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30-1 (Sunday, June 30, 1833) Clear & beautiful. Frances [?] all day yesterday. her and myself took walk this morning towards Brandywine. Spent whole day at home till 5 o’clock when Frances & myself called Mrs lewis, Bradley, Rutter and Mrs T. Fairlamb at Judge Darlington. Julian [?] & Frances & self took walk after tea & then went and heard Mr. Siegfried (Baptist) preach in Court House. Found Mary [?] at mothers when we returned.

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1-2 (Monday, July 1, 1833) Clear & Beautiful. received $12 from Mother. money some weeks since paid by me to Wm. Williamson Esqr from Abram [Sharplis] as interest due by me to Abram and returned by Abram through Tho[mas] McCall to Mothers & this was paid by her to me. I paid D W Rawn in full $3.87 pasture money paid by him to Philip [?] for "Flora" pasture. paid passage for Frances & self at Beaumont in West-Chester to Lancaster $4.50 left West-Chester at 11 1/4 A. M. Mrs McClure [?] [?] of Lancaster in stage arrived in Lancaster at 7 1/4 P. M. could not get on to Harrisburg till tomorrow afternoon. Put in at Parkers - got shaved at Simmons 6 1/4 cts. & went to bed at 10. Saw Genl L. Cameron who slept in next room to us and was [?] on to Phila.

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2-3 (Tuesday, July 2, 1833) Clear & very warm. saw Capt. McAllister this morning who was going to city was at Parkers Stable to see "[?]" & his horses. saw Genl. Wm B Mitchell there. took warm bath this morning & paid 25 cts. King Findlay who returned to Lancaster Friday week last called on us at Parkers. paid bill at Parkers $2.75. Paid passage Frances & self to Harrisburg $4.00 and left Lancaster at 4 P. M. Stage full. Supped at Youngs & paid 75 cts. arrived in Harrisburg at 10 1/4 P. M. & paid for [?] at Wilsons 12 1/2 cts. and sent baggage to Mrs Clendenen & paid for wheeling it then 12 1/2 cts. [?] [?] this afternoon

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3-4 (Wednesday, July 3, 1833) Cloudy - rain. paid Dorsey for shaving before breakfast 6 1/4 cts. Saw all my friends and received many congratulations on my marriage and return. Received the following letters [?] - Danl Jacoby [?] [?] Mont Co. (Client J. Espy [?]) "May 29, 1833" geo. Hepner "Harrisburg" "Gail" 6 June 1833" "Israel Carpenter Esqr" Halifax "July 1, 1833 & paid postage 6 cts Wm Child "Marietta" - "May 27, 1833" and paid postage 6 cts. H. B. Wright new client - Wilkes Barre "June 11, 1833" paid postage 12 1/2 cts. Mr. A Weidman "June 2nd 1833 Lebanon" paid pos. 6 cts. "W. T. Wilber Lenox Susquehanna Co. [?] "7th 1833" (new client) paid postage 50 cts. F E Brewster Phila "June 19, 1833" paid post 12 1/2 cts and wrote to him in reply by Mr Jos Clendenen. received at Mrs. Clendenens [?] stock & 2 pair silk stockings sent on 24 May last by stage by G W Rawn from city & [?] and now just come to handle [?] of [?] $6.00 received from Wm McClure Esqr. $5.00 my share of a fee from the asignees of Amos Clemson of Lancaster Co. Frances wrote to Julian and I added something to Mother in said letter. Wrote to Woodbury T. Wilber in answer to his letter today received. was at Mrs Peacocks and afterwards met as one of a committee of the Democrats for celebrating tomorrow and was appointed on a job-committee with [Mckelly] & Rohrer to invite Judge pettitt at Buehlers which [?] performed [?] - paid at [?] 25 cts.

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4-5 (Thursday, July 4, 1833) Clear & pleasant. same committee met at Kelkers this morning at 8 A. M. Rohrer & self by appt waited on Judges Gibson & Rogers of the supreme court and Rawn spokesman invited them to dine with Democrats. celebrated the day with the Democratic [?] party down the canal at West Falls - saw Perry C Nabb in the orchard. was one of the Committee of Arrangement. We had no oration. - Declaration of Independence was read by Herman [?] Esqr. C. C Rawn announced the officers of the meeting. paid body for my dinner. broke up at 3 1/2 P. M. & disposed Hamilton Shick, delivered oration to military in [Lutheran] church today & H. K. Strong to young men of Harrisburg in Episcopal church. received funeral calls today at Mrs [?] from various Gentlemen & ladies.

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5-6 (Friday, July 5, 1833) Clear & pleasant. I rose at 4 3/4 o clock this morning. Wrote to Wood’ Spragg to discontinue Israel Carpenters paper & also to Carpenter letting him & have done so answer to his letter of the 1st inst received on the 3rd inst. also to W. J. T. for paper for Thomas Quaid also to Wm [?] of Marietta in answer to his letter of May 27 last. [?] [?] - also to Mr Robt Carson Lancaster City on same subject. Paid Jacob Shell for 1 Quarters office Rent ending 1 July 1833 $11.25. Had wine drinking [?] of the Bar & others at [?] [?] evening. I bought through [?] C. 3 gallons of wine at Mr. Kunkles [?][?][?] Esqr [?] [?] [?] [?].

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6-7 (Saturday, July 6, 1833) Clear & pleasant. Received letter T. W. L. Freeman 'Phila" "July 3, 1833" and paid pos. 12 1/2 cts. Wrote to T. Jones Esqr. Chester Co. upon genuine business, also to Hildeburr & Watson Phila on [?] business, also to Ellis, Lewis Atty Genl at Brad. Co. also to Durden Blearter Phila also to Mr. Woods Halifax.

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