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4~1 [Sunday, January 4, 1835]

Clear and excessively cold ~ I was at the 1 Pres. Church this morning where I heard the Rev. Albert Barnes preach –dined – spent the afternoon supped with J.W.L. Freeman in the 7th by Coates Ln – and went from there after supper to Rev. Dr. McDowells church in 8th by Cherry Ln. With Miss Margaret [?] a sister of Freemans wife and First cousin of my wife – went for there to Sd. Freemans fathers with Sd. Margaret in the 8th by Chestnut St. Where I was introduced by sd. son to his father and mother – with whom we drank a glass of wine and with whom I was much pleased – we remained there till 9 p.m. and left to [?] T W L F, Miss Fr and myself with which two I came to the corner of Vine and 8th Streets from which placed them continued on to their home and I came to mothers – chatted with them till 10 PM. Made this days note and went to bed.

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5~2 [Monday, January 5,1835]

Clear and exceptionally cold – Del. River at this city closed Since Saturday Morning Last – was at [?] and Banners and Badges at 9 ½ and 10 [?] went thru to Recorders Court to meet J.W.L. Freeman by appointment at 10PM did not see him and went at 11AM and went to Darrieux’s in Lombard St. to see Mrs. Wharton and Miss Watts which ladies I was there informed came from Harrisburg to the City Saturday night last at 12p.m. accompanied by J.A. Weidman & another gentleman. Did not see sd. Ladies who were out but was invited up stairs by Mrs.D & introduced me to her Aunt and took a glass of wine and some cake down stairs then a [?] invitation to dinner called at J. W. L. Auction Room where I saw his father W.L.F. [?] went to his brothers office seen this exchange where I was introduced to and

5~2 cont.[Monday, January 5, 1835]

cordially and by Mr. Fisher a Lawyer Notary – from there J.W.F. & self went to the offices of "Pennsylvania" and then to that of "American Sentinal" where I received introductions to Mifflin and Parry Publishers & Neal Editors of P. and latter place to Peter Hay Editor of L. and to a Mr Frick – called at J.A. Weidmans Boarding House left my written [?] him – received a letter from Mrs. F. P. Rawn my wife " Harrisburg Jan 2 1835" [?] and Pos at Harrisburg 12 ½ and wrote her in Reply [?] [?] on sd. letter at Hg 12 ½ closed sealed [?] letter to her in John A Weidman chamber on 5 Lt . at 6 ½ P.M. There introduction by Weidman at his chamber to Mr. Burton of Virginia Student At University who was his Second in his late Duel with Biddle – I had my 2 letter in P.O at 6 ¾ P.M. went to Weidman’s Room where I spent the evening till 9 ½ P.M. When we went to Le-Counts Cellars Chestnut & Fifth Streets - John Paul Bill 62 ½ cts & we separated till 4 P.M. tomorrow at 10 P.M. in Market & 8th Streets – having gotten together an amusing fall in Eighth Streets I returned to Mother at 10 ½ P.M.

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6~3 [Tuesday, January 6, 1835]

Cloudy and Cold same as yesterday – returned last evening from Jonah Gresiner ( my tailor) 2nd St. a New Suit Coat and Pantaloons Blue " the Making Trimmings of which together with the finding making trimming of a blue black velvet vest see from same on New Years Morning Amount as follows Pants $1.75 – Coat $8.75 Vest $6.79 Total Bill $17.29 to be paid 1 afternoon next. Paid Elizth. Rawn by my due bill $15.25 in full of money paid by her to Mr. Henderson for pasturing my mare Flora then colt 2/3 weeks at 50cts per week & three weeks at $1.25 per week in the fall and winter of 1833 – said money (as per his receipt to her) was 10.26 due 1833 and I have this day given her my due bill with interest from said 2/3 due ’33. To be brought into our amounts upon a final settlement. Received Due bill from DW Rawn for $50 with interest from 8 May 1834 money sent to him from Harrisburg on 8 May/34 also Juliana Rawns due bill for $20 with interest form 22 aug 1834 money sent to her from Harrisburg on received 22 Aug/34 these two last due Bill also to be brought into amount upon Settlement – paid for 1 [?] of Watts’ Farm Rep.

6~3 Cont.[Tuesday, January 6, 1835]

at Griff & Elliots $5,they sent it to mothers for me Paid for an umbrella in Market Street $3.75 and for a pair of Gloves at Hendersons on 2nd St .75cts J. A. Weidman who was in Company at said Stores also buying a pair of gloves at same place – I called at J. A. Weidman rooms at 4 P.M. by appointments and we went to the [?] stores after which we went to Niels by the Exchange Drank some Ale and from there to Brewsters office, from there to 8th and Market where I bid John Good Bye and returned to mothers at tea time after tea DWR and Jeff took my paper for Harrisburg tomorrow in "the peoples [?]" and I paid $4.50 – received New Beautiful Silk Stock from Juliana Made by her – Parked my trunk and went to bed at 11 P.M. – I met Mrs Wharton in Arch St. today who pressed me to come this evening to Mr Darrieux paid for better Paper yesterday at Broad St. Hotel 6 ¼ cts.

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7~4 [ Wednesday, January 7, 1835]

Clear and very cold – I left Phila this morning on " The Peoples line" at 8 A.M. arrived at Chickeys where we Supper at 7 P.M. I paid for Supper 37 ¼ cts and Sun dried on the way 18 ¾ cts – arrived in Harrisburg at 12 o clock midnight after a very cold ride – came from Lancaster on Sleigh Returned with first rate sleighing- Found " Francis " other mother up ready to receive me – Fire in the chamber went to bed at 1 A.M. Thursday morning .

Thursday, January 8, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8~5 [Thursday, January 8, 1835]

Clear, Cold nearly equal to past few days… Mother Clendenin left Harrisburg this Morning at 9 ½ hours before I was up in a sleigh with Mrs Haldeman for Lancaster County – received letter from Ashbel Green Esqr. " Columbia Lan. Co. Pa Dec 30 ~1834" for pd. Pos. 6 ¼ cts and wrote in reply same day Also from [?] Fitzpatrick " Williamsport [?] J.A.W. 1 1835 " with enclosure and wrote to him in reply. These letters came to Harrisburg in My absence at Phila -

Also from Tel: Arn Karthaus " Baltimore Jan 75.1835"pd Pos 10cts – Also from [?] Kauffman Middletown Dauphin Co " Jan 6 1835 & pd Pos 6cts arrived at home today on Turkey with my wife and [?] Received letter from [?] Heller Esqr. Mid. Dau. Co Dec 23 1835" received by mother in my absence Frances and Jeff were at Shunks , Musgraves and Bariack and my office – paid for prunes F. & self and Drinks 25cts.

Friday, January 9, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9~6 [Friday, January 9, 1835]

Clear and very cold yet – Sleighing first rate paid for 1 Bbl of Charcoal 20cts and Pos on a letter to Juliann Rawn at Phila. received by Frances and self 12 ½ recd letter from David Tod Esqr. [?] and atty at Law "Warren and his Jan 5 1835" on E. P. Hughes his imp – wrote for papers Sat. [?] for [?] and Boas in Juliann Rawns letter. Was at my office till 9 P.M.

Saturday, January 10, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10~7 [Saturday, January 10, 1835]

Clear and Cold – but more moderate – paid my postage bill for the quarter ending on 1 Jan 1835 [?] Bill and [?] including 50cts for one copy of " New York Mirror" $4.63 – paid for Sundries 6 ¼ - Paid at Springs for 14lbs of Flour for Jacob Walters (Blackman [?] who is sick) 37 ½ received and delivered it to his wife at the store – paid for sundries 6 ¼ cts. Recd. of [?] of J.G. [?] (tenant) for [?] one [?] sent endings 31 [?] 1834 $30 – was at Brooks & Shunks short time this Evening - & at my office till 8 ½ p.m.

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