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11~1 [Sunday, January 11, 1835]

Clear and more moderate but cold - I was at De Witts church morning and evening . Frances did not go having a cold.

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12~2 [Monday, January 12, 1835]

Clear and Moderate as yesterday – Dr. Tho. W McKinney of this town died last night or this morning at his fathers of Maria Potter he was a young man of 23 or 25 years of Age I was at the Capitol a short time this morning – went to Canal Court Room to see J.S. Cash Collector on [?] at Phila. Saw Canal Court’s Mitchell who told me he had just gone came by my office where I found his card – Saw I took a drink of wine with him at Nagles and recd. introduction to his father in law and others – I sent by Sd Cash to DW Rawn at Phila the following Second Hand Clothing as a Resent [?] two Body Coat Blue Green Cloth – two pair pantaloons Blue Cashmere and Black Bombazine and 2 waistcoats – Black Double breasted close neck silk lined with velvet vest and other vest not recollected - received & fee $4.75 and note of hand of Geo Garret (client and Blackman) to attend to Suit no 49 of law term 1835 in Dau. County Pleas against him our Family Frances [?] and Jeff took tea at [?] with Henry Snyder Son of Lou Snyder and wife – Wrote to Dr. [?]Williamsport Md informing him of the death of Dr. McKinney and making suggestions as to bringing suits against the [?] for certain claims against – [?] was at my office till 9¼ p.m.. Returned to [?] where I met Mr Walsh Esqr.of Baltimore [?] Frances and self returned home at 10 P.M. Paid 6cts for laundry.

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13~3 [Tuesday, January 13, 1835]

Clear and more Moderate, Sleighs in [?] I was at the Capitol this morning from 11 AM to 1p.m. called at 1-2 p.m. to See the Corpse of Dr McKinney where Funeral is deferred till tomorrow - Paid Jno Wister some of Germantown her Mail [?] [?] $30 one Quarters Rent received of[?] on the 10 [?] – paid for letter paper at Peacocks 42 ½ cts Mother Glendenin E. J. Peacock M. L. Glendenin Haldeman returned from Lancaster County today accompanied by [?] & Bentley Jacobs in sleighs- Recd. introduction to the first named at Peacocks and to the Second at Wilsons Hotel where I took a glass of wine with J. D. & some ale with [?] of H. of R. & pd. For self 12 ½ cts. Our family took [?] at Peacocks & spent the evening with other company at Haldeman’s being a [?] home party- was at benefit meeting too for the poor of our borough in the Court House this evening, Made a few remarks about [?] a Society for Benefit of Poor. Recd. aunt again on Friday Evening next- Recd. letters from Ashbel Green Esqr. "Colcd." [?] with enclosure Jan. 10, 1835 Pd. Pos. 12 ½ cts also from Juliann Rawn Phila Jan 7 1 1/3 Pd.Pos. 12 ½~ wrote to Dr. G. W. Berghaus present.

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14~4 [Wednesday, January 14, 1835]

Rain, slush & prospect of snow vanishing rapidly. Wrote to DW Rawn Phila in answer to Juliann’s letter recd. yesterday. Sending him a statement of my accounts against G. Warner & S. Hardy and order on DR Cheyney for my sleigh or other property & a receipt for aunt Mary Cheyney for money due me paid by her to E. Rawn in the settlement some time since & pd. Pos. on same letters 12 ½ cts. - was at a lecture in the "U. Bethel Church" by a "druggist" on his "Morrison’s Prices" & after at my office till 9 ½ p.m.` Robert Clendenin a young man about 22 or 23 of Samanter Co. cousin of my wife & son of D. Clendenin took tea with us this evening.

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15~5 [Thursday, January 15, 1835]

Clear, hard Frozen but mild- I exchanged 17 Franc Pieces & $4.19 all silver a Penna. Nat. Bank in the place for a twenty dollar note- Borrowed of Wm. McClure Esqr. $15 to make up a sum of $50 which I this morning sent to [?] Peacock Esqr. For his due bill. Rcd. Letter from Peter Grim Jr. "Phila. Jan 12. 1835" wrote to him in reply & sent him rule to take depositions for which I pd. 37 ½ cts. - was at my office till 9 1/4 p.m. & then pd. For ale at Witzels 3 cts. Where I had political discussions with H. S. McWilliams as to Governor & then Hamilton [?] entered during the discussion.

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January 16~1835~Friday

16~6 [Friday, January 16, 1835]

Cloudy & thawing- Rain last evening- Snow going fast. Some sleighs running this morning. Was at the Funeral of a Daughter of the Auditor General, was about 14-15 years young. Spent the evening till 9 p.m. in my office.

Saturday, January 17, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

17~7 [Saturday, January 17, 1835]

Clear, cloudy & thawing. Some sleighs still running. Miss Jane Cameron dined at our house today & Miss E. C. Peacock supped with us. I attended a Democratic meeting of the Citizens of the N. Ward of the borough of Harrisburg and acted as one of the Secretaries. Made a speech after which I drew out proceedings at length & took to Hugh Hamilton & Son editors of the Harrisburg Chronicle to be published on Monday next. Was at my office till 9 ½ p.m.

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