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Monday, June 27, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

27 ~ 2 Clear & very warm in morning -- Thunder gust about 2 to 4 p.m. Clear & pleasanter in Evg. -- I carried my letter written yesterday and deld. to driver of West Town Stage at 8 a.m. near Howeleville -- then rode to what is called Mendenhalls Blacksmith’s shop under charge of one, Stare, whom I got to shoe my horse all round by moving his shoes for which I paid him 50 Cts. this shop is about 2 miles from mothers -- I was home by 10 ½ a.m. Spent afternoon & Evg. at Mothers except that I was at the stable -- to bed at 9 ½ p.m.

Tuesday, June 28, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28 ~ 3 Clear & warm in morning -- Repaid Juliann 50 Cts. paid by her to Jim Counsellor (nigger) [underlined three times] for an hour or two’s work in wheeling my Trunk and a box from Aitken’s Store the 18th inst. to mothers. -- This was rascally extortion & in my opinion a very silly and censurable compliance with it. he would have been well paid with 25 cts. They first told me this morning that they had suffered themselves to be so imposed upon, when much against their wish I immediately repaid them as above -- The imposition on two women and their silly assent to it is much more provoking than anything else in the matter -- I shall not again be imposed upon in that way by any agency if I can guard against it. In the afternoon at 5 ½ p.m. -- Juliann & myself went riding in my Dearbourn, we went first to Aitken’s Store where we got her newspaper and then up past Abner Hoopes to the "Street Road" and down it to the Cheyney or first school house where we turned and came back stopping, but not getting out at Curtis James’ house & store to see him had gone to West Chester a Miss. Harriet Manly who tends store for him an acquaintance of William’s told us -- talked with her 15 minutes and stopped in like manner at Widow Ann Henderson’s not far Howellville on our way home about 15 minutes, home at 7 ¼ p.m. -- to bed at 10 p.m.

Wednesday, June 29, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29 ~ 4 Clear -- warm -- Pleasant air. I remained at home at mothers all day except going to stable about my horse -- To bed at 9 p.m.

Thursday, June 30, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30 ~ 5 Clear and very warm -- I left mothers at 5 ½ a.m. in my Dearbourn to return there on Saturday next -- arrived in Phila. 8 ½ or 9 a.m. Sister Juliann rode with me from mothers near a mile to take a ham to Arron Sills to send to market by him. Stopped at "Eagle Hotel" again where I recd. letter from my wife "Harrisburg June 26" pd. Pos. 14 ½ also from her sister M.S. Clendenin "Harrisburg June 29" and pd. pos. at bar 14 ½ Cts. and wrote to my wife in reply to both of said letters -- went with ostler in my Dearbourn to Dunlaps coach maker shop where it was made to get lamps on, one of his boys and myself went to store of Frick in 3rd. Street, where I paid for a pair of Lamps $3.50 and paid Mr. Dunlap for putting same on and doing some small job besides to my Dearbourn $2.50 was at Dr. J. T. Sharpless’ in the eveg. at 6 ½ p.m. and recd. further directions in relation to my hoarseness and indisposition generally -- spent eveg. at Hotel and to bed at 10 p.m.

Friday, July 1, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

July 1 ~ 6 Clear & very warm -- called at Dunlaps shop before breakfast and at several places after breakfast in my Dearbourn. Paid at corner of Arch & 6th Streets for prescriptions by Dr. Sharpless, inhaler & [ zinc? ] Hemlock & lodyne $1.25 Paid for Toys, magnetic Geese, Drummer & Trumpet, for son Charles 87 ½ Cts. called on Mr. Lewis yesterday and today about fee due Forster & self. he called at hotel about 1 p.m. to see me & told me to send agreement down and he would pay it immediately. Wrote to H.C. Hickok Esquire Bloomfiled in reply to his recd. 11 ultimo (v mem. on back of that letter). Called at Dr. Sharpless’ at 6 ¾ p.m. in pursuance of arrangement. recd. further directions in regard to managing my complaint and was informed by him that he would like to see me in two months again. Came on a very heavy thunder gust about time I left Dr. S. say 7 ¼ p.m. I sopped in Smith & Hodgson drug store corner of 6th & Arch where I buy prescription of Dr. Sharpless and remained there with many others that had stopped out of the Rain till about 9 p.m. without my supper during all which time it rained in torrents and lightened and Thundered more sharply I think than I ever heard it. Got home and got my supper at 9 p.m. or after -- Contd. raining when to bed at 10 p.m.

Saturday, July 2, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 ~ 7 Clear & cloudy & very warm & windy till afternoon -- I paid my bill at Eagle Hotel for two days $3.00 & paid ostler 25 cts. and at 8 p.m. [sic. -- should be "a.m."] left in my Dearbourn for mothers, where I arrived at 12 (noon) -- got my horse & Dearbourn put away by 12 ½ p.m. very soon after which there commenced a very heavy rain and storm which contd. to rage violently for some time -- rained more or less till 3 ½ p.m. I consider myself highly favoured in getting hom [sic] and things so snugly put away before the rain. Turned my horse out in pasture fed him in evening & turned him out again. There is a circumstance connected with my getting the lamps on my Dearbourn which I shall note, as I consider the defeat of some of my original plans the interposition of a Kind Providence. The Eagle Hotel where I have been stopping in Phila. though admirable off in the stabling way, has but a very contracted covering for carriages; I therefore had intended leaving my carriage remain at Dunlaps coach maker shop where the lamps were put on till I was ready to leave the City Saty. [Saturday] morning. Mr. Dunlap told me on Thursday morning when it was taken there that it might be sent for by 3 o’Clock p.m. that day, though in the same conversation in reply to my question whether the articles, gears &tc. wd. be safe there, he said he was responsible for everything left there -- I however made up my mind for reasons I can hardly define to send for it Thursday Evg. -- and did so. On Saturday morning I was informed that Mr. Dunlaps whole establishment had been burned down the preceding night and all in it consumed. viz. new & old work, carriages gigs &tc. &tc. Spent rest of day & evening after my arrival from Phila. at mothers, and to bed 10 p.m.

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