Sunday, July 29, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29 1 Cloudy. I called at Mr Peacocks this morning to see F.P.C.—Rain in afternoon. Mr Bela Badger (new page) Mr Bela Badger of Phila sent for me to Wallaces through jno E. Forster to come to Buehlers—he was in pursuit of one Josiah P. Cloud gave me Fee $5 handed me Breast Button sent by G.W. Rawn and I sent letter and $11 to G.W. Rawn by him—this $11 was $4 for Josiahs (black man) Flagilet $1 for Button & $6 for white hat, I was at Peacocks this Evening

Monday, July 30, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30 2 Clear and Pleasant. I Wrote to Philip Newbeker to day in answer to his letter just recd I was at Peacocks this Evening.

Tuesday, July 31, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

31 3 Clear + Pleasant—Burnside Hustin Berghaus, A.B. Hamilton + started to Perry Springs this morning. I recd Letter and Depositions from David Ske Esqr. Williamsburg in Huntingon County Recd Letter form Mrs Gemmel “Chambg July 30 th 1832" Sent Wm. Ayres Esqr. (he saying he was going to Greens) $1.50 Paid Jas Wright vide Bill & receipt in full for military cap. + 3.00 Wrote to Mrs Gemmel at Chambersburg + Jno A.] Weidermans at Lebanon. I was at Peacocks this Evening Jno Jos Clendenin and the Misses F.P.C. + E.C.P. went up to Cox’s this morning in carriage.

Wednesday, August 1, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

August 1st

1 4 Clear and pleasant, Shoch and myself took walk to Spring at 10 ½ A.M. I also walked out in the eveng with Misses F.P.C. + E.C.P.—spent evening at Peacocks.

Thursday, August 2, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 5 Clear and pleasant. I was at Peacocks this morn- Wrote to Mr Lioan Cashier of Port Deposit Bridge and Banking Company" Party at Peacocks this Evening.

Friday, August 3, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3 6 Clear and pleasant. I went to Lebanon to day in Stage with Mr Brook and misses Brooks + F.P. Clendenin (new page) arrived in Lebanon at 4 P.M. Took tea at Mr Weidermans returned to my Lodgings at Lineweavers Hotel at 10.

Saturday, August 4, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4 7 Clear, Cloudy warm + Showers—Jno Weiderman and myself went to the water works 6 miles from Lebanon this morning. Got wet a little. Dined to day at Weidmans Paid Bill at Hotel 37 ½ cts and State Fare to Harrisburg $1.50 and Left Lebanon at 4 oclock. Paid at Hotel at water works 25 cts. arrived in Harrisburg at 7 ¾ oclock Old Mr Jefferson- Dead-Died this morning at my Boarding House at 9.o.clock A.M.

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