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21-1 (Sunday, July 21, 1833) Clear & very warm. [?] Douglas Esqr late atty genl died this morning at 8 o clock. I & my wife were at DeWitts church this morning & [?] in evening. received invitation as Member of Bar to attend funeral tomorrow morning at 9 A. M. of Saml. Douglas Esqr. Received letter Mr A. W [?] [?] "July 21, 1833" & pd pastage 6cts

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22-2 (Monday, July 22, 1833) Clear & very warm. mercury 94 degrees. Samuel Douglas Esqr. buried this morning at 9 A. M. members of Bar met in [?] office. I made motion of Wm. Grayson Esqr to take chair & Samuel [Shocks] Esqr Secretary & offered resolutions which were adopted in relation to death of Samuel Douglas Esqr. I walked to his funeral this morning with F. R. Shunk Esqr. Mr [?] Briggs in my office. I am reading Mrs. Jamesons Loves of the Poets 2 vols, and "Cobbetts Advice to Young Men". Wrote to D W Rawn at West-Chester. Rode Nath’l Hennes’ Sorrel Horse 2 hours this morning before breakfast about 18 miles. Paid Conrad Knepley of harrisburg Hotel in full of all [?] for boarding $9.00 [?] Receipt, was at Bridal tea party to Frances this evening at Mr [Welsh’s]. Miss Hasinger there

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23-3 (Tuesday, July 23, 1833) Clear & very warm. Thermometer at 100 degrees yesterday in shade Rev Mr. [?] said. I wrote note to Walter F Franklin Esqr and James T Espy present and letters to H. B. Wright of Wilkes barre and Geo Buffington of Lykens Valley. paid for paper at [?] 25 cts. Wrote Petition for Gottlieb [?] and gave him 12 1/2 cts and afterwards took paper from him for being drunk. paid at circus this evening 25 cts.

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24-4 (Wednesday, July 24, 1833) Clear & very warm. 92 1/2 degrees. received letter last evening from [?] [?] [Karthaus] "Wilmington July 20, 1833" Also today from Robt. J. Brent Esqr "Hagerstown, Md. July 19, 1833" & p’d pos. 10 cts. Dr. McKinney in my office yesterday afternoon & told me he had paid the money he owes me to Dr Geo Benghau present. Mr Jos Clendenen, [?], & Frances & self took walk after supper. paid for mineral water for Frances & self at [Lachmans] 12 1/2 cts.

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25-5 (Thursday, July 25, 1833) Cloudy & very warm. I was in river this morning 4 1/2 A. M. Wrote to [Ret. Adm. Karthaus Phil’a, to Bela Badger, & to Geo. Berghaus, Williamsport Md., & [?] copy of letter. took short nap this afternoon & after tea went to Mrs Haldermans with Frances, her mother & sister to Peacocks. Mrs H’s sister Mrs Henderson was [?] [?].

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26-6 (Friday, July 26, 1833) Cloudy & cooler. was at Adam [?] thi evening with Frances, Mary, & E. Peacock & afterwards heard Rev. Mr. Hare & Bull preach at Episcopal Church.

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