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25~1 [Sunday, January 25, 1835]

Rain & slippery. Was at De Witt’s Church in morning & a Episcopal Church with Geo. Griscow Esqr. In the evening & after took glass of wine & [?] with him at Buehler’s. Paid for same at 6 1/4 cts.

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26~2 [Monday, January 26, 1835]

Cloudy and foggy. Court session cont. today. Wrote to Ashbel Green Esqr. [?] Lan. Co. Pa informing him of judgt. Against Dr Geo. H. Berghaus. Anna Halderman daughter of Jacob M Halderman & of this place and about 11yrs. Died last night. Was in court till 9 p.m.

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27~3 [Tuesday, January 27, 1835]

Clear & fine. Very moderate. Made final to jury today & closed sessions at noon- paid for Sundries 18 3/4 cts.- was at meeting for the formation of a society for the Relief of the Poor . At the Court House this evening- Signed Constitution- Paid $1 to Society to be called "The Harrisburg Benevolent Association" This is the commencement of the society. Recd. letter from Jno. Pomeroy Esqr. Of "Pittsfield [?] with enclosures by the hand of Mr. Bakers Dated January 16 1835 was in court all day till 9 1/4 p.m. trying case in Com. Pleas.

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28~4 [Wednesday, January 28, 1835]

Clear & moderate- was in Court all day. Continued trying case of [?] by Marly & Bower [?] it at 9 3/4 when let go. I recd. from W G [?] washing. By [?] on life & thinking of a [?] lately delivered.

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January 29, 1835-Thursday

29~5 [Thursday, January 29, 1835]

Clear and moderate- was in court all day & made speech in Com. Pleas. Wrote to Jno. Pomeroy Esqr. Pittsfield in answer to his letter recd. Also to A Fitzwater of Montgomery Co. in answer to letter from him to [?]. Paid for Sundries 6 1/4 cts. Our family took tea at Peacocks.

Friday, January 30, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30~6 [Friday, January 30, 1835]

Rain all day- Recd. a letter from D. W. Rawn Phila. acknowledging receipt of box of clothes sent by [?] & my letter of the 14th or 15th- was in court all day Bentley Jacobs & Mr. Davis of Lancaster Co. took tea at our house this evening. Paid for sundries 12 ½ cts. Was in Court till 10 p.m.

Saturday, January 31, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

31~7 ]Saturday, January 31, 1835]

Clear & moderate- was engaged in court all day trying Scott v [?] 48 Jan. 1834. McClure & self for [?] McCormick & Ham. [?] for draft- some speeches were made & I closed mine at 11 p.m. & at 11 3/4 p.m. the jury went out.

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