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November 15 1835 Sunday

15~1 [Sunday, November 15, 1835]

Clear & Cloudy, Some Rain. I was at De Witts church morning & Evening– "Francis" with me in the morning – I wrote to Judge Green today upon the Subject of Judge Blythe’s letter of Yesterday – To bed at 9 p.m.

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16~2 [Monday, November 16, 1835]

Clear & moderate. our Regular Court today hence I am very busy – Recd. of Henry K. Strong for my Client Jno Pomeroy $25 on acct of his agreement & the Costs in Suit No. 101 of Nov. L. 1835 which I pl this day $5 in full to Pross. Roberts (v. his Receipt) hence Strong is to be credited with $20 on acct of the money due Pomeroy out of which I recd. & Retd. 23 Per. Ct. equal to $5 my Fee & Recd. in Sd. Suit No 101 Nov. L. ‘35 (credited by Proth. Roberts to my act for writs) Atty Legal Fee $1.50 on discontinuation. Philip Newbaker (among many others) at my office today

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17~3 [Tuesday, November 17, 1835]

Clear, Cloudy, moderate. I was busy in Court all day till 6 ½ p.m. Wrote to Thos. Chambers Esqr Chambg. informing him of his cause on trial list for next week & also wrote to Geo. Stroop Pross. of Perry Co. for information as to Settlement of their docket at last [?] & a case I have against Lindley & [Spuk] – Recd. letter from J. [Mulborn] of "this Co Nov 17/35" & also from S. Chew Esqr "Phila. Nov 16/35" in answer to mine of 30th last Mo. & pd. pos 12 ½

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18~4 [Wednesday, November 18, 1835]

Clear, Cloudy & Moderate. The Grand & Traverse Juries both discharged this morning as I was through with all the Cases ~ Drew check on the Harrisburg Bank in favor of Self & recd. $75 – Deposited in "The Harrisburg Savings Institution" $100 for 4 mos. at an Interest of 4 per. ct. Witness certificate of Pres. & Tresr. of Sd. Institution & Witness Andrew Graydon clerk. "Frances" at my office with the Baby and I went to the Shoemakers with her & got our sd. daughter measured for a pair of shoes, then went to Peacocks. I called at Peacocks after tea to See Elizth. who has just come from Carlisle. Went home form there with Miss H. Grimshaw– Wrote to S. Chew Esqr in answer to his letter of Yesterday & also Requesting him to tell the Editors of the "Sat. Courier" to Send their paper to G. E. Briggs. I obtained from Wyeth C. Library "Norman Seslie" 2 volumes

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19~5 [Thursday, November 19, 1835]

Rain. Court met & adgd. immediately till tomorrow – we Recd. a new pair of shoes for "Elizth." for which she was measured yesterday from Learing’s Miss H. Grimshaw Supped with us and I went home with her at 9 1/4 p.m. I was at my office till 8 1/4 p.m. – Finished 1 vol. of N. Seslie & Frances Commenced it.

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November 20th 1835 Friday

20~6 [Friday, November 20, 1835]

Cloudy, Foggy, Rain. I finished Reading "Norman Seslie" & was much pleased with it. Theodore S. Lay one of the Editors of the New York Mirror is the author– was at my office till 9 p.m. In Court all day

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21~7 [Saturday, November 21, 1835]

Clear & Beautiful– I rose at 5 1/4 A.M. & went to Market with our Black Girl– I bought ½ bushel of Corn meal & 1 pair live Fowls ~ Our whole Family took tea at Shunks where we Staid till 9 p.m. ~ I Recd. of Geo. Garverick ad[?] de toris non of Jno. Fleck Decd. $35.13 dividend on a Jugt. No 91 of Augt. L. 1834 for which I pd. Jno. Kunkle on 29 Oct. 1834 $15– also Recd. of Same at Same time $13.33 dividend on a Jugt. No. 133 of Augt L. 1834 for which I pd. Jno. Bigger on the 14 May 1835 $10 – also Recd. of same at Same time $5 1/4 dividend for costs in No 90 of Augt. L. 1834. Recd. letter from Michael Byrne "Frederickstown Md. 1835 Nov" Post Marked Nov 19 in relation to Suit of Baldwin vs Provost. Byrne & Co in our Court. ~~

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