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8~1 [Sunday, November 8, 1835]

Cloudy. Rain. Recd. letter from H. Stoddard Esqr. Dayton in answer to mine of 21st of last mo. with a draft for Casper Rawns money as follows viz. "Dayton Bank" Aug. 31 1835 cashing of the [?] Bank pa the [?] of Casper Rawn two hundred Seven 44/100 dollars ($207.44). Paid pos. on said letter 25cts was at De Witts church morning & afternoon with "Frances" & by self at Epis. church in Evening from which place I went to Genl. [Eysten] with Mrs. De Pui & Marry Scott Clendenin & Saw his little girl a corpse who died this Evening at about 6 p.m. aged about 4 or 5 years & then went home with Mrs. De Pui–

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9~2 [Monday, November 9, 1835]

Clear & Cloudy– Recd. letter from Alex McEwen p.m. answering mine of the 6 last– cashed at "The H. Bank" the draft recd. Yesterday Eve of Walter C[?] $207.44/100 Deposited in "The Harrisburg Savings Institution" $200 for 4 [?] at 4 Per. Ct. Interest – wrote certificate of Prest. & Treasurer & witness..

Novr. 9 ~ 1835 Monday

9~2 Cont. [Monday, November 9, 1835]

& witness Andrew Grayson, [?] – pd. for 12 [?] of Paper at Peacocks 31 1/4cts. Wrote to Saml. Slatier & Dusden B. Carter about compromise this day proposed by Jos. Ennis in Suit No. 131 Augt. L. 1832 Dau. C. P. Wrote to D. W. Rawn Phila. informing him of my letter to him of the 14 Septr. last– called on G. Findlay at Shunks –

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10~3 [Tuesday, November 10, 1835]

Clear & Cooler ~ Handed "Frances" for her own use 25cts ~ Repaid to Jno. Jos. Clendenin 62 ½cts. pd. by him for me on the 5th last to R. Middleton (v. his Receipt) for painting my office Settee – Paid Kline (H Constable) for 1/4 Ton of Lykens Valley Store Coal & Paid Jim Dove for Carrying it into my back office 6 1/4cts ~ Recd. letters from Jno. Slitzer (Client) "Sch. Co. Nov 7/35" & also one from Isaac Myers in answer to my letter of the 24 Oct. last & 7 of this inst acknowledging notice of the assignment from Berghaus & pd. pos. on this last 10cts. ~ was at Buehlers Reading Room, Seslie & Peacock at our house this evening– to bed at 9 ½ pm.

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11~4 [Wednesday, November 11, 1835]

Rain ~ I wrote notes to Jacob Houtz and F. W. Marten Esqrs Strinestown Leb. Co. for certain papers in their hands of Jos. & Elizth. Power (My Clients) & Sent them by sd. Jos. Power– & Wrote to Isaac Myers in answer to his letter of Yesterday & kept Copy ~ also Wrote to Henry Stoddard Esqr acknowledging the receipt of his letter on the 8th last with the draft– also to Jas. S. Espy (Present) & Kept Copy. Paid for 1 Barrel of Charcoal for my office 20cts. Misses M. Wright & E. & J. Cameron took tea with us this evening & I went with them to Mrs. Johns, Miss Wilsons & home with them to Forsters. The "Episcopalians" had a "Lecture" at our house this Evening Mary being one of their persuasion–

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12~5 [Thursday, November 12, 1835]

Cloudy & Cold. Paid "Antes & Berryhill" for 1 Ton of Stone coal delivered at my office $3.25– Paid Jim Dove for putting Said ton of Stone Coal away 12 1/2cts. An Aunt of B. Parker Esqr buried from his house in this Borough today. I went to house but not to funeral they were So long about Starting & it was cold standing– was at my office till 8 ½ p.m. & at B’s. Reading Room

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13~6 [Friday, November 13, 1835]

Clear & Cold. I walked 3 or 4 miles today. Was at Strong’s Printing office & told boy not to publish my notice any longer. "Frances" & the Baby were at my office at 3 ½ p.m. I read biography of Wm. Gabella Graham, was at my office till 8 ½ p.m. Ice made last night- first this Season

Saturday, November 14, 1835 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14~7 [Saturday, November 14, 1835]

Clear & Cloudy & Cold. Ice made last night & for first time this Season the Ground Froze– Handed Francis for her own & Babys use $2 ½. Recd. letter from Judge Blythe "Lebanon Nov 14/35" & wrote to him in reply– also from D. B. Carter "Phila Nov 12/35" in answer to mine of the 9th last & pd. pos. 12 ½cts.

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