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19-1 [Sun., May 19] Clear, Cloudy some rain, & warm I laid in Bed till 11 A.M. this morning and got down Stairs as Bell rang for dinner went to Mrs. Clendenen in Afternoon. Spent afternoon took tea. Mrs. Cox’s daughter Sarah (12 or 13 years old) buried this afternoon

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20-2 [Mon., May 2] Rain. recd. Letter Wm A Atlee "Highspire May 17, 1833." left with Jno. Jos. Clendenen in my absence. Also at P.O. letters Dr. Josiah Ankrim Chester County "Junersville May 8, 1833" and pd. postage 12 ½ and 6 cts. Also Paid my Quarterly Postage Bill to April 1, 1833 $3.34 including therein $1.02 Postage for P.A. Karthaus & 80 cts for Amos Clemson vide Postmaster Bills & Receipt Wrote to D Rawn at Halifax in relation to her money. Deposited to day in "Harrisburg Bank" $100. took tea at Mrs Clendenens

May 20, 1833 Monday

20-2 [Mon., May 20] Contd. Peacocks this Evening. Miss Nancy McCulloh came to Mrs Clendenens about 8 o’clock P.M. having come to town in the "Fast line" from Chambersburg

Tuesday, May 21, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

21-3 [Tues., May 21] Cloudy. Rained incessantly and very heavily all night. Paxton Creek like a small Susquehanna this morning Paid Mrs Curzons $5.00 on acct of Linen Shirts now in her hands for making. Wrote to William A. Atlee at "Highspire" in answer to his letter of 17th inst. was at Mrs. Shunks & Mrs. C’s this morning and at same places and Peacocks in evening. Paid James Peacock at Buehlers near by door J.M. Halderman $1.00 for state seal P.W. Smith Esqr money given me in West Chester a week or so Since. Gave Miss M.S. Clendenen to buy Silk Handkerchiefs for me $2.00 & paid for Mineral Water at Lochmans present Misses Clendenen & Miss McCulloh 25 cts.

Wednesday, May 22, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

22-4 [Wed., May 22] Clear, Cooler & pleasant. Wrote to Danl. Jacoby Sunny Town Montgy. Co. Pa. in relation to his claim on Mr Wm. Espy. Also to Wm. Benjm. Witmer Lancaster City, in relation to his lands in Perry County. Paid Hale & Snyders livery Bill in full to this Date vide Bill & receipt $12.50. deduct discount 1.87/pr leaves $10.62 ½ & deduct Saturday Courier $2. leaves $8.62 ½ for which I gave him a check on Harrisburg Bank. Recd. from Thos. Brown admr. of Mary Bell for Andrew Chestnut $50 cash & his note at 90 days for $64.42 being the Bal. in his hands due from Mary Bells estate to Andrew Chestnut her Heir. Wrote to W. & Spragg for "Courier" for Edd. Snyder & sent list of names last Settled. was at Mrs. Clendenens this Evening

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23-5 [Thurs., May 23] Clear & pleasant. McCormack Esqr retd. ] Whartons Digest this morning. Recd. letter from Jno. A. Weidman "Lebanon May 21, 1833" last evening pd. Stimmel at Stage Office for wheeling my trunks to Knepleys on Sunday last 12 ½ cts in full. pd. Jacob Walters 12 ½ by paying

May 23, 1833 Thursday

23-5 [Thurs., May 23] Contd. by paying yesterday for some fish for him. he carried my Stive[?] from his office this morning & Attached Trunks and Boxes from my Chamber at Knepleys all to one of Elders Shantees near Registers Office by permission of Mr. Leslie Senr. was at Mrs. C’s short while this morning. Took ride from 3 P.M. till 5 P.M. on Hales Bob Tail Bay and lost handsome and new pair of Gloves. made me dang mad. Rain in Afternoon at and after 5 P.M. Wrote to R.I Brent Esqr Hagerstown Maryland. was at Mrs C’s till 10 P.M. after supper. Shock came home with Misses M.S.C. & Nancy McCulloh.

Friday, May 24, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

24-6 [Fri., May 24] Clear & Cooler. Recd. letter from Deborah Rhawn "Halifax May 22nd, 1833" Paid Bill last Evening at Jones Store for 6 yds. Brown Holland for Drawers & Trunks $2.12 ½ Took ride from 7 ¼ A.M. till 9 A.M. on Hale & Snyders Bay Switch Sail Horse. King Findlay Esqr came to my office this morning. Wrote to D. Rhawn Halifax in answer to her letter this day recd. Drew check on Harrisburg Bank in favor of Self. for $100 & Drew Money. Paid for pair of Gloves at Espy & Johnsons store. Paid for Blank Book at McGowens 10 cts. Wrote to David W. Rawn at West Chester, Pa. was at Mrs. Peacocks this evening where was Mr. McCulloh & others I was at Brooks short time & walked to Episcopal Church with Nancy McCulloh & M.S. Clendenen. then I went to Mrs Clendenens & at 9 o’clock went down to Mrs Peacocks with F.P. Clendenen where we are to be married to Morrow evening.

Saturday, May 25, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

25-7 [Sat., May 25] Rain & drissling & Cold & raw. Fire in Prothonotarys office this morning. where I was attending to some business. had fire in my room to day at Knepleys and spent day there. Recd. 8 new Linen Shirts made by Mrs Curzon my washerwoman. gave Black boys at Knepleys 6 ¼ cts each. recd. 2 pair New Hooland drawers made by Randall (Taylor). At 7 ½

May 25, 1833 Saturday

May 25-7 [Sat., May 25] at 7 ½ o’clock P.M. I was escorted by Jno. K. Findlay Esqr my First groomsman from my Lodgings "Harrisburg Hotel" (Knepleys) to James Peacocks Esqr. where at 8 ¼ P.M. I was intermarried[married?] by the Rev Wm. R. DeWitt of Presbyterian Church to Frances P. Clendenen daughter of I. Clendenen Esqr late of Harrisburg. The following named persons were present. Jos. Peacock & wife & children viz Elizth., Mary, Jane, Frances, & Gibson, Mrs Clendenen, Mary Lott, & Jno. Joseph. Bridesmaids, 1st M.S. Clendenen, 2nd E.C. Peacock, 3rd Nancy McCulloh. 1. groomsman Jno. K. Findlay, 2nd Jno. Jos. Clendenen, 3rd Saml. Shock Esqr. Miss Sarah Halderman, Mr and Mrs Shunks and their children Nancy, Elizth. & Caspar, Misses I. Lad; H. Hanna; M. Brooks, E. Brooks, R. Brooks, Mr & Mrs Welsh; Mr James Espy, Misses Harris; Juliann Fisher, M. Fahnestock; S. Ross; A.E. Carson; Mrs Franklin; Mr & Mrs Leslie; Mr & Mrs McCormick; Mr & Mrs Dr. Roberts; Mrs & Mrs Gross; Mr & Mrs F. Wyeth; Mrs Musarave, E. Lewis Atty Genl., Jno Mithcell Canal Commr.

gave Jno K. F. Esqr groomsman to pay Mr DeWitt $10. Paid Briggs Barber 50 cts. had most delightful party which adjourned at 11 o’clock

Note: The following part of the transcription for this date is from a different file.

25-7 (Saturday, May 25, 1833) Rain all day - Spent it in my Room with fire at Knepley. 8 new Linen shirts made by Mrs. Garzon (My washerwoman) gave Black boys 2 of them 6 1/4 cents each - received.. 2 pair new brown Holland [?] made by Randall Taylor - at 7 1/2 was escorted by James K Findley Esq My 10th groomsman from my boarding at Harrisburg Hotel to Mrs. Fanny Peacocks when at 8 1/4 (8:15) - Mrs. Frances P. Clendennin and myself Charles C. Rawn were joined in Holy wedlock by the Rev. Wm. De Witt of the Presbyterian Church of this place. present the following names [?] - Jas (James) Peacock & wife & family consisting of daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Jane, Fanny & Mr. Gibson [?] the groom to give to Mr. DeWitt $10. Paid Briggs (Barber) 50 cents. had delightful time & went to bed at 11 o’clock.

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