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18~1 [Sunday October, 18, 1835]

Clear, Cloudy, some Rain, warm. I was at De Wits church & morn & Evens. Frances there in Morn also B. Crawford who & his Brother Edd. dined and Supped with us today. Recd. letter from Casper Rawn "Liverpool Perry Co Oct 17/35" Saw Some 12 or 15 persons baptized in the river today by the "Winebremmands"

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19~2 [Monday, October 19, 1835]

Cloudy, warm. Wrote to Casper Rawn in answer to yesterdays & also to H. Stoddard Esqr or Geo. Newcom Dayton Ohio (v. ante 5 last) & also to Post Master at Dayton all on Subject of C. Rawns letter, Wrote to Jno. Wister Senr. Phila. Co. & Sent him $20 Rent for Quarter to 1st inst. being the Bal. (after deducting out of $30 recd. by me on the 9th inst.) $10 for Expenses incurred in pulling down back building to his house (by his order) & putting up a Shed– Recd. of Jno. Roberts Clk. on Nos. 1, 7, 12, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27 of Augt. Sessions 1835 Dept. Atty Gen’ls Fees $36 & same time pd. Sd. Roberts out of the Sd. $36: $16 on my acct with him for attorneys writs & wrote to Jno. A Weidman his answer to his Recd. the 15th last. – Recd. of Jno. Wilson (Stakeholder) $20 being $10 deposited by Self & $10 by A. Miller Esqr on 8 June last a Bet on the Governors elections won by me– had agreement with Grimshaw Esqr. present H. Walters & De Witt was at Buehlers Reading Room & Masonic Hall after tea & home at 9 p.m. & to bed–

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October 20 ~ 1835 Tuesday

20~3 [Tuesday, October 20, 1835]

Clear & Warm. I pd. Dr. W. W. Rutherford of the firm of Dr. A. L. Dean & Rutherford $34.50 in full of all demands against me in favor of Said firm & at same time Recd. of Said Rutherford Fee $5 for professional Services rendered to Dr. A. L. Dean by me (wrote Bill & Receipt on file among my loose receipts) __ Deducted Sd. $5 out of the $34.50 & Drew Check on "the H. Bank" in favor of Rutherford for the Balance $29.50– Dr. Saml. Dubbs Apothecary of Phila in my office this morning when I Settled with Rutherford. Frances & the Baby were at my office this afternoon. I wrote to Ashbel Green Esqr in answer to his Recd. 17 last was at my office till 9 p.m. H. K. Strong in on [?] near 9 p.m. & talked politics for ½ an hour– called with Chas. Carson on Gov. Wolf to request same to appoint A. Mahan Esqr to the Judgship created by law last winter– talked on the last election & very freely & obviously for ½ an hour also–

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21~4 [Wednesday, October 21, 1835]

Clear, Cloudy, warm, Some rain. Recd. letter from Henry Stoddard Esqr "Dayton Oct 12/35" acknowledging the Receipt of mine of the 22 Augt. last & of the 5th inst. pd. pos. 25cts. Wrote to him in Reply & Sent Power of Atty directed by his letter with order to remit me a draft for the $214.06 3/4 Stated. pd. Leonard Stine witness for Mary Meder in 96 Augt. L. 1834. $2.29/100 in full of his witness fees (v. my Rect. B.) Paid for Horse Radish in Market 6 1/4cts– was out gunning from 10 A.M. to 3 ½ p.m. with Dr. Jas. Brisben & J. J. Clendenin. I shot 1 pigion [sic], 7 Black Birds & a Red Bird– they shot nothing. I spent Evening at home & went to bed at 9 p.m.

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22~5[Thursday, October 22, 1835]

Clear & warm. Recd. letter from Robt. J. Brent Esqr "Hagerstown Md. Oct 16/35" & wrote to him in Reply thereto & to his communication recd. 15th – Recd. of H. K. Strong Esqr. for my client Jno. Pomeroy $10 on acct of his written obligation & retd. my fee $2 ½ out of the same at the rate of 25 Pr. Ct. (v. 9 inst ante) Paid at Carson & Elders Store for vest & trimming (v. Bill & Receipt) $3.37 3/4 & left with G. S. Kemble (tailor). Frances had a tooth pulled by Dr. W. W. Rutherford today at noon, our Daughter Elizth. being 7 mos. 8 days old had her First tooth to make its appearance in the lower jaw. Recd. letter from Andrew G. Miller Esqr "Gettysburg Oct 21/35" with Enclosure (v. letter file) on Subject of politics & pd. pos. 20cts ~ I was at Shunks after tea time & then Shunk & Wife at our house from 8 to 9 pm–

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October 23rd ~ 1835 Friday

23~6 [Friday, October 23, 1835]

Cloudy, warm. Recd. of Wm. Allison $131.94 Debt. Interest & Costs in Barnheisel v. Allison No. 51 Augt. L. 1835 D. Com. P. & Paid of Sd. money to Proth. Roberts (v. Receipt Book) $17.12 in full of Costs– Recd. out of the Debt & Interest being $114.82 per my Agreement 5 Per Ct. & $10 for trying the Suit making my Fee $15.74 & Paid the Bal. of Debt & Interest $99.08 to my client Peter Barnheisel (wrote his Receipt) & Recd. in Sd. case further Atty Legal Fee $4 which is credited to my acct of writs by Proth. Roberts. Wrote to Jno. Counee Pittsburgh in answer to his Recd. 13th last & kept Copy of my answer. Recd. letter from Jno. Wister Senr. acknowledging the receipt of mine of the 19th last with $20 Rent enclosed. Refunded to P. Barnheisel $1 of the $2 Recd. from him on the 15 May last. Paid Geo. S. Mytinger (tailor) $2 in full for altering 3 vests & repairing Big Coat (v. Receipt) ~ Paid to Philip Jones & Thos. Garner for work done a Wisters house $5.25 to [?] & Hinkley for Same house for nails 21cts, to Bishop & White for Boards for Same $2.80 to Dorsey for Hauling to Sd. house & from 50cts & to Jacob Heininger for clearing up bricks and mortar at sd House $1.25 in all $10.01 out of $30. Rent recd. of Jays on 8th inst & in full & one cent on the Balance of Rent remaining in my hands after my recent [?] to Wister of the 19 last. Geo. Berghaus in my office till 9 p.m.

Saturday, October 24, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

24~7 [Saturday, October 24, 1835]

Clear & Beautiful. I buried our Cabbage this morning in the garden. Paid for 2 qts of Chestnuts in Market 14cts ~ Wrote to Isaac Myers Port Clinton Sch. Co. informing him of an assignment made last evening by Dr. Berghaus to Sheivell (v. Copy of letter Kept) & Enclosed Sd. letter to the Post Master as Sd. Place unsealed with a request to read it & hand to Myers & Kept Copy of this letter also, Paid Geo. Beatty for putting crystal in my watch 25cts. was at Buehlers R. Room

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