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4 1 Rain more or less all day. I was at our church this morning with my wife and in the Ev-g with her and Harriet Grimshaw at the Lutheran church in the evening. The Rev. Wm. Anderson of Boston preached on both occasions. Miss H. Grimshaw supped and remained all night with us. Information of the death of Gen W-m H. Harrison Pres-t of the U States and that he died abt 1 or 2 oclock this morning reached town abt 5 PM. Home at 8 ½ PM from ch. To bed 10 PM.

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5 2 Clear & Pleasant. Rec-d of Andrew Young bail of John Reich five dollars ($5) on acct of quarters rent due the 1 inst for heirs of Ja-s Trimble dec-d for house rented to said Reich. It appears by circular from the Cabinet officers that Pres-t Harrison died yesterday morn 30 minutes before 1 oclock. Wrote per Wm J. Cochran student in my office & signed by him for me to John Bigger, present, & kept copy on subject of slander of Andrew Yong. Paid IT Walters Treas-r of the Presbyterian church $4.06 ¼ in full of my Pew Rent in said church to 1 inst for half a pew from 1 October last (v. Receipt-dated as of 1 inst in my Rept Book). Paid for Sundries 21 cts. Rec-d of E.P. Hughes by bill bought on his personal order of Dr. W.A. Dunklee, apothecary (v. Bill & Recpt in my file) FEE $2.13 on Acct for prof-l services said bill charged to him by Dunklee. Attended meeting in courthouse in relation to death of President Harrison and acted as one of the secretaries, and was appointed on Committee of 13 to report tomorrow Evening meetings of all parties and house crowded. See Newspaper for proceedings after which went to Shunks & home at 10 PM. To bed 10 ½ PM.

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April 6 1841 Tuesday

6 3 Clear & Plesant. Met committee app-d [appeared] last ev-g at 8 am at W-m Ayres’ offices and again at same place at 4PM. Jn-o Houser Esq & self as committee of board of school directors in South Ward visited all the schools in said ward from 9 ¼ to 11 ½ or 11 ¾ AM being 8 schools. Rec-d of Tho-s Snyder $5 being FEE $4 and $1 to pay Penn-a Reporter (which I paid this day, vide Receipt) for advertisement (v. 15 ults). Attended ad-l meeting from last ev-s in the courthouse at 7 PM for ½ an hour and spent rest of Ev-g in my office and to bed at 10 PM.

Wednesday, April 7, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

7 4 Clear & Pleasant. Stores closed from 10 AM business suspended, bells toll’d from 12 noon till 1 PM. Minute guns fired at same time in consequence of death of pres-t Harrison. Bot of Geo Neuer 10 ¼ lbs veal 82 cts for which he has credit on a/c in my Day Book. Rec-d letter from Joseph L. Lewis Jr & Co Phil-a April 5/40 & p-d POS 12 ½ enclosing me a FEE $20 by ck on the Bank of Penn Twonship [sic] in answer to my letter of 2nd inst and pd fee being on a/c of the business referred to in s-d letter. Rec-d of Jn-o Philips for the heirs of Ja-s Trimble dec-d $22.50 being one quarters Rent in advance to the 1 July next for house he lives in. Took walk at 4 PM with my wife & sister in law ½ an hour and afterwards for half an hour with John Briggs, Esq. Spent Evg in office. To bed 9 ½ PM.

Thursday, April 8, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8 5 Clear & Pleasant. A black or yellow girl calling herself Eliz-th Henry but known by the name of Isabella Walker more generally as we have discovered today who came to live with us on last Monday morning walked herself off last ev-g carrying with her a pair of David Rawn’s stockings a shawl of kits and doubtless other articles not yet known of. Rec-d of Herman Alricks, Esq, my colleague, FEE $9 on a/c of services in whiteside v Mahon in Dauphin Com Pleas No 12 Augt 1840. Wrote to Alex? Mahon Esq def-t in s-d case Washington City DC & kept copy. Rec-d letter from H.D. Hutman "Phil-a" April 7/41" & p-d POS 12 ½ cts enclosing promisory note in favour of Hutman & Hoge vs. Jn-o E. Forster. Wrote note to Jn-o E. Forster, present, in relation to said claim & kept copy. Was engaged part of the day in sale of Personal Property of George W. Layng ore (?) Ex!! In favour of Jas. L. Lewis Jr & Co in Dau Com Plea to April 7 1841. Said Lewis & Layng in my office after the sale. Walked with Jn-o Briggs Esq 3 miles or more about 5 ¼ to 6 ¼ PM. Spent Ev-g in my office and to bed at 10 PM.

Friday, April 9, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9 6 Clear & Cloudy & Windy. Handed wife 50 cts. Paid for Sundries 12 cts. W-m Boyd at my office. I called with him on Mr. Sullivan of the Senate & Mr. Gilmore state Treas’r in relation to their receipt of money for Trimbles heirs & called with Jn-o Houser to see Miss Hayes at 4 PM about teaching common school. Spent day and ev-g chiefly in my office. To bed at 9 ½ or 10 PM.

Saturday, April 10, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10 7 Cloudy till near noon. Cool & then snow & wet till night. Paid for marketing 52 ½ cts viz 4 doz eggs 40 cts and Greens 12 ½ & bought 7 lbs beef of Geo W. Neuer 56 cts for which he has credit on a/c for professional services in my Day Book. I took ride with W-m Boyd to his Hanover Farm 11 or 12 miles from town in a one

April 10, 1841 Saturday

10 7 Cont-d… one horse Filbury hired at Fitch’s stable for which Mr. Boyd pays if he has not already done it this ev-g. We left town at 8 ½ am & returned at 5 Pm taking dinner with Sam-l Hicks a sub-tenant under Mr. Schaeffer to whom I rented the place which said Sam-l Hicks then & there paid Mr. Boyd $60 being in advance of half a year’s rent to the 10ct next whereon Mr. B allowed him the interest for s-d half year. That is accepted in full of s-d $60 the sum of $58.20 but gave Mr. H his receipt for $60. Spent evening in my office. To bed at 10 PM.

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