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16-1 (Sunday, June 16, 1833) Clear & pleasant. left Baltimore this morning after paying our bill $6.25 $2.50 of which was my share [?] same Isaac & $1.25 paid by F R Shunk - at 6 o’clock paid Frances passage & my own to Philadelphia & Breakfast on [Canoll] $5.00 arrived at Frenchtown [?] Rail Road in 57 minutes and took Robt. Morris paid $1.00 on this boat for Frances & my [?] and arrived in Phila at 4 P. M. paid on this last boat for being [?] 12 1/2 cts. came to Isaac Shunk at 4 1/2 P. M. and rested and got tea at 5 1/2 P. M. on the whole this was a very pleasant trip and much talking was afforded to us from it, was at Mr [Dietrich] this evening.

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17-2 (Monday, June 17, 1833) Clear & pleasant. Frances & myself went out riding this morning. Called on Misses [Tolaland], Sisles, Mrs Clarkson, & at Mrs T. W. L. Freemans. bought card case & cards for Frances and paid 87 1/2 cts also black silk stockings for her $1.37 1/2 cts. met Miss [Coop] in street near Isaac where we returned to dinner. Maria Shunk, Frances & myself started out in afternoon. returned to Frances $2.50 of $3.00 got of her at Baltimore. bought [?] [?] at Gregg & Elliott $1.50 and 2 pair stockings 50 cts. I saw R E [Hannum] this morning & introduced him to Frances at a stone no 123 or 133 Chestnut st. called at Robb & Winebrennen this morning & ordered pantaloons and waiscoat saw [?] [?] [?] there. Frances & myself & Maria spent evening at Harriet Dietrichs.

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18-3 (Tuesday, June 18, 1833) Clear & Beautiful. Gov. Findlay & his son [King] came to Isaac Shunk a short time after breakfast this morning. King & F R Shunk went in Isaacs gig to Penitentiary. I went down to [?] Hotel, and to [?] Bootmaker and to Tomlinson Stage Office in Market st. where I paid for Frances and my own passage to West-Chester tomorrow $2.50 and came to Dr. Dietrichs where I took the Bath. Paid Mrs Dietrich for washing she got done for me 31 1/4 cts. Gov F. and King at Shunks again in evening before tea. received pantaloons & waiscoat at Isaac Shunk from Robb and Winebrenners which are to be $12 and sent them a letter the next day (tomorrow) from West-Chester on which I paid postage 6 1/4 cts. F R Shunk, King, Frances & myself called at Mrs Rogers in 9th st afternoon after which Frances & myself went to Mr William Buehler’s in Cherry st. & returned to Isaac Shunks at bed time.

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19-4 (Wedesday, June 19, 1833) Clear in morning - some rain in afternoon. Frances & myself left Phila at 7 o’clock A. M. and arrived in West-Chester by way of the Rail Road at 11 A. M. Paid Black Henry (Porter) for wheeling baggage 25 cts. I heard Baptist Preacher in West-Chester court house at 11 1/4 A. M. [?] meeting again after tea. Frances, Julian & myself went and heard "feller" of [?] capacity than he seemed to imagine he had small man wearing spectacles except when he was preaching.

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20-5 (Thursday, June 20, 1833) Cloudy, Cool, Rain at times. F R Shunk, Esqr left Isaac Shunk for the "trip" yesterday morning at 8 A. M. After we started - Isaac has been sick for [?]. I was at [?] Babbs this morning and "Atheneum" when I saw notice of my marriage in semi weekly "Globe" of "June 13, 1833" published at Washington City and also I saw similar notice in "Village Record" published in last [?] of June 5, 1833 where Frances is spelled Francis also in "Sat’y Courier" of June 8, 1833" "Pennsylvanian of about same time and Harrisburg Papers. went to Atheneum in afternoon and Julian [?] to Baptist meeting at Court House in evening.

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21-6 (Friday, June 21, 1833) Rain nearly all day. I wrote in Bradleys office this morning to Isaac Shunk at Phila & Frances wrote at home to Mary Jane Peacock. I was at Atheneum morning & afternoon. Wrote in Bradleys office in afternoon to Mrs Clendenen at Harrisburg and to T. W. S. Freeman Phila. [Booth] [Van] [Amringe] papers from post-office for ladies by his direction. Received calls after tea from Mr Bradley & Lewis [K], Mr & Mrs Rutter. 2 or 3 persons baptised at [Taylors] Mill this evening. we did not go.

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22-7 (Saturday, June 22, 1833) Clear & pleasant. I rode Rail [Rocket] to Brandywine this morning also on Thursday last, took nap in afternoon & Julian, Frances & myself took supper at Mrs Bradleys. Mr Lewis & wife there. returned home at 10 1/4 P. M.

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