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26-1 [Sun., May 26] Clear & Beautiful. Spent day with Frances (my wife) at her uncles Jos. Peacocks. recd. many friendly congratulations went home to Mother Clendenens at 8 P.M. I wrote to Jno A. Weidman at Lebanon & prepared to leave town to morrow with Bridal party.

Note: The following part of the transcription for this date is from a different file.

26-1 (Sunday, May 26, 1833) Clear & beautiful. [Continued] with my wife Frances through out day at her [Uncle’s] Mr. Peacocks - received congratulations of many friends. Wife frances and I came to our quarters at Mrs. C’s at 8 pm. I wrote to [Tho. A. Weidman] at Lebanon & prepared to leave town tomorrow - Bridal Party.

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27-2 [Mon., May 27] Clear and Beautiful till afternoon Frances & Self left Harrisburg at 7 ¾ A.M. this morning with the following suite. Misses M.S. Clendenen, Nancy McCulloh, 1 & 3rd Bridesmaids with Findlay & Saml. Shock Esqr 1 & 3 groomsmen in leading carriage. in 2nd carriage Frances & myself & miss Jane Peacock with us to Middletown

September 25, 1833 (note) There is a Small Book containing a memorandum from the 25 of last May to this 25th day of September this last day exclusive. It was intended to transcribe the matter in Said Small Book into this, but it has been neglected till my time & inclination will not permit. attest, Chas. C. Rawn. Turn over.

Note: The following part of the transcription for this date is from a different file.

27-2 (Monday, May 27, 1833) Clear and pleasant. Frances and self left Harrisburg at 7 3/4 am this morning with the following [?] - [?] M. S. Clendennin & Nancy McCullough, [?] & 3rd Brides Maids with Mr [?] Findlay & [?]. 3 groomsmen in 1st 2nd carriage Frances and myself and A. Jane Peacock.. and in [?] Second Brides maid Elizabeth Peacock & second groomsman John Joseph Clendennin. arrived at [?] in Middletown where Mr. Clendennin left his [?] and took [?] [sentence unreadable] request, who brought his wife’s young son down stairs and showed to me a fitting pattern. Jane P. here left our carriage and went with her sister Elizabeth & Mr Joseph, paid [?]..

arrived at Bainbridge 9 miles from Middletown at Esqr Blattenberger [?] Bill $1.00 & left. Arrived at Columbia in the rain at 3 P. M. at Mr. Jeffries Hotel on Front Street. Dined & fed horse, & paid bill $8.00. Borrowed [?]. left Columbia at 5 P. M. and arrived at Marietta, [?] horses and arrived at [?] Hubley Hotel in [?] at 7 pm in the rain all way from Columbia. Had fine supper and entertainment at this place throughout Mrs Hume called after supper also Judge [?] of Army & T. Franklin Esqr which first & last named gentlemen [?] ate after 10 o’clock. Findlay to his own boarding at 10 1/2 P. M..

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28-3 (Tuesday, May 28, 1833) Cloudy all day - some sprinkling rain. Breakfasted at Mrs. Hubleys. Findlay came after breakfast. [?] & Hamilton also called - also [?]. [?] colored woman old family servant of Mrs. Snyder - also Col. Slough Francis [Houle] & Judge Gibson Paid bill through [?] Findlay [?] 1st groomsman $22.00 [?] at 9 1/4 A.M. Frances & myself left in our carriage for West-Chester at same time the Balance of company left for Harrisburg. We Frances & myself arrived at [?] 21 miles from Lancaster at 2 p.m. dined and fed horses and pd bill $1.25. Met gentleman & lady here with whom we dined he had gone to school to Mr. Watson an old teacher of mine in city - were on their way to [?]-Lititz. We left at 3 P.M. and arrived in West-Chester at 7 1/2 P.M. at [?]. Paid [?] for drive 12 1/2 and toll from Lancaster to Downingtown at 7 [?] $1.18 3/4. Put carriage horses at Chester Co. Hotel. [?] Wm. Reed & [?] at 9 1/2 P.M.

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29-4 (Wednesday, May 29, 1833) Cloudy. Gave Isaac driver of our carriage $5.00 to take her back to Harrisburg he left [?] at mothers & breakfasted this morning & left on his return at 7 1/2 o clock. David Rawn & myself walked to Nathan [?] this morning to see "Flora" My colt where she has lately been taken to pasture arrived at home at mothers throughout day and in evening Julianne, Frances and self paid short visit at Babbs Mrs [John] Babbs Jr in Phila. Lydia and Pearson [?] - David & myself were at [?] Babbs Hotel.

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30-5 (Thursday, May 30, 1833) Clear & Cool, cold & windy I was introduced to West Chester Althemenna this morning by Mr [?] Babbs and [?] of morning there - put letter in [?] Mrs Clendennin [?] yesterday by Frances and myself - Frances, Julianne, David & myself took walk before tea to Quaker Meeting House & Rail Road introduced Frances to Mr (?) Esqr. Went to [?] after tea with Julian & Frances stayed there 1 hour--

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31-6 (Friday, May 31, 1833) Clear, cloudy in the afternoon, I was at [Atheneum] this morning 1 hour or two reading news [Vanamminie] & self went together. Paid for 12_ wine got by David at [Reeds] 37 1/2 & paid David 62 1/2 for [?] at Reeds Yesterday night-- was at [orchard] this afternoon to see Flora - Lewis Esqr & wife called on us at mothers this evening. also [?] [McAllister] of Dauphin Co. now going to school to [?] academy.

Saturday, June 1, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

1-7 (Saturday, June 1, 1833) Clear, Cloudy. was at [?] Babbs Hotel this morning reading news - also in [?] offise he not there. [Van] called while we were at dinner at Mothers [?] and left newspaper. Frances & self took walk around town before tea. Van called after tea & spent evening.

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