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13-1 [Oct.13 Sun] Clear & Windy I was at DeWitts Church in Morning & Sterns in evening Frances not out today – Rec’d letter last evening from Ashbel Green for Lewis Wisler "Columbia, Lan[caster] Co., PA Oct 11, 1833" & pd. pos. 6cts also Chas B. Penrose Esqr St. Senator elect from Cumberland Co. "Carlyle PA Oct 11, 1833" as to his political party & principles in pursuance of a conversation held between Joh Jos. Clendenin & Myself in which he upon the authority of Alex. Mahon [undecyph] appeared that Penrose was the candidate of the Anti-Masonic Party & approved to the State administration which I denied & pd pos. on this 6cts.

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14-2 [Oct. 14 Mon] Clear & pleasant – Rec’d letter from "Isaac Rogers with "Root" counterfeiter, Fredericktown Md Oct 11, 1833" in which he wants Root taken up – pd pos. 12 ½ cts. Atty Gen’l Lewis appointed Judge in Chapmans District & Geo. M. Dallas appointed atty Gen’l so is the news of this morning. B. Parke Esqr is circulating a paper among the members of the Bar to be appt Dep. Atty for Daupin Co. in my stead I followed suit – got the same names and hundred papers to James Peacock who is going to enclose it this afternoon to Dallas I wrote to Dr. Burden, J S Smithe Esqr Phila & Wm Findley, Treas. of Mint, same place & to F R Shunk Esqr at present at Franklin Co. to interest themselves for me. Also to Henry Welsh Esqr, Ed[itor] of the "Penn Reporter" at present at York. Also wrote to Gen Workman & Dr. Sturgeon, same subject Also to Geo. M. Dallas Esqr Atty Genl at Phila, Paid Jacob (my valet) for wheeling a barrow of coal from Mrs. Clendenins to my office 7 ½ cts. Mrs Wharton and Mrs Musgrave were at our house this evening – I went home with Mrs Musgrave & Shoch went with Mrs Wharton – Rec’d letter from Lieut John

Oct. 14 1833 Monday

14-2 [Oct. 14 Mon] Cont’d from Lieut John Clendenin after U.S.A. to us at Mrs C’s saying he was married on 24th last month to a Miss King. I was at the funeral of Esqr. Holbrook yesterday – he died Saturday

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15-3 [Oct. 15 Tue] Clear & pleasant Rec’d letter from Julia Ann Rawn "West Chester Oct 13, 1833" Mr Karthaus in my office this morning – wrote to Ashbel Green Esqr at Col.[umbia] Lan[caster] Co. in answer to his of the 11th ultimo wrote to David S. Hassinger Esqr, Toland Esqr each on subject of my continuance as Dep Atty Genl of Dau[phin] Co Paid for Cammomile Flowers at Gross 12 ½ cts Paid for Tooth Brush at Sloughs 25 cts & Wrote to Genl. Samuel McKean Sec’ty of the Commonwealth upon the subject of the Atty Gen’lship for this County I was at Mr. Peacock after I left my office at 8PM with him were Frances & her mother I went home before them viz. at 8 ½ P.M. for business Mrs Carson, her daughter and husband were there

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16-4 [Oct. 16 Wed] Cloudy – We are informed this morning that Adam Orth Esqr riding 3 ½ miles up the river died last night right before midnight I wrote to F R Shunk Esqr this morning at Chambersburg and John J. Clendenin sent letter in stage by Chambers McKinney to appoint said John Jos. his transcribing clerk in place of Adam Orth Esqr, dec[eased] Handed Frances yesterday $1.00 for her own purpose & mine Frances & myself wrote a letter to Julian rec’d letter "Chambersburg Oct 15th 1833" from F R Shunk Esqr telling me he has written to Mr Dallas about my appointment as Depty Atty Genl & pd pos. 10 Rec’d from John Davies Esqr vide judg[men]t vs. R. Kelly Wm Bell before him vide [undecyph] vs R. Kelly at April 11, 1833 costs fee $11.84 Rec’d per James Peacock letter Dated "Phila" Oct 15th, 1833 from G.M. Dallas Atty Genl – then per James Peacock & daughter Elizabeth this evening while we were at tea at Mrs Clendenins My Commission to be depty of the Atty Genl for Dauphin County dated "Oct 15th AD 1833" Mr Parkes underhand, sly exertions to supplant me in this office satisfies me of his contracted mean spirit - & mak this early receipt of my commission matter of exultations spent evening in my office til after 8

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Oct. 17, 1833 Thursday

17-5 [Oct. 17 Thurs] Rain. I, C.C. Rawn was Secretary at a Meeting of the Judges Members of the "Harrisburg Bar" this morning in the Court House in relation to death & burial of A Orth Esqr – Judge Ellis Lewis chastised when it was Resolved to attend the Funeral this afternoon at 2 P.M. & wear crape for 30 days. Wrote to Geo. M. Dallas Atty Genl acknowledging my appt at Dep Atty Gen of Dau County & to Dr. Sam’l Anderson Del. County & Dr. Wilson Worthington [West] Chester, Chester Co.

Members went to H[ouse] of Rep suggesting Mrs. McKinney’s as a comfortable boarding for the winter, also to Thos. McCullok Esqr of Chamb[ersburg] Franklin Co. about the member Crawford McDowell from that County. Frances, her Mother Myself & Fredk Boas with Mr. Peacock went to Funeral of Adam Orth Esqr this afternoon Buried at family burial ground on Mr Cox’s place 3 ½ miles from Town – Rev Mr Zacharias addressed at house Rev Wm R DeWitt prayed & Rev N. Stern done services at grave we ret’d to town at 4 ½ P.M. Rec’d letters from David Hassinger Esqr Phila "Oct 16 1833" from George Liebold "Gratztown" Daup. Co. Oct 14, 1833 & from Caspar Rhawn Halifax Oct 16, 1833 & pd pos. 22 ½ cts. Wrote to Caspar in reply, took deposition of Miss Ellen Forbes of New Haven Connecticut at Esqr Moore [?] at 8 ¼ o clock at Hetzel vs Shannon. Shunk & his family & M Clendenin ret’d this evening from Chambersburg & supped at Peacocks.

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18-6 [Oct. 18 Fri] Cloudy – Rec’d letter Herman Alricks Esqr "dated Oct 17, 1833" present Paid for charcoal 22 cts was at Canal Comm[ission] this morning & wrote letter to Shunk (present about John Poole’s appt at transcribing cl[er]k, Mr Bariack of [undecyph] Chester Co., Thom. Mowry in my office this afternoon – Bariack left letters with me for Genl. McKean, J Workman from Van Amringe & from Dr. Saml McLean of Chester Co. – as to his, Bariacks, wish to be Doorkeeper in H[ouse] of Rep this winter Spent evening in my office

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19-7 [Oct. 19 Sat] Clear & Cool – Rec’d letter Geo. Toland Phila Oct 17, 1833 & Isaac Rogers Baltimore Md "17 Oct ‘33" pd pos 22 ½ cts. Paid Jacob (my Valet) 12 ½ paid Yellets (the Barber) for cutting my hair 12 ½

October 19, 1833 Saturday

19-7 [Oct. 19 Sat] Cont’d and washed my head all over with whiskey got at Shells in a Tumbler – took walk in the afternoon with Frances from 4 to 5 ¼ P.M. Wrote to Mrs Elizabeth Orth sending her a copy of proceeding of members of Harrisburg Bank touching death of her husband & transcribing in my letter some verses Court did not get near through this week setting till 8 ½ this evening. Went to Mr Peacocks at 8. A B Hamilton busy, then I went into Shunks where he & I talked [undecyph] I ret’d to Peacocks at 9 ¼ & went home with Frances & her Mother. Shoch Esqr then went home with [undecyph]

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