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15-1 [Dec. 15 Sun] Cloudy – Snowed last night about 5 0r 6 inches - excellent sleighing today. Frances & Self were at DeWitts in morning & Sterns in evening

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16-2 [Dec. 16 Mon] Cloudy & prospect of more snow had fire in our little stove in my chamber yesterday for First time Paid jacob (My Valet) 6 ¼ cts & took ride of Nat’l Henries Gray Bob Tail horse ½ an hour only. Wrote to Mrs. R. Gemmel in answer to her note of Dec. 9 -ultimo & sent her the [undecyph] in her said letter – requested witness Fredk. Boas. Excellent sleighing today. M.S. Clendenin & E. Peacock went sleighing this evening with C. Holcomb, [undecyph], Goodman & Barclay, all members but the 2nd of Middletown Frances, her Mother & Myself took tea this evening at Mr. Peacocks. Snowing after supper, paid at Davis oyster Cellar 15 cts & drank mulled cider at Mrs. Peacocks at 9 ½ o clock

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17-3 [Dec. 17 Tue] Cloudy – Rain & storm all last night and very slushy this morning Rec’d letter A C Ramsey Esqr Erie Dec. 11, 1833" and pd Pos. 18 ¾ Court settin today for a special purpose. Peter Weisen discharged which I opposed. Was at "Episcopal Fare" Room today & boerrowed by jovial request of Mrs. Cox a Tin tea Kettle for them at Graydons was there after supper & took Mary S. C. home

Wednesday, December 18, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

18-4 [Dec. 18 Wed] Cloudy. Some Rain & Snow – and very slushy. Put up advertisements at several taverns this morning to rent Jno. Wislers house. Wrote to H. B. Wright Esqr of Wilkesbarre & in same letter to Abraham Thomas (client) of same place, yesterday bought Stock at Ladies "Episcopal Fare" this morning $1.75 and pd. Entrance money 12 ½ . Paid Entrance Money for Frances & Self at "Episcopal Fare" & or Sundries 95 ¼ large number of persons there Charles Biron & Self went out and took glass of wine with F. Wyeth – Frances & Self came away at 9 ½ o clock P.M.

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December 19, 1833 – Thursday

19-5 [Dec. 19, Thur] Clear & pleasant this morning - Mr Peacock informed us while at breakfast this morning that mis Eliza McKinney had a "Baby" last night, after she went from the Fair for she was at it, said to belong to Waugh Esqr of Washington County. Rec’d letter – Jno. K. Findlay Esqr "Lancaster City Dec. 18, 1833" & pd postage 10 cts Rec’d on the Evening of the 7th ultimo from the hand of a Gentleman who said his namewas Hews. a letter from Benj. Witmer dated Lancaster Dec. 16, 1833" with certain verbal intimations from said Witmer through said Hews in relation to W’s lands in Perry Co’y and his papers now in my hands. Wrote to Mrs. Elizabeth Rawn (Mother) at West Chester Pa" rec’d of Lewis Wisler of Columbia by John Swartz $20 loaned writer nov. 13 pst to pay costs. Handed to "Frances" to pay her Mother on account of our Boarding $15 Wrote by Jno. Swartz about [undecyp] to Capt. Lewis Wisler Columbia. Frances & Myself went to the Fair after tea I pd there 62 ½ cts very much crowded – we ret’d home at 9 ¾ P.M.

Friday, December 20, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

20-6 [Dec.20 Fri] Clear & Beautiful rec’d letter from David B. Reeds "West Chester Dec. 18, 1833" & wrote to him in reply by Dr. Wilmer Worthington M. of h of Rep. by whom also Frances sent a "Cap" Guard Chain & Puzzle Purse" to Mother andJuliann and I sent the stock Ibought at Episcopal Fare on the 18 last to David W. Rawn as presents. Paid Wenrich in full for sawing wood for me 75 cts present T Craighead just after [undecyph] I was at "Episcopal Fare" this evening & paid 12 ½ cts & went home with Mrs. Musgrave & C. Fisher at 9 ½ P.M.

Saturday, December 21, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

21-7 [Dec. 21 Sat] Clear & Colder Rec’d letters with papers of Mrs. McCammon & Miss McCammon mother & sister of Dr. J. McCammon of Ireland & another letter with papers of Mrs. H. McDowell, widow, & two of her 3 children of town of Antrium County of Antrium Ireland & poer of attorney of atty to me from said widow & 2 children. these letters rec’d from "Jas. Stuart European agent Pittsburg" PA. & each of said 2 letters dated "Pittsburg Dec. 15, 1833" all mailed at this place (Harrisburg) Rec’d of Thos. Craighead in No.213 Nov 1833 Dau. Co. P. Judgment Fee $3.00 Wrote to Benj. Witmer Lancaster City by Mr. Strohm of H. Of R. & kept copy letter vide File. also to Col. W.S. Franklin Clk of the H of Rep in congress at Washington PaidJacob (My Valet) 12 1/2/cts.

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