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25~1 [Sunday, October 25, 1835]

Clear & Colder. Frances & Self at De Witts church in the morning. I handed Frances to Send to Phila. by Miss Charlotte Grimshaw for a pair of shoes for herself $1.25. I last Evening Recd. a new Black vest from Geo. Kemble Tailor & have it on today– was at De Witts church by Self in Even.

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26~2 [Monday, October 26, 1835]

Clear & Cold. I left town at 8 A.M. in Horse & Gig of N. Henries for Lebanon where I arrived at 12 ½ p.m. about 8 miles on the way near Swatara Bridge I overtook Ed. McKinney who was going on foot to Lebanon to See his Brother Chambers, I invited him to a Seat in my Gig which he accepted & rode with me to Lebanon. I pd. toll from H. to L. 45cts & Ostlers at Hummelstown where I watered my Horse 6 1/4cts. Put up at "Oyler’s Hotel" in L. where I dined at 1 p.m. & recd. introduction by Landlord (a very fine fellow) to Beryl. Aycrigg Esqr, Engineer for Union Canal Company, speaks French & German fluently & is

October 26, 1835 Monday

26~2 Cont. [Monday, October, 26, 1835]

...........a very agreeable gentleman -- I supped with Burns (cashier of the Lebanon Bank) & his Lady & then with Aycrigg (aforesaid ) & Self played Wist at B[?] till 11 ½ pm & from 8 p.m. I was at Prothonatary’s to See Suit of Power vs Mease No. 14 of Augt. L. 1831 in Leb. Com. Pleas. & put my name to same for Plant. with Pearson whose was already down for Plant. Also called a Pearson office and talked with him on Sd. Suit– also called at Weidmans house Saw his wife & children took glass of wine with him Recd. there introduction to Mr. Wm. Harrison (young man) – called on one Saml. Embich at request of Wm. McClure Esqr to ask payt. of a Bond I had with me– Chamber & E. McKinney apd. called on me at 7 p.m. at my Hotel– had Introduction by the Sd. Cashier to Mr. Moore Pres. of L. Bank, went to bed at 11 ½ pm coming then just from B[?] with Aycrigg.

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27~3 [Tuesday, October 27, 1835]

Clear & pleasant. called on Saml. Embich & recd. of him for Wm. McClure Esqr $57.79 Bal. of Principal & Int. of a Bond– called at Weidmans Recd. of him very large apples for Frances & of his wife a letter for Mrs. Jno. M. Forster with a $5 note in it– Paid my Bill at Oylers $1.50 and Ostlers 6 1/4cts & left for "stumpstown" alias "Fredericksburg" 10 miles north of Lebanon where I arrived at 11 A.M. & called at Esqr Martins on Power vs Mease [?] (v. ante 26 inst) he was not at home & I left for "Jonestown" 3 miles from Sd. place where I stopped at Henry Heilmans tavern at 12 (noon) and lead my horse first up and ordered dinner– called on Jno. Bickel Jr. for claim against him by Thos. Shewel (Merchant of Phil.) He Sd. he had broken up and it appeared by a copy of his Pet. for B. of [?] laws filed in Leb. Court 1st Monday of Augt. 1831, upon which he was finally discharged after Several Cont. on 9 Nov ‘31 that he had entered Shewels claim at $102.91– I also had claim for Same against his Son Saml. Bickel whom I did not See but who his father told me had Sd. claim he did not owe at all & had once been Sued for it before Esqr. Doebler in Lebanon. Paid Heilman my Bill dinner & Horse 37 ½cts– Blacksmith for repairs to Gig 6 1/4 & Boy 6 1/4 & left at 1 ½ p.m. at B[?] Tavern 2 miles from Jonestown I met Esqr. Martin with whom I had a talk about the Power & Mease case. he admitted he had the note on which the Suit was brought but would not give it to me unless Mr. Power would come to his office for that purpose, he got mad & drove off– I stopped at B[?] tavern & had talk with him about Power, left & arrived at home at 6 p.m.– Supped at Grimshaws with Frances & baby & Mother C. – where they had spent afternoon– to bed at 9 pm–

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October 28 ~ 1835 Wednesday

28~4 [Wednesday, October 28, 1835]

Cloudy - moderate. Paid over to Wm. McClure Esqr $57.79 in full of the money yesterday Recd. for him of Saml. Embich (v. Receipt) Frances & the Baby at my office. Dr. Geo. H. Berghaus there at Same time was at my office till 9 p.m.

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29~5 [Thursday, October 29, 1835]

Cloudy, damp. Paid Mary Meder (my client) $3[?] Bal. in full of Money Recd. for her from D. Krause Esqr on the 15th of Last month for claim contested in Dau. Com. Pleas in No. 96 of Augt. L. 1834 Meder vs Wallower after retaining my fees & pay for witnesses (v ante 12th & 17th inst) v. her receipt amt. witnessed by C. Hahnlen whom I called in for that purpose. Paid Jno. Seachrist out of the Meder Money retd. for that purpose his witness fees in full (v his Receipt) was at office till 8 ½ p.m.

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30~6 [Friday, October 30, 1835]

Rain. Recd. letter form Lydia McClintock "Phila. Oct 28/35" & pd. pos. 12 ½cts. Wrote to S. Chew Esqr. Phila. that his case of Baldwin v Provost & Co. is Eighth on the Trial List for term commencing 23 Novr. next & about testifying in Taylor v Burns & Co. to Nov. L. Next ~ Paid for 2 1/4 yds of Red & Black cloth for our Daughter Elizth. at "Carson & Elders" Store 75cts. Mary Scott Clendenin being with me and seeing me pay. J. J. C. retd. from Chambersburg today after being there about a week. I commenced reading "The Linwoods" or "60 Years Since" in AM. a novel by Miss Sedgwick – Joseph brought a pointer dog called "Dach" with him a Present from Ed. Crawford– at my office till 10 pm

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31~7 [Saturday, October 31, 1835]

Clear & beautiful. Frances recd. a dish of French meringue from "Antes & Berryhills" today which will be settled between Antes & Self in my acct for professional services. [?] at $2 per yd.– I paid Geo. S. Mytinger cash in full $1.00 for repairing my Frock coat & a Blue coat cuff the latter being silk & buttons the former. was at my office till 10 p.m. & finished reading "The Linwoods" which I like much.

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