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January 1 ~ AD 1835 Thursday

1~5 [Thursday, January 1, 1835]

Clear & Beautiful & moderate. Some sleighs running- [?] a new blue black velvet vest from Jonah Gresiner my tailor in Second St. Handed Julia Rawn $1.00 for the purpose of buying material to make a stock for me for which I have given him two (2) beautiful white satin or silk stocks, made before I was married, for me in Phila. Cost me $3: or $5 1/4 which she yesterday [heard] in some store in city for sale. I have taken or forwarded some solutions with regard to an amendment or improvement of my future [time] as well morally (though I am not immoral) as religiously in which if heaven sustain & assist me I hope to succeed ~ I was at Styer’s Livery Stable this morn where I saw & for the first time spoke to Tho. Shade / Maria Shunks husband. Went from there to Johns St. to see Geo. W. Rawn’s wife who was indisposed- then Badger Benner’s Liquor Store in 2nd St. where I paid for the latter gentleman a receipt in full for money

1~5 Contd. [Thursday, January 1, 1835]

- collected for him as a fee from H. Quigly of Harrisburg & transmitted to him by letter on 27th last.- From there (after drinking some "hot whisky punch") I went to the office of F. W. [Moubell] Esqr. In Walnut St. near the exchange where I was introduced to Healy Esqr. By the former gent. From there to the office of [Griscom] Esqr. In Harison St. with whom I drank two glasses of wine and from there at 1 p.m. to Mother where I dined & spent the afternoon with the exception of a short time I was at Br. St. Hotel reading the newspapers and talking politics and had tea. DW Rawn & myself went to the Rev. Dr [Fyngs] Church where he, Rev Mr Marth- Rev Dr Sudlow Rev Dr Brantly & a lawyer Hatch, the later of Boston, adopted the idea upon the subject of "temperance"- at 9 ½ p.m. we attended to mother- I saw & spoke with Judge Pettit- Dr. Banden & gave the latter gentlemen an introduction to a certain Mr Thompson- Day is used up.

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2~6 [Friday, January 1, 1835]

Clear, Cloudy, Moderate. I was at Styers Livery Stable House this morning from which place I went to State House, to District Court by Judge Barnes, to State Penitentiary then to Supreme Court- saw & spoke with F E Brewtis Esqr. At District Court being first time I have spoken with him.- went to court room with Judge Pettit- called with Geo. Griscom Esqr on Tho. Shipley, chair of a Com. Of Abolition Society- saw & spoke with Atty. Gen. Dallas at So. P. Con. Room & delivered to him a letter some months since enclosed to me at Harrisburg to show to Geo. Wolf Governor, it being signed by Tho. Hodson. Griscom invited me out with him which I declined & went to Mother’s at 6 1/4 p.m. Paid for sundries 50 cts at the Corner of Sixth & Chestnut Streets....took tea & spent evening at home....spoke with Samuel Wood Warden of Eastern State Penitentiary who is undergoing an examination before a committee of the Legislature at the state house.- also at same place with Thos. Smith Esqr, Geo Dallas & others.

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January 3~1835 Saturday

3~7 [Saturday, January 3,1835]

Clear and very cold~ I called at J. Shunks. This morning at 10 am. He and I ( I did not set down) Walked to Styers Livery Stable and to corner of Callowhite and Johns Sts together – he went up last named St. and J. Cont… down Callowhite to Second and up Second to Jonah Gresiners my Taylor no.284 . From there J. stopt [sic] at J.W.L. Freeman’s auction house S. 3 St.- where I found him busy selling and where I met [?] one of my City friends and acquaintances – he walked by invitation of Freeman into his counting room where we held a rapid conversation on Politics till J.was through his sales – say ½ hour - J. then came in and was very glad to see me and asked me to dine with him tomorrow which I promised to do – [?] left us talking after promising to send me some papers of a political character. Published some time in 1834 signed " a Democrat" and written by himself which happened he brought himself to Mothers in the afternoon whilst I was out. I next bought 2 yrs of Fawn colored Silk for "Frances" at Kiches S. 2nd St. and paid for same $ 1.50 – then went to Recorders Court where I chatted awhile with [?] Dept Attn Genl. And with Wm. Boyde’s Dep Clk – with Brewster; Haly and Hanna Esqrs. and then – was in the office of Ian Goodman [?] in 3 [?] by the Millow St [?] Rd. by his call across the St. to me was in District Ct. where I heard of Paul Browne one Rc a Speech and was also to see Sam Woods. Committed where I [?] [?] [?] or with Dr. Samuel Anderson of Delaware Co. me of the members of Said com. who came from his seat to speak to me att to mothers at 2/4 p.m. Dine and went to Livery Stable of Henry Styres where I sold my mare "Flora" to him on the following Terms [?] – I owed him $3 for the use of horse and sleigh on Tuesday last = also $23.75 for keeping my Mare Flora from the 28th of October last to this day – I sold her to him for Said amounts together with his due bill for $25 to pay in 90 days. Also lastly for the assignment of a judgement in his favor against – Mr. Whitney for about $57. [?] before John Brooks [?] in Harrisburg in July last Frost - took his [?] for the [?] $23.75 & $3.

January 3-1835 Saturday

3~7 [Saturday, January 3,1835]

Cont. That is agreed at $26.75 – also took his written appointment of said judgement and his promissory note for said twenty five dollars as the end of this bargain paid 12 ½ cts for [?] for [?] and self and paid for [?] and [?] [?] 6 ¼ - was at Walnut St. Theater this evening where was played a [?] called the "Night Hag" or St-[?] chain & " In the Wrong Boy" and where I paid for Pil-Jacket 25cts and for Beer 6 ¼ cts and returned to mothers at 11 PM.

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