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[May 13 con’t] pifes sides Mrs. Beatty and her daughter rode out into the country five miles went to see Jacob Milleisen to see his mare and colt and for their pleasure and company of the ride. He found the woods bad. Mud holes many. But the whole country being as cheery and inviting as the heart could wish. We did not find either Mr. or Mrs. Milliesen at home but among them an excellent german man named Henry Abler who looked after the mare and colt - He found them looking very neat - the mare is much improved in appearance. The colt in fine health himself of a light Sorrel color now but with no doubt get at least a dark Chestnut in there is the color of the mother and [?]. Why a White dark all over the face which I do not admire on horses. We get home about 5 ½ pm. Evening at home feeling considerably fatigued from the ride and (?) to bed 9 ½ to 10.

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