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9-1 (Sunday, June 9, 1833) Clear & beautiful. Gov Findlay called this morning at our hotel and accompanied Frances & myself to his and [Thomas] Sergeants pew at the 1st Presbyterian Church - (Rev Mr Barns) where Genl Jackson attended service & was shared this morning in 7th st & paid 6 1/4 cts. when the Priest came out of church & reached his carriage the [?] & presing throng sent the air with [?]. he was driven rapidly along 7th st to Walnut & down Walnut to 6th up 6th to Chestnut down Chestnut to 3rd & up 4th st. to his Hotel. in afternoon he rode past our Hotel again in his [Barouske]. We went to Mr Bedells church St Andrew with Gov Findlay. Lieut C and his sister in afternoon, and took tea at Saml Clendenins in Pine St opposite Dr Elys church and after tea he and Mr Barnes again at this lot - presbyterian church

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10-2 (Monday, June 10, 1833) Clear and Beautiful. great military parade today in honor of President Jacksons visit. He received the adulation of thousands of citizens in Independence Hall from 9 till 12 o clock. from 11 to 12 allotted to Ladies. When Gov Findlay, Frances, Mr Sisle & Daughters & myself shook hands with him. Frances shook hands with him twice also the other Ladies with us did the same. This was not permitted generally to be done by any but ladies. Immediately after this the President received the whole Military in Arch St by [?] the line ‘to & fro" on an elegant White Horse after which he rode through town leading the parade through the whole rout and at near 4 P. M. dismounted at his quarters. at our Parlour Room to Gov Findlay. Mr & Mrs [?] Clarkson, Mrs [?], Walter S Franklin & Son, John Buehler, Frances & I took tea at Mr Freemans (married to her cousin) in Jefferson [?] Lombard st Phila and then went to theater to Cooper Benefit & saw Mrs Fanny [Kemble] & her father [?] Mr [Chancetery) of Belvidera and [Jaffier] in "Venice Preserved." Cooper played in my estimation better than Mr Kimble. Black Hawk & his train came to town today & pased our Hotel - we saw them

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11-3 (Tuesday, June 11, 1833) Clear & beautiful. Frances & I went to [?] this morning in "omnibus" paid 25 cts. I [?] at 9 saw Pres’t leave Arch st wharf Phila in "Peoples Line Boat" Phila for New York mid idolatry and the shouts of an immense populace - got to mint at 10 1/4. Mr [?] Sisle met us there by appointment. Gov Findlay very polite & showed Frances & myself to Mr [Espyo] a new room above the mint while the [?] Sisle waited at mint for our return. Mrs E. not in and left our card. Returned to mint bid Mr Findlay Good morning & went with the [?] Sisle & Frances to the new Catholic Church near mint. [?] preacher. splendid building after which Frances and I departed from [?]. [?] Sisle at [My Swords] in Chestnut st and we went to dome of state house & then to our Hotel at 12 1/2 P. M., dined and [?] visit from F R Shunk Esqr. and started in carriage (Frances & myself) at 2 P. M. (Shunk going to carriage at our Hotel door with us) from "Thomas & Baldwins" leaving for the "Navy Yard" reviewed the large ship "Pennsylvania" & others. and drove to Mrs Rogers [?] north 9th st to see Mrs [Mahany] who is sister of Mrs Rogers & both daughters of Judge Fahnestock of Harrisburg - drove then to Isaac Shunk 10 st. took his daughter Maria in and drove to Gov Findlays boarding in Chestnut St at [Pearse]. Mrs Shunk told us that she and Maria had cried because Frances & myself were not at her party last night. [?] Gov Findlay to our carriage & drove to (Marion) Hospital. Then to Fairmount when I paid 18 3/4 cts. and Gov Findlay presented us an orange a piece - then to Praltsgarden then to New Penitentiary where we were treated very graciously by Mr. Wood and when I paid from Mr W. for admission to examination at the Deaf & Dumb asylum on tomorrows ride ticket "admit Mr Rawn & Co strangers" thence pass the House of Refuge to Isaac Shunk; when Gov Findlay, Frances & myself took tea and spent the Evening. and F & I retired to our lodging at [?] at 9 3/4 P. M. paid $4. for my carriage. found cards at our parlour from Mr [Mahany] & Mrs [unknown], Mrs Wallace & Mrs Wallace

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12-4 (Wednesday, June 12, 1833) Clear & Beautiful. received letters from [?] Globe offices Washington city in relation to publication sent him about my marriage. [?] letter & wrote to him in reply received introductory letter from T J Clendenin Harrisburg of June 8, 1833 by Lieut A R Hetzel of the Army who introduced to Frances at our parlour at which time Lieut Clendenin of army came in after which Mr Bela Badger & daughter. Frances paid for her Bonnets this morning. Lieut Clendenin, Hetzel, Frances & myself went to see "Panorame of Mexico" at city hall. I paid 50 cts money from Frances. I was much delighted with it. After 5 o’clock P. M. went shopping with Frances she bought bell for Eliz’th Peacock at [?] Marshall for 75 ctst out of her money and I paid for [?] & Bag for Mary Peacock for Frances $2.50 and for Parasol for Frances $4.25. called at [Wm Backlemy] after tea and was at [unknown] party (Frances & myself) at Mr Badger’s. Owen Hoover Esqr was there & G W Rhawn & his wife

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13-5 (Thursday, June 13, 1833) Clear & very warm. I received check from Mr [J] Wm. Buehler this morning on Penna Bank for $50. & [?] the money gave Mr J Wm Buehler check on [St Armstrong] Bank for $50. was at Red Sion Hotel to see Shunk & canal commission [?] them & went to Isaac Shunks and received invite to come to Isaac’s with Bag & Baggage for [?] of going to Del. city tomorrow [?] at corner of Franklin Square and went-in it to "Penna Bank" cashed my Buehler check and rode to United States Hotel. Paid my bill for 9 days $48.39 & Waiter Bill 50 cts. for large Bank Box for Frances 75 cts. [?] 12 1/2 cts & arrived with Baggage at Isaac Shunks at 11 1/2 A. M. paid Hackman $1.00 and dined at 10 o’clock. started in carriage at 2 1/2 P. M. with Misses Eliz’th Shunk, Maria Cath’e Snyder & Frances to Deaf & Dumb asylum to public examination of pupils on Mr [S] Woods ticket corner of Broad & Pine Streets. witnessed examination with much satisfaction & went to Alms House in [?] st. went in and looked around, then went to [Congress] Hall to see "Black Hawk & Suite" did not see them. they went on to Col. [unknown] Farm returned to Wm Buehlers left Mrs Snyder & arrived at Shunks took tea & spent evening Isaac and I went to [Barbers] and got [?]. I paid 12 1/2 cts

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14-6 (Friday, June 14, 1833) Clear & very warm rain in night. F R Shunk & his brother, Eliz’th Shunk, C Snyder, Frances & myself started to boat-Ohio at Arch st wharf this morning to got to C. & Del. canal. Mrs Wm. Buehlers husband and his mother went down in a carriage and got off. boat left about 2 minutes before the Shunks, Frances & Mrs Snyder got there. I was there before it left. I saw Black Hawk & Suite on board of boat Phila going to New York. we returned to Isaac Shunks. received $1 from Shunk paid by me at Academy of Fine Arts about week since. took tea at Isaac’s and Frances, Maria and myself called at Mrs Rogers in 9th st. from where they went to G W Rhawn. [?] I went to Post-Office and United States Hotel. I called on my return at G W Rhawn for the girls and did not find them there. returned to Isaac. They were at home.

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15-7 (Saturday, June 15, 1833) Clear & Beautiful. Isaac Shunk & [?] [Marie], F R Shunk, Frances & myself took breakfast at 5 1/4 o’clock and went to steam boat Robt. Morris at Chestnut St wharf. Capt Douglas and left city at 6 A. M. for Baltimore. Arrived at New [Castle] at 9 A. M. and took train of [?]-locomotive for Frenchtown 11 1/2 miles where we arrived in 50 minutes and to which place I paid passage for Frances and myself to Frenchtown $4.00. Took at Frenchtown steam boat "[Canoll] Capt Clayton for Baltimore - paid passage for Frances & myself to Baltimore 70 miles $4. and for our dinner $1.00 dined on very superb dinner and arrived in Baltimore at 2 1/2 o’clock P. M. After a most delightful passage - jumped into stage by request of [?] from "Beltz hoover Hotel to which place we all proceeded & took quarters. I Shunk, F R Shunk & myself attended by a Baltimerian gentleman by the name of [Woody] as a conductor proceeded through the principal parts of the city from 4 to 5 1/2 o’clock when we returned and F R Shunk & myself to [Maria] and Frances into a [?] and went to cathedral where I paid 50 cts for Frances & self & Shunk 50 cts. from there we went to [?] monument and ascended to the top. here I paid 25 cts for Frances & self & Shunk 25 cts. This monument is majestic of great height & about 190 ft. being to the door at top 227 steps and requiring you to take lanterns to ascend from the [?] [?]. driven round the town and alyhted at [?] Hotel at 7 1/4 o’clock and I paid Hackman 62 1/2 cts. & Shunk 62 1/2. got supper. Frances wrote to Mr Clendennen her brother & I wrote to [John] Weidman Lebanon. on board the Robt Morris today I wrote to Mrs Isaac Shunk informing her that we were going to proceed to Baltimore which we did not [?] of when we left this morning. gave letter to Bartender and paid him 6 1/4 cts. went to bed at 9 1/2. Shunk Frances went home 8 1/2 till [?] to Mr Thomas Findlays.

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