Sunday, December 30, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30 1 Clear + cold went to church this morning with M.S. Clendenin. read “Waverly" + papers in afternoon + Wrote to F.P.C. at Lebanon. I went to Episcopal church in evening with Mrs Clendenen

Monday, December 31, 1832 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

31 2 Clear + pleasant—had Henry Eberle (player) brought up on Habeas Corpus before Judge Hummel + discharged. Recd of Eberle Bal. of Fee $2.50 Recd letter from Philip Newbeker + pd postage 6 cts, “Halifax Dec 29. 1832" Rode for 7 miles this afternoon from 3 ½ P.M. till 5 o clock P.M. on Nathl Henrie’s sorrel horse Paid in full for pair silk stockings bought on day of Inauguration at Millers store $1.37 ½. Paid Thos Wallace on acct of Boarding by a note + check $10.00 vide Receipt. Paid for Ink Powder in office 12 ½ cts. staid in my office till 9.o.clock.

Tuesday, January 1, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

January 1 st A.D. 1833 1 3

Rain + Warm-Sent H. Eberle (player) $1.00 to help this Evening—Swapd Stocks at Millers + pd $1.00 to Boot—pd Jacob Walting (valet) on aft 12 ½ cts—clear in afternoon “Harrisburg Greys" paraded at Thos Wallaces to day + Elected Chas. C. Rawn 1 st Lieut. of said compy in place of Satz resigned (new page) + elected O.S. McGowan 2 nd Lieut. of said compy in place of C.C. Rawn promoted-Elected Court of appeals [Cours. of Auts.], + Treasure-C.C. Rawn chrmn of Court of appeal the past year and re-elected to-day. Paid my share of McGowan’s + my Bill at Wallace’s club $2.25 my share $1.12 ½ - Company marched to Henry’s + drank 9 or 10 Bottles of wine, + subscribed vide paper for a “New Bass Drum" the [couriers cond] officers Subscribed $3.00 per piece item were about $30. Subscribed—Held Court of appl. After parade. I was at Peacocks short time this evening + promised to return also was at Halermans to see ladies who have just retd from city Rogers + Hamln Alricks there- from there I went to “Eberles [jollification]" at Masonic Hall. went into Box Free Paid Expenses at Wallace’s Bar 18 ¾ for P Buehler, Stambaugh + self—recd letter from Miss F.P.C. “Lebanon Jan 1, 1833" pd Postage 6 ¼ cts.

Wednesday, January 2, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 4 Clear + Warm—Stated with Hales Horse + Gig at 20 minutes before 1.0.clock P.M. for Lebanon arrived there at 4 ¼ o, clock. put up at Krause’s and Took tea at Weidmans when I spent Evening. Pearson Esqr there—

Thursday, January 3, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3 5 Clear + warm—did not Freeze last night—Paid Bill at Krause’s this morning $1.00 Hosteler 10 cts + Blacksmith 18 ¾ cts. left Lebanon Miss F.P.C. + self at 11. o. clock. Dined at Hummelstown paid Expenses going + coming + $1.50 + arrived Harrisburg at 4 ¼. o clock P.M.- Gave Black George at Wallace’s 25 cts. spent evening at Mrs Clendenends, McColloh, 2 Findlays, Rogers, Shoch, AB Hamilton, Jas Peacock + there.

Friday, January 4, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4 6 Clear + pleasant—Mr Badger called on me this morning—I issued Domestic Attachment at his request, against Chas Cox Jr. attached goods in Walter’s store house—(new page) from 2-to $300 worth, wrote Bond for Wm. A. Atlee to take Benefit. Paid Randall (Taylor) 50 cts on aft of Bal. of $1.25 due him vide date of 26 th Dec. 1832, was at Mrs C.s where I spent Evening with Frances from 6- till 10. oclock

Saturday, January 5, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5 7 Clear + Beautiful, + warm like spring was at Mrs, C.s short time this morning tool a walk in the Evening--was at Mrs. Cs went to Capitol with Frances + others to see Jupiter—Cloudy + Could not. retd to Mrs C.s + home at 10 ½ o clock.

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