Sunday, March 25, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

25 -1 Clear - Warm - Frances & self were at our Church in the morning. Mother & self in the Evening. I wrote to Mother, Julianna & David - Philadelphia touching our Dear Child's sickness, death, burial Paid postage 25 cents.

Monday, March 26, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

26 -2 Clear - warm - was at my office nearly all day - Frances, Mary Scott & myself took a walk at 4pm. Thomas R. Trimble of Chester County at my office - was at my office after tea till 8 1/2 pm.

Tuesday, March 27, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

27 - 3 Clear - Cloudy - little rain at 5 pm. Thomas R. Trimble, William Boyd , F.R. Shunk at my office afternoon Evening. He executed deed to me for Hanover farm bought by me of them for said William Boyd 28 October last; my wife & self also executed a deed to said William Boyd for said two deeds - Parchment writing FEE $12 - We were at my office till 9 1/4 pm. Thomas Harper there short time.

Wednesday, March 28, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28 - 4 Cloudy - drizzling - Cool. - raw. Wrote to Samuel Spangler Gettysburg [?] on behalf of said Trimble Estate in answer to letter of his to F.R. Shunk. was at our usual meeting this evening [?] Room of our church. home at 9pm. Received letter from Thomas Chambers Esq. [written between lines "dated this day answer to March 22nd"]

Thursday, March 29, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29 - 5 Cloudy & misty till 8 1/2 or 9 AM. them clearer sun shone all day - windy and dusty. We commenced moving things into my back office being the house I bought of Shunk to which we shall finally move on Monday next when Mr. Hunt the present tenant in the house at last moves out. Paid William Willis 37 1/2 cents in full

March 29, 1838 Thursday

29 - 5 Continued - for moving 2 Cart loads for me to back office as aforementioned. Paid William Jones for helping us move things 18 3/4 cents - spent evening chiefly at home.

Friday, March 30, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30 - 6 Clear - dry & dusty - I continued moving from 8 to 11 1/2 AM. with Horse Wagon man of E. P. Hughes assisted by myself. Drew check on Harrisburg Savings Institute favor of Theodore Fenn Printer for $12. Paid Shunk [?] of Trimble for advertising for his [?] Estate - was at Peacock's short time after tea home at 8 1/2PM.

Saturday, March 31, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

31 - 7 Clear - dry - Paid for Marketing $1.07. was engaged till 10 or 11 AM in getting things ready to move. Finally Monday next - Received letter from sister Julianna Rawn Philadelphia dated March 28, 1838 in answer to mine of 25 [?]. Wrote to Dr. S.D. Culbertson Chambersburg PA enclosing certificate of deposit from Harrisburg Bank to J Shaeffer for $150 left with me by Shaeffer with request to enclose aforesaid today at my office - Court House till 9PM.

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