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10 - 1 Clear & beautiful. Pleasant. Cool air early in Morning. hot sun through day. Son chas. & Self took to the Surf in our "buff" dresses or rather undresses (bareskins) at 5-1/2 A.M. Clear & beautiful. Pleasant. Cool air early in Morning. hot sun through day. Son Chas & Self took to the Surf in our "buff" dresses or rather undresses (bare Skin) at 5 1/2 A.M. among some fifty others similarly robed or unrobed. We enjoyed it greatly for some 15 Ms. or more and after Occupying near for an hour in drying, dressing, etc. we returned to our quarters - shaved, breakfasted about 7 1/2 A.M. again went to beach about 9 1/2 A.M. where we walked, Sat and gazed in admiration till church time - went to Presby Ch. and heard Sermon from Rev Mr Heberton and Singing by the whole Congregation & hymn given out 2 lines at a time - all much after my ideas of praising or singing praises and worthy of all imitation by our quasi Presb. Ch. Harrisburg. Retd. to quarters 12 1/4 P.M. dined about 1 P.M. walked to beach at 4 1/2 to 5 P.M. Spending the time after dinner till then in Conversation & with other fellow lodgers - a Dr. Lutz & others - retd from beach at 6 P.M. got tea 6 1/2 & again retd. to beach where we promenaded with some hundreds if not more than a thousand others till about 8 1/2 P.M. Retd. to quarters. To bed at 9 1/2 to 10 P.M. Chas. went into surf about 5 P.M. with Gilbert S. Parker & his son James - I did not go in

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11 - 2 Clear & Cloudy - Chiefly Cloudy all day after 7 or 8 AM - Son Chas. & Self went to bathe in surf at 5 3/4 A.M. as Yesterday & rtd. at 6 1/4 - breakfasted at 7 1/4 - Paid Bill for 1 2/3 days $4.00 being an imposition of 67 cts. as they agreed to charge us $2.00 a day and when I came to pay called the 2/3 a whole day -- I told them of the imposition & refused the brother Geo. Black who offered rather gruffly to refund 50 cts to [settle?] it = I would not, & left = He had given me cards of their Boarding house which they Keep in Phila. where they live which I bethought me of after we got to the [2 or 3 words obliterated by CCR note affixed in corner] enclosed in a blank piece of Paper, directed to Mr. Black’s Irving House Cape May & sent by driver of carriage calling himself Barnet - Boat left for Phila. at about 9-1/4 A.M. and arrived at Phila. at 3-1/2 P.M. Fare carriage Hire at Island included $1 each making $2.00. Came to our Hotel White Swan, got our Horse & carriage, rode to Gresimers took him in and went to Edmund B Caldwells Cloth Store 43 Ches. St. at Stains [?] where I paid Bill for Brown Olive cloth for Frock Coat & Black satin for vest. (?) yds cloth. $8.50 - 1 1/4 yds satin $3.28 = $11.78 - returned to Gresimers & got measured & left with him to be made Sent to me by Jacob Eichelberger my client whom I am to get to call there. Retd. to Hotel 6 1/4 - spent Eve at Hotel, except that Chas accompanied by a young man named Eshbaugh that boards here and that formerly tended bar here took his black pants to Gresimers to get mended - I got at Gresimers pair of winter Gloves 50 & Silk Pocket hf [pocket handkerchiefs?] 75 = $1.25 to be settled in Bill hereafter. (v4 inst. & ) Rain soon after we arrived from Cape May & contd. raining lightly & rather faster at bed time to bed 9 1/2

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12 - 3 Cloudy - Rain in all last night - misting a little this morn. warmish & sultry - cloudy, clear - Pleasant warm - Pd. Bill $11.00 at White Swan Hotel. by order in Judge Rahns favour on J. M. Willis Geist for $7.40 (v 6 inst) $3.60 in Cash (vB&R) and to Jacob Peters per his agent. J. H. Baldwin at stage office at White Swan Hotel $6.00 for 3 days Keep of my Horse since 30 ult. The stable at this Hotel being Kept by Peters - Pd. J.A. Thompson (old Waiter at Table 25 cts. pd. Edwd. (Irish Porter at Swan Hotel) for washing 12 pieces $1.00 by some woman he employed. The charge I told him was unexampled, but he said the woman charged 12-1/2 apiece for pants and mens coats etc. charged pants from Gresimers. I called at P.O. Recd letter at bar from Wife "Harrisburg Aug10". Started in our carriage for home at 10-1/2 AM. Stopped at Grahams and gave orders about My Sugar etc.(v 8 inst) & pd. for 1 lb. Mixed Kinds Cakes Crackers etc. 9 cts. . . pd Toll 5, 6, 6, 6, 5, 4 = 32 on Lancaster Pike 21 Miles to Conestoga [?] Pike where we turned off. 3cts Ostler ornery watering [___?__]ing horse and about 22 Ms. from Phila. Called at Mr. Mulins to see his Wife who was a Sarah Peacock and very intimate in our family while we lived in Greatfalls some 30 yrs ago - found her fat - looking well but Much older and no traces striking my recollection of what she was when we liked each other some 30 yrs ago - she has a daughter about 16 yrs old their only child living..she inqd.. very earnestly for Mother & Julia, and also asked after Capt Cheyney. She and her husband pressed me to remain all night but I had arranged to go about 3 Miles further to Thos. R. Trimbles - He furnished wine & water and in accordance with a custom among some poured out for himself first and drank first. We left after about 1/2 an hours stay and arrived at Trimbles 24 or 25 Miles from Phila. about 5 P.M. Rec’d by them all very kindly - got tea 6-1/2 or 7 P.M. To bed 9-3/4 P.M.

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13 - 4 Foggy till 6-1/2 or 7 A.M. Rose about 5 A.M. - breakfasted at 7 and left Trimbles 7-1/2 A.M. Pd. ostler 2 cts. Downingtown Toll 6-1/4 and 14 cts. = 20-1/4 (2 Gates) on Horseshoe Pike and stopped for dinner at Welsh Mountain Inn Geo. Zells 15 Ms. from Downingtown & 22 from Trimbles at 1 P.M. Got cold Lunch at 2 P.M. Sarsaparilla & old Whiskey. Rested till near 4 P.M. Pd. Bill 62-1/2 ostler 12-1/2 & left at 4 P.M. Pd. Toll to "Lititz" 14, 6, & 3 = 23 cts. (3 gates) and for two Lemonades one at Blue Ball 5 miles from dinner & one at Johns’ on New Holland Pike. 12-1/2 Arrived at Lititz 22 or 23 Miles from dinner at 9-3/4 P.M. at Rinehards Hotel - the same who kept time years ago in Pine Grove when I stopped there all night - was occupied near an hour with the Ostler in attendance on my horse - sponging - washing legs etc. to the expressed admiration of some 5 or 6 lookers on (a Doctor among them to whom another person remarked in reference to me ‘that’s just like you Doctor") all commending the process and its great advantages but admitting that few took the pains and trouble to do it. When my horse was thus completely cleansed - refreshed etc. went to our room at 11 P.M. Washed MySelf Completely all over and got into bed at 11-3/4 P.M.

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14 - 5 - Clear & Cloudy & Clear & very warm in the Ms. & sultry till towards Noon . - rose 4-1/2 to 5 AM. shaved - washed all over looked after horse. Chas & Self examined the town - contains it is said about 500 inhabitants - Beautiful Place and fine Country - fine large Spring - got breakfast at 7-1/4 A.M. and then went and looked over the schools. Inquired for and then sent for, Oscar Rahn son of Judge Rahn aged about 16 years, who is going to school there - He went with us - through the grounds and a Lady instructress named Fruauf (daughter of the Principal) from the Volga (in Russia some 4 years ago) a very pleasant lady and of agreeable and easy Manners 25 or 30 Years old - conducted us through the female departments & Into the different rooms of some 6 or More different Classes, who with their Several teachers rise as one person in the most grave respect when we entered their several apartments - We were also shown their [ ? ] in the Most trim & tidy order - And one very large bed chamber containing I should think some 50 to 75 single beds, very neat, clean and covered all with white counterpains - Pd. Bill Hotel $1.50 and ostler 12-1/2 cakes 6-1/4 and left place at 8-1/3 A.M. for Elizabethtown where we arrived after one of the most ZigZag travels I ever had, through Manheim etc. at 12-1/2 P.M. Took care of horse - got cold Dinner - Met A. B. Warford who said he he drove to Columbia & back 26 ms. circular that Ms. by that time (then went? 1-1/2 P.M.) - rested from 2 to 3 P.M. Paid Bill 50 cts and ostler 13-1/2 and left for home at 3-1/4 P.M. Paid Toll 10, 9, 8 & 8 = 35 cts. to Harrisburg and the sarsaparilla 5 cts. at Farklers Tavern in Middletown & 2 cts. to ostler at same place and got home about 7 P.M. all very glad to see us - got tea after putting our horse away - talked and to bed 10 P.M.

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15 - 6 Clear & fine - Cool in Ms. early & at Making this Mem. at 10-1/2 or 11 a.m. in shade. Rec’d letter from Thos. B. Mills Augt 10" and Pd Po1 5 also from W. B. Hieskill Esqr Phila. Augt 13th, also two letters from Chas. D Manley Esqr. "Media Del. Co. Pa., July 25th and Aug. 4. Answered by my wife in my absence " 28th " vide copy also fr. Jas. Bredin Esqr My late Student "Butler July 21", also from Paul Graff Hollidaysburg July 16" with release of Mrs. Eliza Trimble of dower on Buck property. Rec’d of Chas. Mason $1.00 on a/c of Miller et al Rent pd by him to my wife in my absence. Rec’d of H. F. Keller (paid to my wife in my absence) $5.00 being one mos Rent to 1st Next Mo (v30 June last) - Expenses by my wife during my absence $5.29 (v. Paper attached) [these next 4 or 5 scrawled words are indecipherable] of Keller with $2.50 handed her when I left home July 18, makes $7.50 her expenses $5.29 - Bal. $2.21 retd. to me. I spent day & Eve. at home and Chiefly in house & office arranging my Mem. Books, letters, etc., To bed 9.

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16 - 7 Clear & fine - Coolish except in Sun - Paid 1 Bus Potatoes (62-1/2 got last Eve.) and 2 Cantelopes 6-1/4 - pd 1 lb Butter 15 - 3/4 Peck tomatoes 6, Corn (8), Cucumbers (3), rolls (5), dutch cheese (5) 21 - Lamb 3 lbs 15 - 14 lbs wheat flour 35 - Amt $1.60-3/4 - - Jacob Eichelberger (client) at office about 10-1/2 AM. Long talk about his wife and he having separated he asking my advice about his things she had taken away - He informs me that he brought up the Sugar bought by me in Phila (v 8 inst) and deld me bill for Same from Graham as follows to wit.

125 lbs brown sugar 7$8.75
50 " white " 84.00
1 Package (6 lbs Starch).50
10 lbs. [Rio?] Coffee 11 cts.1.10

which Groceries I rec’d by Kerr’s Man in afternoon & pd. him 13-1/2 as he said Kerr said he should collect that amt. I suppose for hauling to me [?] Bbl of Groceries, etc. Spent day chiefly in office etc. Son Chas. his Mother and the other children went riding in the carriage from 4 to 5-1/2 or 5-3/4 P.M. Rec’d of Amos Millhouse $4.50 one Mos Rent for Jacob & Boyd property - Son Chas & Self walked on boardway to Capitol & back at 9 P.M. except which I spent day and Eve. at home and to bed at 10 P.M.

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