People & Places Charles Rawn Mentions or Would Have Seen*

*Few images predating Rawn's 1865 death exist. Photos courtesy Dauphin County Historical Society.

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Charles Coatesworth Pinckney Rawn

Charles Coatesworth Pinckney Rawn

From "Family Albums of Harrisburg": Considered one of the leading criminal lawyers of the Dauphin County Bar about the middle of last century, Mr. Rawn was born in 1801 in Washington. His parents were David and Elizabeth Cheyney Rawn. His aunt, Mrs. John Shunk (Elizabeth Rahn, as the last name was originally spelled), was the mother of Governor Francis R. Shunk. Mr. Rawn was graduated from the old West Chester Academy and came to Harrisburg in 1826. He began the study of law under Governor Shunk and was admitted to the Bar on January 18, 1831. Mr. Rawn married Miss Frances Peacock Clendenin, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Slough Clendenin, of Harrisburg. The Rawns resided in Market Square. Their children included: Major Charles C. Rawn, who fought under General Custer in the United States Army; John Calvin Rawn, a civil engineer, and Mrs. William J. Torrington (Frances C. Rawn). Grandchildren were: Miss Margaret Rawn, of Lancaster; Edward Van Ness Rawn and Andrew Bryson Rawn, both of Huntingdon, West Virginia; Mrs. Carl W. Davis (Ethel Torrington), of Rockville, and William J. Torrington, Cumberland, Maryland. Charles C. P. Rawn died in Harrisburg on December 18, 1865.

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