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Harrisburg-January 17, 1844 Wednesday.

17-4 Rain Sleet-very sloppy & disagreeable paid for 2 lbs Butter 37 ½, for apples one peck 10 cts for Sundries 4 cts AMT 51 ½ cts Drew ck on the Hs Savs Instn of self for $20.00 and got money. Recd of Mary Scott Clendenin $4650 in full for 16 weeks Boarding between July 1/13 & Jan 1/24 omitting 10 weeks 2 days she and her mother were absent – at Pittsburgh from Aug 30 – to Nov 11 including $6.50 in that amt for Hickory wood cutting & putting same away the Boarding being at $2.50 per week—paid Wm Kline Esq for Henry M Hacker of Jonah Elder & A Graydon $4767 amt of Debt Intd costs in a Judgt against me in favour of sd Apee on Docket D 110137 for Bal of a Stone Bill from Mch 13/41 to Jan 18/42 both date, inclusive the costs included therein being 68 cts – the Judgt having been for $45.41 the 8 June last. The Stone Bill contracted with Graydon Elder in the sd period was in all $114.04 ½ on which it [ ] be found by reference to my Mem. Books thoAug 12/42 $20 cash June 15/41 $5.37 ½ by 86lbs Flitch, Jany 12/42 $25 by Mo [ ] order Apl 2/42 $20 in cash. The reason of my having sued for the

January 17-4 Contd

~said Bal. Was not that I had refused to pay it or disputed it, but because the same had been transferred without my knowledge and placed in the hands of an upstart & impertinent Lawyer viz Mo. Kunkle for collection who wrote me an impudent note on the subject (vfile) which I would not stoop to pay any attention to, and also that there was some difficulty from upstarts note and what turned out to be the facts as to who was assignee – he giving in his note one name and proving at the hearing a different one. Spent day chiefly in the Court house and my office. Attended at the Court House from 6 ½ [ ] to 8 ½ P.M. a Map Meeting of the Democracy in favour of Van Buren for Pres. & Johnson for Vice Pres- the first I am decidedly in favour of the latter I admire and love as an old soldier etc. but should prefer King of Hubama or Polk of Tennessee for V. Pest. There was very great enthusiasm however manifested for the old hero and a strong party disposed to make him the Candidate for the Presidency instead of Van Buren. Returned to my office at 8 ½ P.M. at adjournment of meeting. to bed at 10 P.M.

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18-5 Clear~Cold~ hard frozen all day~ rode on horseback 10 miles from 9 ½ to 11 a.m.~ Recd of Christn Seiler Esq for Trimbles heirs on a judgt obtained before him against Mo. Knepley for [ ] McDonald his bail for quarters sent due by said Krepley 1st April last $22 1/6 ~ spent day partly in Court House – Mo H. Briggs Esq & self walked a mile or more about 4 ½ P.M. – spent evs chiefly in office and to bed at 10 P.M.

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19-6 Clear ~ Fine day – hard frozen – thawed good Middle of day. Paid for apples 31 cts for papers 2 cts and for 10 lbs Coffee at W. Brants $1.00 (V.B.R.) (& v 22 nov last) Amt. $1.33 ~ Recd letter from Mo McFaden "Pittsburg Jany 7th & wrote in reply. Rode on horseback from 9 ¼ to 11 ¼ am. 12 miles. was in Court but little today. Spent afternoon and evens Chiefly in office and to bed at 9 ½ P.M.

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20-7 Clear Cold – Paid for 1 lb Butter 18 ¾ for Beef 2 cts sundries ~ AMT 50 cts rode on horseback from 11 a.m till 12 ½ P.M. 10 miles – Recd letter from Mo. Fesler "Jan 19"

Jan 20-7 Contd

in reply to mine of 13 inst.~ Paid to Wm Wallace an agent for [ ] (v my loose Receipts for his authority) $120.51 by ck on the Hs Savs Instn on Exs No.. 175 & 176 Aug. 7.43 in Dav. Cm [ ] being Wallace Whiteside & Clark and Wallace & Riddle & Clark out of money sud on said Exo. Of [ ] Faunie the 13 inst that is to say $109.51 Bal of Debt after deducting my Fee $30 for said collection and $11.00 [ ] pay advanced by said Wm on suits for said money (v. my Receipt Book & file loose Receipts-as above) spent eve in my office and to bed at 9 ½ P.M.

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