our archival collections consist of over one million images of Dauphin County from the 1850s to the present. Prominent national and Pennsylvania political photos, historical images of buildings and landmarks, street scenes, people and events are included. Individuals and businesses have used our photos in publications, annual reports, promotional and marketing materials, wall hangings and other attractive ways.

How do I Access the Collection?

Determine the topic or geographic area of interest. The more specific a period and location you can provide, the better. At the same time, we can recommend appropriate photos for businesses that wish to use them as part of a decorating scheme.

Contact us to see if we have any photos relating to your topic. Our photo archivist will search the files and pull out any photos that may be of interest to you. We are in the process of adding features to our website to allow you to search portions of our photograph collection from this page.

We will arrange an appointment for you to review the photos we have pulled. After you select the images from which you want prints or digital images made, we will take your order. We gladly work with designers or graphic artists. Payment for the prints is due when the actual order is placed with us. The fee will vary depending on the number of images requested, the proposed use and other factors.