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12-1 [Sun., May 12] Clear & pleasant. went to 1 Pres. [Presbyterian] Church- Barnes this morning with G W Rawn & Gov. Findlay. met Lieut Clendenen there who & G W Rawn came to Wades with me. recd. letter from F.P.C. "Harrisburg May 10, 1833" & Wrote to her in reply. also to Julia Ann Rawn at West Chester. called after tea with Lieut C. & G.W.R. at Mr Wm Buehlers in Cherry above 10 St. Phila. and the same two gentlemen & myself then went to Mr Barnes Church. B. preached. we sat in Sergeants pew.

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13-2 [Mon., May 13] Clear- occasional Showers. went with G W Rawn to his house this morning and after sating shoes for F.P.C. which were brought to Georges by boy & pd. for by me $1.75. met Gov. Findlay in Market Street at 2 ½ & staid till 4 when I got up and shaved and went to see Saml. Warner. who pd. me at Mr Smith Esqr office in 5th St at 6 ½ P.M. $283.20 in full of his payment of principal and Int. due me this Spring and including $3. for Surveying his the Said Warners purchase of me which said 43 was pd. by D W Rawn to I saw Thomas Surveyor I recd. the Said $283.20 in cash with the exception

May 13, 1833 Monday

13-2 [Mon., May 13] Contd. of $18 for which the said Saml. Waner at Same time gave me a written order on his brother Goldsborough Warner which order Smith Esqr wrote as also my Receipt to Warner for Said amt of $283.20. Smiths father was in the office part of the time and when Saml. made Some objection to paying the $3.00 for Surveying as he thought he would have to get it Surveyed Again to which Smith Esqr Said that he believed Mr Rawn had agreed at Chester to deduct if the Land did not hold out measure, to which I replied that I knew nothing about the Surveying & made no such agreement as they had got it Surveyed among themselves. signed C.C. Rawn May 13, 1833

Paid Miles (Boot Maker) S. 4th Phila. present G.W. Rawn $9.50 in full for 1 pair of Wedding Boots and 1 pair pumps. after deducting 50 cts discount for cash or 5 pr ct. on the cost which was $10. Paid for Suspenders on Chestnut Street $1.25 Lieut Clendenen Spent 2 hours in my room after dinner at Wades room no. 26 when I went to See S. Warner and parted with him at corner of Arch & Sixth Streets & I remb. [remembered?] talking to Warner went with Same Gentleman to Jefferson Row. Lombard St. in Evening to See his Sister Mrs. Freeman and I spent one hour & ¼ and retd. lodgings at Wades

Tuesday, May 14, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14-3 [Tues., May 14] Clear, cloudy, Some rain. met Jno E. Forster of Harrisburg in St Phila. and said something of Law Books to go to Hb. [Harrisburg] Paid on Chestnut St. 50 cts additional on White Satin Stock 75 on black & $1.25 for a plain Bombazine Stock which list is after this viz on Wednesday 15th presented to D.W. Rawn at Mothers in West Chester. Paid Geo. W. Rawn for New Hat Box for Self in full $9.25 vide receipt. also for Hat Box Jno Jos. Clendenen in full $5.25- vide Receipt of this last money $5.00 was Joseph’s handed to me for Sd. [Said?] purpose before I left Harrisburg. Paid Rob & Winebrenner (Taylors) Chestnut St Phila. vide Bill & Receipt

May 14, 1833 Tuesday

14-3 [Tues., May 14] Contd. in full for Wedding Suit viz Blue Coat & Pants & 2 Vests $71.50 at Same time Recd. of them a Discount for cash of $3.55 at rate of 5 pr ct. on said amt which made the actual amt paid $67.95 vide Bill & Receipt- Paid passage at Stage Office to West Chester $ 1.25 by Rail Road. Paid Bill Since Wednesday last at Wade’s Hotel including 18 ¾ for Sundries in full counting to after dinner to day $7.00 less 37 ½ cts vide Bill & Receipt. also Paid Levon my Waiter at Wades 31 ¼ cts. Same Mrs Kuntz & others. formerly Miss Workman at Wades. she was Married about one week since she says. I got into stage at 1 ½ P.M. Saw & Spoke with Towney Wallace near Paoli told him of my intended Marriage on the 25th- and asked him to come. He seemed delighted arrived at West Chester at 6 P.M. & pd. Henry (porter) for wheeling trunk & to Mothers 12 ½ cts.

Wednesday, May 15, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15-4 [Wed., May 15] Rain. Paid D.W. Rawn $3 vide his Receipt money pd. by him for Surveying my land to S. Warner. Sd. [Said?] Warner pd. this money to me according to conditions of sale. he pd. me this 3.00 on Monday, last Presented Bombazine Stock which I paid $1.25 for in City on Monday last to D.W. Rawn at Mothers in West Chester. Wrote to G.W. Rawn today for DWR. and in Same letter for myself. Also Wrote to Isaac Shunk. was talking with Jno. Brinton Esqr to day and was in Boxing Room with David Reed. Wrote to Miss F.PC. at harrisburg & pd. for Salts Seideltz Powders & e[?] at apothecarys 6 ¼

Thursday, May 16, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

16-5 [Thurs., May 16] Rain all day. went in Maginniss’s (Livery Lackey) with Rocket to Del. Co. today Paid Fredk Fairlamb $18 in full for 1 years Interest vide his wifes receipt Recd. form G. Warner $18 on acct of Saml Warner and in full of an order given to me by Said Saml. in Phila. on the 13 inst. Paid letter girl at Fox for opening [illegible] 6 ¼

May 16, 1833 Thursday

16-5 [Thurs., May 16] Contd. Paid D.W. Rawn $1.00 in full for Maginniss’ Lackey to go to Del. Co. to day took dinner at Aunt Mary Cheyneys- stopt at Uncle Williams going & returning but did not get out. Paid postage on letter for Julie Ann at Uncles on My return 6 ¼. Recd. Box form Rob & Winebrenners Phila. at West Chester Co House containing my Wedding Suit and pd. carriage to Hickman James 25 cts.

Friday, May 17, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

17-6 [Fri., May 17]

Cloudy- Foggy- recd. letter from Wm. Weidman Esqr present date "West Chester May 17 1833" Stating to me that My promissory note to Abram Sharpless dated 5 May 1831 had been sent to him for collection. It happens that it is very convient and agreeable for me to pay it as I had intended depositing one or two hundred dollars of my own money in Chester Co Bank to day to be drawn out by Mother or David when they may begin Store Keeping which is expected to be shortly in partnership with Geo. Rawn of Phila. This note is made before breakfast, thus far. I shall call on Mr Williamson after breakfast and pay said money. 9 o’clock Paid Wm Williamson Esqr in full of my note to Abram Sharpless dated May 5 1831 at 90 days of principal & Interest $112 vide note & Receipt thereon and witness present DW Rawn. Paid at Beaumonts tavern $2.25 passage for to day to Lancaster. Paid porter with 12 ½ handed to me by D.W.R. to wheel my things to stage office and left at Parkers hotel Lancaster at 7 P.M. & recd. letter at the Bar from Jno. Jos. Clendenen dated "Harrisburg May 15, 1833" found all nearly of our Harrisburg Lawyers here attending Supreme Court. called on Jno. A. Weidman at Hubley’s same Judge Gibson who shook hands and said "How do ye do Judge Hays" & then asked my pardon for the mistake

May 16, 1833 Friday

17-6 [Fri., May 17] Cont. Went to Bed at Parkers in no 16 at 10 o’clock

Saturday, May 18, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

18-7 [Sat., May 17] Clear & Warm. Account of Harrisburg River having been higher than ever Known great loss of property. I took Bath this morning & pd. 25 cts. pd. Barber 6 ¼ Cts. on motion of WM McClure Esqr I was this morning at 10 ¼ A.M. swn [sworn?] & admitted to practise as an atty & Counselor at Law in Supreme Court of Penna. for Lancaster District Sworn by King Findlay and pd Cryer $2.00. Wrote to Geo. W. Rhawn for another white satin stock and also to Miss in Willis Store Chestnut St. where I lately bought Stocks. H. Brien, J.A Weidman, Shock Esqr and self drank 2 Bottles Champayne & J.A.W. drank Porte Ale at Mrs Hubleys in Lancaster this afternoon. Paid Bill at Parkers Hotel. Paid passage from Lancaster to Harrisburg $2.00 & Shock Esqr, self and other left Lancaster in "Fast Line" at 6 o’clock P.M. took supper at Mr. Joy pd. 37 ½ cts and reached Harrisburg at 2 o’clock A.M. Sunday.

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