Sunday, February 3, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3 1 Clear + Cold—Attended preaching twice to day at DeWitts church by Mr Duffield + in evening heard Rev W Stern at his own church Jno Weidman came to town at 2 P.M. + went with us to church in afternoon + evening + he and myself took tea at Mrs Clendenen’s

Monday, February 4, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4 2 Clear + Cold—Weidman + myself went to house this morning and to Miss C.s—Jno took dinner with me—he + his sister and Miss M A Wright started for Lebanon in Carriage at 2 o clock—I had “[Hurry]" with Shannon about concert—was at a “Levee" of members—this evening at Shunks + afterwards at Mrs Peacocks—from whence I escorted Mrs Wharton + Daughter home + after Mrs Clendenen + Daughter(new page)

Tuesday, February 5, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5 3 Clear + pleasant—orphan Court to day in which I presented petition for sale of Jacob Allen property Jno [Searing] Exr~~~ I wrote to Shunk + Atty Genl Lewis upon subject of Depy at Harrisburg + to E Cameron M. S + F.P. Clendenen to go to Capitol at request of genl Forster as Harrisburg Water Bill coming up—passed 1 st Reading in Senate I was at Mrs C.s this morning + after at Capitol when Smith former member of Phila Esqr who introduced me to Judge King—recd letter from Philip Newbeker—was at Mrs C.s this morning then at Capitol—was at Mrs C.s after 8 ½ . o.clock this evening no gentlemen there in the whole evening but myself for a “Rairity"

A continuation of the subject of this book will be found in one of Similar size. Marked on the outside continuation “Harrisburg February 6-A.D. 1833 “Wednesday"

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Continued – vide Similar Book


Harrisburg February 6th, 1833 Wednesday

Feby. 6 4 [Wed., Feb. 6] Cloudy, & Sunshine occasionally- some Snow- Lewis Culp in my Office this morning & told me to appear to Suits & Lewis Culp – Frank Fox & Same v Hamilton appeal from Esqr Buffington by defendent Wrote to "Dr J.R. Buffington" Speaker of Senate at Capitol upon Subject of Depty Atty General for this County & last evening to Genl Saml McKean Secy of Comwelth on Same Subjects

Recd. Letter from John H Bradley Esqr. "West Chester Feby 3, 1833" wishing to be app [appointed] Depy Atty Genl in Chester County. Wrote to Philip Nowbeker in answer to his letter of 3rd inst. took walk 4 or 5 miles. John Learning & William McClure in my office this evening where I staid till after 9 o’clock & then went to bed. pd for Box Keeping Pills & box together 18 ¾

Thursday, February 7, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

February 7, 1833 Thursday

7 5 [Thurs., Feb. 5] Clear & very Cold, paid H H Parsons (Taylor) vide Bill & Receipt 50 cts in full of all demands. Recd. Letter from R. Shannon on same Subject of our Quarrel dated "Land office’ "of Penna" Feb 7 1833" called him into my office at 2 o’clock P.M. of same day where I stated to him that I wished him to consider what I said to him on Monday as to a discontinuance of his visits at Mrs C’s, as not official or directed to him through me, though Mrs C. had Several times expressed a wish that he would not visit there. he left my office with some braggadocia offering of Satisfaction to me in any way I had a mind to demand it, which were not heeded as the other day when I attacked him at Keller & Siebert corner, inquired into his misrepresentations, told him repeatedly he was a damn rascal – Liar & other hard names which he this day assented in my office in presence of Mr Powel I had passed upon him, & then threatened to flay him which he this day admitted, invited him out of the St on to the River Bank which he also this day admitted – he then I say begged off plead physical inability & denied that he had placed this Story in its present shape. I was at a party this Evening at Esqr Brooks went home with Miss F.P.C.

Friday, February 8, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8 6 [Fri., Feb. 8] Clear & Cold – I put letter in post office written 2 days Since last Eveng for P. Newbeker Recd. Letter from "Pet. A. Karthaus dated "Phila. Feby 6, 1833" by the hands of "Joseph" "P Cohen" Esqr." who at same time handed me a memorial & other papers of Karthaus’ drawn by Lawyer Broom of city & Bearer. Mrs. King & son Geo. King in my office this morning when he desired me to prosecute his lien against Le Baron in which Wood Esqr had been concerned & "he would hear [?] me"

Feby. 8th 1833 Friday

8 6 [Fri., Feb. 8] Contd. I took from P. Office today a paper directed to "Chares C. Rawn esquire" which upon opening I found to be a Germ Report of this Session on Banks with these words written on the back of it "From a Shoemaker" no doubt it has some connection with "Shannon" Took ride this afternoon along Mr. Jos. Clendenen on Hale Snyders Brown RacKing [?] Horse from 4 P.M. to 5 ½ P.M. Thos. Wallace brought Mr. Noistler [?] New Client to my office this evening. I was at Capitol at 7 ½ o’clock & handed memorial & other paper of Peter A. Karthaus to day del [delivered] to me by Mr Cohen to Mr. Petracher of the Senate also saw Mr Shunk who gave me Accts. & from Mr. Solunds of H. of Rep. to whom they were sent from Phila. to collect against Mr Jacob Shuler. was at Mrs Clendenens after 9 o’clock Mr. Shack there

Saturday, February 9, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9- 7 [Sat., Feb. 9] Clear and beautiful. Dr Jos Brisben and his wife came to town last night & I was engaged with Clemson & McClure this Morning at McClures Office. was at Mrs Clenedenens and at 12 ½ o’clock at Shunks when I took a drink of Whiskey with him. Jno King Findlay Esqr. app. [appeared] a few days since Clerk of this Supreme Court for Lancaster District. I was at Mrs C’s this evening after 9 o’clock. called on Petre Riss at Buehlers at 6 o’clock with Jos. P. Cohen Esqr of Phila. relative to P.A. Karthaus’ business

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