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18 - 1 Rain Snow nearly all day. Snow enough has fallen, I presume to make a foot or two had it not melted considerably. Our Daughter continues dangerously. She took Calomel Powders all last night at intervals of 2 hours. Doctor with us at 6 this morning - Dreadful anxiety all day. Many of our friends calling to inquire for her. About 11 or 12, noon, the first discharge from her liver of Green matter or Bile made its appearance to the great delight of all of us. These continued at short intervals until she had done 7 or 9 making in all a discharge of green matter or bile to the extent of, I judge, 1 quart or 3 pints. Rev. M DeWitt our Clergyman came in about 2pm, read in the Bible and prayed with us and there was a grateful & delighted mingling of our expressions of thankfulness and joy at the favorable change - But oh! Horror of Horrors & Gloom of the darkest Gloom. The re-action was too powerful for her system - God permitted her disease to attack the head & lungs at 7 or 8 in the evening. At 8 or 9, the Doctor came & by his looks and manner soon satisfied my swelling anxious [? ?] Hope was gone! he told me she could not live beyond midnight - he thought - he bled her and soon went away. he returned about 10, remained 1/2 hour or so, still told me she could not possibly recover. Mr. Peacock's family were with us, also Mrs. Putnam who was also present at her birth & is a very kind useful neighbor. Our Dear little Daughter Continued to live, breathing capably at midnight

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March 19 - 1838 - Monday

19--2 - Dead! Dead! O Grief almost insupportable our Dear little Daughter is dead, her Angel Spirit took its everlasting flight at 15 minutes past 5 - this morning to the very bosom of her God Saviour - we can only exclaim in the agony of deepest sorrow. Lord our God give us submission to thy holy will "Be still know that it is God" and though he plants his footstep in the deep water & makes the clouds his pavilion, yet righteous also [just?] merciful are all his ways, we can not bring her back again. we shall go to her but she shall not return to us (2nd [?] Ch. XII v. 23) - Lord bear us up under this deep! deep affliction. Miss H. Grimshaw, M.P., E. P., Mrs. Putnam & some others [written as afterthought between lines "their Aunt Mary"] have remained with us all day. Rev. M. DeWitt called after tea sympathized very tenderly & prayed with us - He has felt the pain of the grief himself having about 3 years ago lost an interesting daughter about the same age. Our Daughter was born March 14, 1835 - Consequently on this day of her death was 3 years & 5 days old. She was Baptized by Rev M. DeWitt in the Presbyterian Church Feb 31, 1836 (v. d. m. of that time).

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20 - 3 Clear - Mild - Snow fast-melting away. Day of deep anguish sorrow to all our family. Elizabeth Peacock wrote yesterday for me to my mother & Brother Lester in Philadelphia and to [Mo?] JC. her Uncle at [?] informing them of her death - at 3pm we bore her, sad sorrowful, to the cold and lonely prison house of the Dead in the Presbyterian Burial Ground, laid her next Mrs. Snyder, my wife's aunt in the other direction & my wife's father on the opposite side of Mrs. Snyder's grave from where our Infant child (the first we had) was buried the day of its birth viz March 1, 1834. M. DeWitt made short address of prayer at the Grave. - Miss H. Grimshaw & Mary Scott stayed with us all day to meals except that G [Grimshaw?] was not with us at tea but came back after tea having had to go home. & other individuals were with us greater part of day

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March 21 1838 Wednesday

21 - 4 Clear - mild - M. H Grimshaw, M.L.C. with us all night & till after breakfast. Paid for Marketing , got for me by Mr. Woodman viz. 1lb butter 25cts & 1 pr Fowls. 50 Received in Suit No. 86 Jan. 7 1838 McMahon vs. Owen McCabe of said Owen $10.25 in full of debt & interest in said suit for my said client M. McMahon. Paid for apples 37. Received of Mary Scott [?} the $97.94 deficient on the 12 installments to make up the $400 borrowed of her for which I that day gave her my bond. William Boyd, F.R. Shunk at my office. Frances & self at our usual Wednesday Evening Meeting. paid for apples 37 1/2 cents. Stopped at Peacock's on way from meeting.

[written on inner edge of page " v. [case?] Book, McMahon case different [& ] 26 April"]

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22 - 5 Cloudy - raw - Chilly. Deposited in the Harrisburg Bank $100. Wrote to Thomas Chambers Esq. Chambersburg, PA for certain [?] Carson Suit. Frances & self received letter from sister Julianna Rawn Received March 20th 1838 acknowledging the receipt of E. Peacock's letter informing them of Death of our Daughter.. Drew check on Harrisburg Savings Institution favor of Johnathan C. Lefsy for $1 change . Stay at home principally through the afternoon & Evening - Did not go out after tea. Took some pills at 11 1/2 AM to carry off Bile.

Friday, March 23, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

23 - 6 Cloudy - very damp - Paid for sundries 12 1/2 cents - was at home greater part of day at intervals - M.L.C. took tea with us, went home with her at 7pm & home again 8 pm.

Saturday, March 24, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

24 - 7 Cloudy - damp. Paid for 1 lb butter 25 cents. Frances & self went to the GRAVE YARD yesterday at 4pm to see our little Dear Elizabeth's grave. Sanctify O! Most Merciful God this affliction bereavement to her Father, mother & friends & may it produce in us the peaceable spirits of righteousness good living in the Glory of thy great name. Paid Henry Walters sexton for digging grave for our Daughter $1.50 in full (viz & receipt) Gave him check on Harrisburg Savings Institution for $1.50. Paid William Bale per order Philip and Mary Dotts $3 balance in full of their [?] fees in Bale vs. Gilchrist received by me (Dec 16/37) last (v. that date & order & receipt among loose receipts) also gave said Bale check on Harrisburg Savings Institution for said $3.00 Bal. Paid for Sideboard at Jacob Alter's [vendue?] $30. & drew check on Harrisburg Savings Institution in said Alter's favor for said $30. Paid Johnathan Robinson (collected Man[?]) 50 cents.

24 - 7 Continued. for splitting wood, digging celery, cabbage & carrying sideboard to office Received in Suit No. 64 of November 1837 [?] for Merily vs. Dole of Josiah Elder who had been Bail for defendant to take the benefit - of the [Moohent?] Laws in full on Compromise of the claim in said Suit - [?] Bill in favor of Merily for $30 and in addition my reduced FEE $25 and the cost of said Suit - $8.03 3/4 out of which costs I receive Atty.Wage and Legal FEE $4.00 which is $25. and $8.03 3/4 making $33.03 3/4 were credited to said Josiah Elder to me at my [store?} accordingly. spent evening at home.

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