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November 1~1 [Sunday, November 1, 1835]

Clear & Cold– Frances & Self at De Witts church this morning. Rev. Mr. Mahon preached. left Hsg. at 5 p.m. in packet Boat Jas. Madison Capt. Frederick for Perry County. Paid Pas. to Duncan Island 50cts & for Supper 25cts on boat & arrived at Millers Tavern on Duncan Island where I staid all night & went to bed at 10 p.m.

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2~2 [Monday, November 2, 1835]

Cloudy, moderate. Rose at 6 A.M. & at 9 AM left in Millers (Tavern keeper) Dearborn with himself & wife for Bloomfield Court. where we arrived at 11 ½ A.M. 11 miles. I Stopped at Dr. Jakes, dined & Paid for dinner 25cts. was in court. Paid Ostler 6 1/4cts & left Bloomfield at 4 p.m. on a Horse of C. Baskins in compt. with B. Parker Esqr. who had another of his horses & W. Ramsey Esqr on his own horse. Reached the mouth of Juniatta [?] at 6 p.m. where Parker & Self deld. our horses up. Crossed Juniatta to Duncans Island on Flat- I pd. 6 1/4cts, & Ramsey & Self supped at the Duncans, Parker having crossed the Susquehanna– I wrote to Frances at Harrisburg and pd. pos. on the letter 6 1/4cts. pd. for my supper 45cts & at 9 p.m. left on passage boat ----

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November 3 ~ 1835 Tuesday

3~3 [Tuesday, November 3, 1835]

Cloudy, Foggy, unpleasant– rose on board of Boat at 6 ½ A.M.– Breakfasted at 7 ½ arrived at Selen’s Grove 5 miles below Northed. at 8 A.M.– dined on boat & Paid Passage 57 miles from Duncans Island & 16 above Northed. & 2 meals $2 1/4 & left Boat in Company with a Mr. Diffenbaugh & waked at right- angle eastward from Canal 1 ½ miles to "McEven’s Ville" where I stopped at Michl. Rerders (tavern) who hired a horse for me of a Saddler (Kelichner) to ride 5 miles from Sd. town to See Wm. Power which I done between 3 & 6 ½ p.m. at which latter hour I was back again & Paid Sd. Saddler for the use of his Horse 25cts. Spoke to Sd. Power in relation to 10 notes put into my hands for collection against him by his Brother & Mother Jos. & Elizth. Power. – Wrote to Frances, my wife, at Harrisburg & pd. pos. on Same 10cts & went to bed at 9 p.m.– pd. for mending Boot 6 1/4 cts.

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4~4 [Wednesday, November 4, 1835]

Clear & Pleasant— I rose at 5 A.M. Paid [?] my Bill 31 1/4cts & walked before daylight 1 ½ miles to Canal to Packet Boat upon which I got at "Watson Town" at 8 A.M. – Paid passage & Breakfast 50cts to Northed. where we arrived at 1 p.m. & I Stopped at Stage House Mrs. Withingtons & Recd. letter from my wife Frances "Harrisburg Nov 21/35" & pd. pos. on same at Hsg. 10cts. Laid down to bed at 1 p.m. – rose at 2 p.m. Shaved, Shirted & walked 2 miles to Sunbury on the cart bank of the Sus. from Northed. – pd. toll at Bridge 6 1/4cts. & reached Sunbury at 3 1/2p.m. a very beautiful place. Met Miss E. Bellas in street who introduced me to a Miss. [Petriken] then walking with her– Stopped at E. Weitzels "Union Hotel" went to Court then sitting at 3 ½ p.m. & recd. introduction by Judge Lewis (who called to him at his seat on the Bench Jas. Pollock Esqr) to Sd. Pollock who came up called me by name & invited me to the Seat at the Counsel Table– I was also introduced in Court House by Pollock to Messrs. W. Cox Ellis & Joshua Conley Esqrs, went to the Proth. & Registration offices– made examinations & retd. to Court House where at 5 ½ p.m. on motion of Jas. Pollock Esqr. I was affirmed & admd. to Practice as an attorney in the Courts of Northed. County. the affirmation was administered to me by Judge Lewis himself & I pd. Court of Com. Pleas in Such cases $1. when Judge Lewis came from the bench I went & spoke with him & we walked together to my lodgings where he also sleeps & where he introduced me to Danl. Levy Esqr. as the "Father of the Law" being old, to Levan Bancroft Esqr, to Mr. Jordan & Mr. Frick Esqrs. After supper & to others not remembered. I called at [?] to see his Daughter Elizabeth & spent an hour & went to bed at my Hotel at 10 p.m.

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Novr. 5. 1835 Thursday

5~5 [Thursday, November 5, 1835]

Clear & Moderate– was at Court till 11 ½ A.M. place in hands of Jas. Pollock Esqr last Evening for collection 6 notes against Wm. Power & took his receipt from them & made bargain with him at 10 per. ct. (v. Receipt) pd. my Bill at "Weitzels Hotel" 75cts & left at noon for Northed. on foot. pd. Bridge 6 1/4cts– dined at Northed. at 1 p.m. & pd. 25cts & left in Packet Boat "Genl. Jackson" Capt Higgins for Harrisburg at 2 p.m. – Supped on Board at 4 ½ & went to bed at 9 p.m. in an upper berth–

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6~6 [Friday, November 6, 1835]

Rain – arrived in Packet at Harrisburg at 5 A.M. pd. my Fare from Northed. 56 miles, Supper 25cts & bed 12 ½ in all $1.87 ½ & kissed my wife & child home at about 6 A.M. Wrote to McEwen Post Master at McEwensville Northed. Co. as to cause of delay in Mailing a letter written by me in that place to Frances on 3 last & kept Copy. Recd. of David Forney admn. of Jos. Forney Senr. Decd. for professional Services Fee $3. ~ Handed "Frances" for her own & baby’s use on [Saturday] last $1.50/100 – I was at De Witts Meeting this Eve.

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7~7 [Saturday, November 7, 1835]

Cloudy- Rain– I pd. Mother Clendenin on acct of Frances & My Boarding $15 present Frances & Mary at breakfast Table. Wrote Separate letters to Isaac Myers & the Post Master of Port Clinton informing them of my letters of the 24th of last month & wishing to know if they had been recd. & kept Copies– Recd. letter from Jno .Conner "Pittsburgh Nov. 4/35" pd. pos. 18 3/4cts & wrote in reply & chagd. him Fee– Paid for Box of Blacking at McKinney’s 10cts– was at Buehlers Reading Room & talked on forfeited recognized chances with Geo. W. Harris Esqr at his interview.

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