Sunday, March 11, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

11 - 1 Clear - Beautiful - Mild - was at our church in morning with wife with mother was at Lutheran Church in Evening with wife Rev. M. L...[?] preached.

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March 12 - 1838

12 - 2 Clear - Beautiful - mild - lifted from Harrisburg Savings Inst.[?] Deposited $126.87 and another of $150 - made on the 7 October and 8th July last Received interest on said sums $5.19 This all being Mary Scott Clendenin money which with $20 Received of her 3rd last month making $302.06 which is this day Borrowed other at 5 cents interest. she only receiving 4 cents from said Institution to which said sum of $302.06 she wishes to add enough to $400 - 70 mit[mitigation?] $97.94 I shall therefore give her my bond of this date for $400 Borrowed as aforementioned she having to hand to me [?] $97.94 - was at the [?] of Captain Jacob Duck from 10 1/2 to 1 P.M. Paid George Runyon $27.84 balance in full due him of the $37.84 Received of M. McKinney - Received of him out of said $37.84 for collecting FEE $5 and also other FEE $5 being the amount of his father due bill to me for services out of which the said George Runyon for said $27.84 [?] in my office at the time, my client William Bale wrote to Jesse Miller Esq. Washington City informing him of receipt of money [?] of Col. L. kept copy - was at my office and Peacock’s till 8 1/2 P.M.

Tuesday, March 13, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13 - 3 Clear - Beautiful - Mild - Paid B. Parke Esq. for Blk.[?] Bonds 4 sheets 25 - Bot.[bought] 37 yards carpeting with Frances at Josiah Elder’s at $1 1/4 per yard - $46 1/4 paid for pair shoes for Frances at Rachel Cannon’s $1.50 and drew CK[check?] on Harrisburg Savings Inst. in said Rachel’s favor for said sum. - paid Andrew Richardson collected man for digging cabbage, spinach and splitting and taking in coal at my office. 18 3/4 cents for sundries 6 cents - was at my office and Rayles[?] Hotel till 9 P.M. Took drink at Rayles[?] with Colonel W. Elwee of H. of Rep. [House of Representatives?]

Wednesday, March 14, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14 - 4 Clear - Mild - Received of George Mish Esq. (who has been appointed Prot.[?] of our County in place of Jacob Duck resigned) in Jaup[?] vs. Plies F. Kudwin[?] No. 18 April 1838 plaintiff Bill count $12.12 Returned[?] out of same Counsel FEE $4 on appeal from justice, also out of same a fee on a/c[?] from [?] Arbitrator pay $4. D. Jaup 75 cents and leaving sub. 37 1/2 [plaintiff?] attendance to appeal $1.50 in all making FEE $6.87 1/2 and paid the remainder of said Plaintiff’s Bill being $1.25 to A. Grayson. C. Leilin and A. Zimmerman [?] (v. receipt on copy of Bill) also Received of Plaintiff[?] Mish in said case credited by him in my writ a/c[?] Attorney and Legal [Justice?] FEE $3.00, Deposited in Harrisburg Savings Inst. $12.12

Thursday, March 15, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15 - 5 Clear - Beautiful - Mild - went to the Capitol at noon to see a "Deer Hunt". Great many people gathered - He was turned out at 2 P.M. but was not run well - I was introduced by Mrs. Isaac Harris to 3 ladies viz. Mrs. Weaver and Miss Bane of Philadelphia Paid William Kline Esq. in Silver 1/2 dollar (present Mr. Ward) on the Market Street Canal Bridge for a Printed Blank Parchment deed got of him this morning $1.00 - Received letter from James Gallagher Esq. Ridgeway in answer to mine of 12th last month and postage paid 18 3/4 cents - paid for sundries 6 1/4 cents - was at my office after tea till 8 1/2 P.M.

Friday, March 16, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

16 - 6 Clear - Cloudy - paid for sundries 6 1/2 cents. Received letter from Jesse Miller Esq. Washington City March 14/38 in answer to mine of 12 inst. directing me to Retain a fee out of the money collected of Colonel Stambaugh $10.63 instead of $5.83 that is $5 more than I charged. Our Daughter is very unwell and has been since Tuesday last. Doctor has been twice to see her today. Also again to see her after tea. I remained at home principally today - was at the Court House to hear Lecture on "new and untouched subject" by A.D. Ditmars who was in this place in August 1835 Lecturing on Phrenology Examined my head August 21/35

Saturday, March 17, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

17 -7 Rain and Snow all day, our daughter continues very ill and no better. paid for bullion 25 cents and Beef 50 cents I have been at home all day. Paid Jesse Miller Esq. $90 in full of the $100.63 Received of Colonel [S? Stambaugh?] 10th inst. by depositing said $90 in the Harrisburg Bank this day to his credit per order his letter received yesterday. Returned as my FEE $10.63 of said $100.63 by order [?] letter. Wrote to him informing him of said deposited and sent him certificate thereof. Wrote to Sister Juliana Rawn Philadelphia informing her of the Dangerous illness of our little daughter - postage paid 12 cents.

March 17 1838 Saturday

17 - 7 Continued - The letter stated on the last page to have been written by me to sister Juliana Rawn of the dangerous illness of our daughter was written by [?] E. Peacock in consequence of my close confinement to our daughter's sick bed, she has been taking medicine from Wednesday as patiently as a lamb and as philosophically as [age?] up to this time without any visible effect upon her liver. Mary [L?] C and myself will set up with her to night. Mother set-up with her on Friday night, all night.

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