Sunday, March 28, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28 1 Clear & Pleasant. Cloudy in evening. River very high abt 15 feet above low water mark. I was at our church morning and evening with my wife home at 8 ½ PM. Miss Isabella Grimshaw dined with us today. To bed at 10 ½ PM.

Monday, March 29, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29 2 Cloudy Rain Spent day and evening in my office Recd letter from J W Benedict Esq "New York Mch 27/41" & Pd POS 18 ¾ cts. Stating they had recd comsn [compensation?] & giving me authority & direction to Discontinue suit against Murray 31 Aprl ’41 Dau Com Pleas. To bed at 9 ½ PM.

Tuesday, March 30, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Day of mo March 30 1841 Monday Tuesday

30 3 Clear & Plesant. Coolish. Spent day chiefly in my office. Was at State library ½ an hour or more about 11 ½ AM. Recd of Shff Fox 2.62 ½ costs belonging to my client Mich-l Ehrgott Galome Ehrgott in prosecutions at Jan 55 last by the former Jacob Ehrgatt for a surety of the Peace and by the latter (his wife) against him for an assault and battery. $1.37 ½ is to be credited to Michl on a bal of $5 due me on a note as FEE $1.37 ½ and the other as a FEE 75 cts on a/c to Mrs. Ehrgott (v. 19 Jan last) Recd of Conrad Mattzried for heirs of Jas Trimble Recd $10 one Ins Rent in full to April 1, 1841. Recd letter from Benjm St. Brewster, Esq "Phila Mch 29 1841" and Paid Pos 12 ½ cts in answer to mine of 27 inst pd Jn-o Fox for Ihffson $2.00 for certain services of an extraordinary nature rendered by him in procuring a service of the suits on Jno Dougherty in suits Nos 70, 71, 72 Nov 7 1840 Dau Com Pleas by accepting of his father 62 ½ of the $2.67 above referred to above and his undertaking to hand the other $2 to his son. Called with my wife abt 8 PM at Rev Mr Kelley’s. They were not in and we returned. Spent rest of Evg in my office & to bed 9 ½ or 10 PM.

Wednesday, March 31, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

31 4 Clear & Coolish. Paid for marketing etc 89 ¼ cts viz 2 lbs butter 37 ½ parsnips 12 ½ Sundries 14 ¼ , handed wife 25 cts Paid Mary Allen (our Cold hired girl) $1.00 in full her wages (and 4 cts over) to this Evg when she leaves by mutual consent on all hands (v. 27 inst) Pd Jno Books Esq (in presence of his wife & 4 daughters) $1.37 ½ costs for protesting at my request Theo Gratz’s note for 4164 [scribbles] P.C. Sedgwik Feby 6th Bot 6 ¼ lbs Beef Geo Neuer Cred-d to him on a/c 50 cts. Walked this morning before breakfast 2 or 3 miles spent day chiefly in my office. To bed at 10 PM.

[in margin on side of book:] see 5 inst for $4.06 ¼ Pew rent pd to H. Walter Esq of Presbyterian Church.

Thursday, April 1, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

April 1 5 Clear & Pleasant. Great deal of moving going on today & yesterday in town. Paid Dr. Wm W. Rutherford $18.25 in full of his bill for medicine and attendance for & in my family from April 4 1840 to this day (v. bill & Receipt among my loose receipt v. April 4/40) for which $18.25 I gave him a check in the Sts Sav-g Inst-n. Drew ck on the H-g Sav Inst-n favour self for $120 & got the money & paid Jacob M Haldeman $120, in full of one years interest to this day on my mortgage & accompanying bond to Francis R Shunk dated May 1 1838 for $2000 payable April 1/42 assigned by Shunk May 21/38 to said Haldeman (v. Receipt Book april 1/40). Recd of Geo Heyers for the heirs of Jas Trimble dec-d $10 being one quarters Rent for house he lives in, in full to this day. Paid Mary Grott Clendenin $26.00 in full of Interest due to her this day on my two bonds, one dated Mch 12/38 for $400 at five percent the other dated Oct 1/39 for $100 at six percent (V. Receipt Book April 1/40), & Recd of her at same time $32.50 in full of boarding for her from the 1 Jan last to this day at $2 ½ per week. That is to say Recd from her in cash $6.50 being the difference between said interest and paid boarding. Spent Evg in my office & to bed 10 M.

Friday, April 2, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 6 Rain in afternoon. Clear & Pleasant in morning. Wrote to J.W. Benedict Esq New York in answer to his letter Recd 29 ultimo & kept copy also to Jos L Lewis Jr Co Phil-a informing them that the sale of Geo W Layng personal property on their Ex On their Judgt [judgement] by the Shff [Sheriff?] is fixed for Thursday next. The 8 inst also wrote to

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day of mo April 2 1841 Friday contd

2 6 contd to sister Juliana Rawn and mother letter recd 25 inst. Borrowed & recd of Wm McClure Esq (by ck on the Hg Savg Instn) One hundred & fifty dollars ($150) payable in thirty days. Miss Mary Peacock & Fanny Kelly took tea with us. Spent day & evg also chiefly in my office & to bed at 10 PM

Saturday, April 3, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3 7 Clear & Fine Cool bought 6 ½ lbs beef & 2 ½ veal of Geo Neuer for which he has credit on a/c for prof-l services in my Day book. Pd Tom Brown 75 cts in full for sawing, splitting & piling away the hickory wood bot the 26 ult. Drew ck on the Hg Sav-g Inst in favour of self for $400 and got the money Paid Francis R. Shunk $590 in full of my board (principal & inst) dated May 1 1838 for $500 with interest from 1 April 1/38 payable 1 inst which makes $2930 paid him in all on the house. I live in bought of him (v. April 7 & May 1 1838 & April 7 1840 April 1 1839). The bal of the purchase money on said house is [scribbles] to be paid to Jacob M Haldeman when one being April 1/43 and being the amt of mortgage $2000 on which I paid him the interest on the 1 inst. I met the board of school directors of S Ward of Borough of Harrisburg at 4 PM at Col Robert’s office in pursuance of my late election present Hon Jno C Bucher, Jno Roberts Herman Alriks Jno Houser Esq & self – absent Jacob Seiler. Was afterwards at Mrs. Elizb-th Brenizers half an hour or more – then home to supper & spent evening in my office and to bed at 10 PM (see side not for Jauss Rent).

[side note:] Recd of Chrisn Jauss for sister property on front street $25 being one quarters rent in full to 1 inst (v. Jan 1/41).

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