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13 1 Clear + Cold. I was at DeWitts Church twice to day. heard Rev. Dr Judkin in morning. (good Preacher) and Rev. Hamilton in afternoon (not good preacher + heard Judkin again in evening at Zacharias’ church when I went with F.P.C. + her mother Took tea at Mrs C.s

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14 2 Clear + Cold Paid Jonthn Chandler on Aft, off office Rent. vide his Reciept $15. Tthis makes $20. in all pd him on afs of 1832 + 1833’s Rent—was at Capitol this morning to attend to “H Water Bill" was at Mrs C.s in afternoon. Wistar of H. Repsen there—I took ride from 20 minutes before 4 o clock P.M. to five P.M. on Murrays Sorrel Hackney went to Capitol at 7 P.M. with F.P.C. + M.S.C. + E.C.P. + heard Lecture on Education by Rev. Dr. Junkin in Hall of H. of Rep.

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15 3 Clear + Cloudy, Cold—recd note from Middleton Coley (Insolvent applicant) for $5.00 additonal Fee. Wrote to Dr. Saml Anderson, Speak of H of Rep. (present) upon subject of appointment of Attny General Paid for Books Bought on Saty Eveng 12 th inst at Public Sale of NB Wood Esqr. Decd Law Library this day pd Bill in full vide the same + Receipt $2.88 3/4$2.88 ¾ -- Recd Letter from Jno.A. Wiedman “Lebanon. Jan 13.1833" + pd postage Recd from Middleton Coley $1.00 on aft of note of this morning—began snowing about 2 P.M.—snowed till 7 or 8 turned to Rain at 10 + Rained through night heard Schmuker Rev. Lecture in Hall of H of Rep. this Evening upon [ ] of institution at Gettysburg in Adams County—was at Mrs C.s afterwards where Col. Page of Phila had been singing in compy with Mr McCulloh of Chamg (new page)

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16 4 Clear, Cloudy + Slushy—P. Newbeker, here yesterday—We talked of taking the Jacob Newbeker place at the appraisment on the 5 th. Feby next in partnership I was at Capitol this morning “Harrisburg Water Bill" passed to a 2 nd Reading. I was ordered to be transcribe for a third reading—was at Mrs C.s in afternoon + saw Mrs Espy + Miss Boyd, there, Hunter that killed Millernean Phila in a Duel of [Duree] his [ ] in Town + have been several day endevouring to obtain the Signatures of Members of the Legislature to be reinstated in the Navy. I was at Mrs. C.s where I saw Miss S.A. Weidman who came to town to day + along with her came Miss Ulrich—also at Mrs C.s Shoch, Shannon, Rogers Wistar Miss EC Peacock + myself

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17 5 Clear + very Cold. Paid washerwoman vide Bill + Receipt in full for 1 Quarter washing beginning on 1 oct. 1832--$4.50 was at Capitol this morning 3 rd. Reading of Harrisburg Water Bill postponed till tomorrow to give way to tariff resolutions upon I heard Mr Clarkson make one of the best and most spirited speeches that I have heard in said Capitol at any time Also Mr. Lewis from Braiford made a very good speech on the other side from Clarkson-at 2 ½ P.M. I took a few glasses of wine with Col. Page of Phila, + others at Wilsons + I walked to Canal where I fell in with Misses Clendenens, Mr Jim Findlay + Mr McCulloh, Lewis, Irwin [Burdley], Hass inger, Findlay, of Legis. A.B. Hamilton, Rogers, Col. Page + myself J.W. S. Franklin + Welsh—had very delightful time Col. Page sang several songs for us also I had the pleasure of skating in the early part of evening with the Col. On the Canal—[Bastin]—he skating superbly + most gracefully—

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18 6 Clear + Cold—but agreeable- I rode from 10 to 11 A.M. this morning on Murrays Sorrel Hackney. I then went to Capitol where “Harrisburg Water Bill" was being discussed- went out to Canal at 3 ½ P.M. with Miss F.P.C. + others where were (new page) were many ladies + Gentlemen looking at Col. Page’s elegant performance on skates. Was at Mrs C’s in evening where was Findlay, AB Hamilton, Rogers, + Self, + Miss St Ulrich + S.A. Weidman

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19 7 Clear + Cold-I rode to “High Spire" this morning + back from 9 ½ to 11 o clock on B. Parke Esqr Horse taken from Hales Livery Stable—Then went to Capitol to attend to Harrisburg Water Bill which after an interesting + able dicussion was passed through 3 rd Reading at 2 P.M. by a vote of 51 to 42 in afternoon I filed Bond of Thos Wallace to take benefit of Ino Laws. Paid S.H. Randall (Taylor) 75 cts in full of all demands in my off. when he told me he had it not charged or he had no entered or memorandum aft against me, was at MrsC.s this evening

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