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February 1~1[(Sunday, February 1, 1835]

Clear & Cold- Jury of last night returned into Court at 9 a.m. with a verdict for the "defendant". I was at De Witt’s Church this morning where Dr. Dunhers of the [?] Episc. Church & Provost of Dickinson College preached an elegant sermon & was at German Reformed C. in afternoon where [?] of Hartford Connecticut preached in the text of "What is Truth". Spent evening at home Mary Scott & my wife with me in afternoon. Spent this evening at home. Paid for Sundries at Buchler 6 1/4- yesterday at 2 1/4 p.m. I called on Gov. Wolf in reference of a request from him for the purpose in relation to pardon two men in jail which he declined doing when I had represented the case to him & the [?] there of.

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2~2 [Monday, February 2, 1835]

Clear & cold. [?] was in my office this morning between 9 & 10 a.m. in relation to a claim I have in my hand against him for [?] & offered to [?] his [?] interest in a suit-112 Nov. 1828 in Dauphin Com. Pleas. I went with him to [?] office & looked at sd. suit & then to McClures office & signed paper in same & afterwards made agreement with him & N. Haurie & wrote appointment from former to later & Received from later to former sd. assignment- [?] assignment which contained authority for me to act as attorney for said [?] in said suit of 112 Nov. 1828 [?] file Dau. Com. Pleas Court.

February 2. 1835-Monday

2~2 Contd.[Monday, February 2, 1835]

handed Frances for her own use $2- Paid for Sundries 6 1/4 cts.- Recd. of Mr. Davis Esqr. or Mr Wise constable (on a [?] I spent at my suit by former against later for the default of later in returning execution [?] by Davis at my suit against Gotlieb Kreider) $5.50 being balance of debt due to me from the said Kreider the costs of said suit un-naming between the said Esqr. & Mr. Constable, the [?] of the original suit having [?] by Kreider present D Jennings & Geo. Galbraith. Paid Mr. Davis Esqr. $1. 06 1/4 cnts in full for Mr. [?] in a suit by sd. [?][?][?] lately deemed insolvent before sd. Davis Esqr. [?] Davis to me & entering on his docket. Called this afternoon to see Jacob Walters (my valet) who is near dead with consumption. Wrote letter for him in my name to his son [?] & [?] at Sunbury that the boy should come down & see his father & got 12th [?] for Jacob through our "Benevolent Association" having kept him in a [?] by self. Wrote to F. E. Brewster Esqr. Also to Peter Grim Jr. both of Phila. City and also to Hugh Scott of Phila. County near Manyunk. Recd. letter from Ashbel Green Esqr. "Col San Co Jan 31/35" pd. Pos. 6 cnts. Was at my office till 9 ½ p.m.

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3~3 [Tuesday, February 3, 1835]

Clear & cold. I was at Capitol this morning and at my office in afternoon & was at meeting of "Harrisburg Debating Club" being a resuscitation of the same [?] & paid initiation fee 12 ½ cts. Paid for Sundries 6 1/4-

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4~4 [Wednesday, February 4, 1835]

Clear, cloudy, cold, some little snow. Wrote to Dr. [?] Fitzpatrick & Jamison [?] [?] [?] of letter. Also to D. W. Rawn Phila in answer to his letter of the 30 last mo. Was at my office till 8 ½ p.m.

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5~5 [Thursday, February 5, 1835]

Cloudy, cold, prospect of snow. Was at the Capitol this morning- Mother C., Mary Scott C., & self took tea with "a party" at Major M. W. Forster’s- after tea I attended "Harrisburg Debating Club" in Court House, made short speech & at 8 ½ after discussion of question went to an "after tea membership party at Shunks [?] till 9 1/4 p.m. ate some Ice Cream & oysters- Recd. [?] to Miller Esqr of [?] & returned to Major Forster where I took a glass of wine. Said ate 9 3/4 p.m. & went home with our women. Recd. of [?] Peacock Esqr. $50 in full payment on last mo. "Frances" drank tea at Peacocks- paid 12 1/4

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February 6~1835 Friday

6~6 [Friday, February 6, 1835]

Cloudy and snowing at 10 a.m.- Recd. letter from Peter Grim Jr. No. 491 North 4th St Phila.- Paid Mr. [?] Esqr. $15 in full borrowed of him on the 15 January last. Was at my office all day- called on Alderman Bouv[?] of Phila. At Buehlers & recd. deposition in case of Grim & Heiman McCord- McCord in my office several times today trying to persuade me to postpone arbitration is to be tomorrow. I finished [?] Dovers’ "Life of Frederick the Great of Prussia" was at my office till 9 1/4 p.m.- Snowed all day- I walked 3 ½ miles

Saturday, February 7, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

7~7 [Saturday, February 7, 1835]

Clear, Cold, snow 4 or 5 inches deep & drifting. Sleighs running- I paid Mother Clendenin & Aunt "Frances" & my boarding $10. Present.. Frances at breakfast table- I attended as Council for [?] arbitration of Gruin Heuner & McCord at [?] Mc Clure for defendant, postponed to 27 March next- Paid yesterday evening for confectionary [?] figs at "Fisks" 18 cts. Recd of the [?] of Dauphin County in Nos. 18 [?] to Jan [?] 1835. Depty Atty Gen Fees $23. Paid for Sundries at [?] 6 1/4 cts. Was at my office till 9 p.m. after coming from a "Large Town Meeting" in the Court House where "I was one of the Secretaries" it was a [?] storm meeting. I & ½ doz other members speak

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