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23-1 (Sunday, June 23, 1833) Clear & warm. rode Rocket to Brandywine this morning. staid at home all day. Julian, Frances & myself took tea at Misses [?] Weaver this evening

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24-2 (Monday, June 24, 1833) Rain nearly all day. I was at Atheneum in afternoon. on Sunday night week last ([?] 16th [?]) my Bay Mare "Flora" foaled a mare colt which I call "Annette" got by "Boston Bellfounder" last year stood at Chester

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25-3 (Tuesday, June 25, 1833) Clear & Windy-coolish. yesterday morning David & myself went in hired gig of [?] to see Mr Hendersons Stallion "First Consul Jr." I paid 50 cts for gig. this morning I went to "Yellow Springs" in [?] of [Majinnes] to see [?] stallion raised by above [?]. Met King Findley at [?] who was [?] to Churchtown in stage [?] not like [?] returned to West-Chester at 2 P. M. & p’d 50 cts for [?] was spent time at [?] sale of T. Ogdens furniture this afternoon & Frances & myself at a tea party at Jos. Lewis Esqr. in evening when were [?] 2 dozen people

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26-4 (Wednesday, June 26, 1833) Rain, Clear. David Rawn & myself took my mare "Flora" to Mr. Hendersons stallion "First Consul Jr." this morning & she took him twice David went on the mare and I in a gig of Mr Collins’ we left mare at Hendersons to remain at 50 cts per week [?] the season for this house is out & I am to pay $9. for a colt and no colt no pay. paid Collins 50 cts for gig. I saw Dr. Cheyney Cheyney in West-Chester. Tamison [Farlamb] at [?] this morning & invited Frances & myself to party tomorrow evening at her uncle’s Judge Darlington. I was at a town meeting in Court House meeting for the purpose of receiving the Pres’t at West-Chester if he would consent to come.

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27-5 (Thursday, June 27, 1833) Clear & Beautiful. David & myself were at Mr Worthington, [?], & Abner [?] this morning to buy grass. I talked politics with first named gentleman in his hay field. we bought 1 1/2 acres of beautifuol grass at Abner [?] 1 mile north of West-Chester for $10 per acre. fine old gentleman [?] to Cherry [?] we returned home at dinner time on which return I stopt a short time at Atheneum. took a nap in afternoon and Frances and myself attended a party at Judge Darlingtons till near 11 P. M.

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28-6 (Friday, June 28, 1833) Clear & Cloudy in afternoon. David Rawn, Frances & myself left West-chester this morning at 8 o’clock in Collins’ horse carriage, (David’s horse) for Chester Creek. arrived at Uncle William Cheyney’s & stopt short time. [?] not at home at her [?] Mrs [?]. proceeded to David & Aunt Mary Cheyneys at Mt. Ephraim [?] David Cheyney at Phila. Took dinner with Aunt Mary and left at 3 P. M. for uncle William when we met Mrs [Hannon]. spent afternoon took tea & returned to West-Chester at 8 o’clock P. M. I paid hire of Collins carriage to David Rawn in full $1.00. Bradley Esqr, Eli Pyle & his wife came into Mothers near 9 P. M. I was fatigued and [?] to bed by telling a little lie that I was going to write.

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29-7 (Saturday, June 29, 1833) Clear & beautiful. I walked nearly to Brandywine this morning before breakfast. Received letter & Harrisburg Chronicle a day or two since from Mr. Jos C. at Harrisburg. was at Atheneum in afternoon & in morning

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