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10 - 1 Clear - Fine. Pleasant - Wife + children at Ch.[Church] in morning. I spent day at home. Walked bet. 3 + 4 Miles at one shell in My Yard between 10 1/2 & 11 3/4 am. Wrote letter to son Chas. Edgehill [,] Princeton, NJ. having Fanny [ofno. ?] Calvin also to write - his mother also wrote a separate letter- We put up a small [suet ?]-bag of home made gingerbread for him and Idel all at New Wm [Nae nitty ?] in Evens at 8 1/2 whose son Wallace returns to Princton College tomorrow. home 8 3/4 to bed 9 1/2 -

Monday, August 11, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

11 - 2 Windy. Clear & Fine. [Ubs Mutton ?] 20 Jno Casey credit. 1 lb soap 4 - apples 3 - amt - 29 - Received of James Peacock Esyr $216. amt of Principal & Interest of $200 loaned to him Apl 11. 1856. [inpussuance ?]. of a note I addressed to him this morning ([v Teophy ?]) Paid [Ismakverlesly ?] $2.50 in full for a July in his [favrone ?] of amt. Jacob F. Ruver an Esy Harris' [vorkat ?] for $14.15 enteris 1 blurt month sinfull of all demands put Potatoes - surplus oft Judgt. were My [whorancement ?] - chiefly to pay me fees in said care another cares in full (Wm day Book) - wrote letter to Hon. Jno J Clendenin little Roek In Raulay of kept copy - I this day agree with old Wm Whitehill on Nate Street to buy his property in which he lives for $1400 or $1430 including a hardrolle. Kitchen dresser Move Pipe & drum up [Wteiss ?] I had been walking after breakfast & comings past his house he asked me if I knew of a purchaser for his property. I went in and looked at it and we agreed for it. In the Evs. after tea at his house we signed duplicate articles of said agreement - Drawn up & [Philopes ?] y his Nephew Wm Mitchell an Nitty. I walked 3 1/2 ms. cir. bet - 8 1/2 of [ounc ?] and 2 miles [astobeside ?] through the day abt. turn chiefly on business. home 8 1/2 uP/adnd to bed 9 1/2 to 15.

Tuesday, August 12, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

12 - 3 Cloudy - Rain ended about noon. did not rain much windy & pleasant in afternoon. I walked 3 1/2 ms. cir. bet. - 4 & 5 1/2 PM. Dep. in [oausep ?] Band $[25 ?] called on Return from my walk in Evs at Wm. Mitchells - got assignment - of the Policy of Ins. on the property I agreed with him for Yest. as of that date - Took at to Montgomesy Kirk agent of Ins. Co. got his approval in due [fism ?] & paid him 50 cts and gave him my Primium date on said Ins. for $333 in due form ( v said pol. among My Hudson) spent Evenings at home and to bed at 8 1/2 PM. Let lr Son Chas.

Wednesday, August 13, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13 - 4 Clear & Windy - B ubs [bnthn ?] 50 apples 21. 3/4 lb Beef G2 1/2 of Jno Carey (Credit). 3 doz Eggs 37 1/2 This makes 48 3/4 doz Eggs v. 9 inst.) smear care, corn 13, rolls 15 amt. $2.07. borrowed at Dare. Dep. 13 1/2 $120 on my note at 30 days payable to the order of Wm Mitchell ([Prothy ?]) said note being for my accommodation. The Bank on Mr. Kreider had wed said note beings fro my accommodation. The Bank or Mr. Kreider had owed me to get my son [ordny ?] one on the Notetherely to comply with the form of having names on, but of the [hisinep ?] was Connected with payin s his Uncle Wm Whitehall $500. with purchase I Made Yest. I got him. This pay. was out due till the 15th next Mo. hd' [Prothy ?] Mitchell had called me this morning to know if I would hurt me to change the times [terms ?] from Let. from New. [Saiut Aarin ?].

Aug 13 - 4 Cont.d - from the 15 to 1 next mo. as Mr. Wilson of Whom they had bought in 3 wkl - had found he could so change to give them possession[.] I had all of $500 on hand but said $120 and agreed if they would take it today allow me Int. thereon lite I get - Roy 2 of the house on 0' pt or written 2 or 3 days there after W' pale in with the arrangement all which was agreed to and [unregeanlty ?] I got said $120 to smaller up said $500. S? $120 placed to my credit in Deposit - I drew Man said BK to so Wm Mitchell Sr is order firs $500 on said purchase money del? I [usne ?] to his nephew Protho Mitchell [whoruepN - Strerefon ?] I took on lark of my duplicat Art. of Y. - 9 (ackenl. arred Wm Kelley here an him or mone this afternoon helping me put - up partition in cellar of house on Rasberry Alley I walked through day 4 or 5 sn? Spent Evs at home to bed 9.

Thursday, August 14, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14 - 5 Clear - Fine - Pleasant - I walked 3 Ms. Cir. bet. 8 1/4 & 9 1/2 wrote to V.H. Ron Whworth Phil.. Kept copy also to Mrs. Ann WM Neeley Phil.. kept copy new copy Juds. [Sistagainst ?] TC Sedgwick, also wrote Mo. Carson Esgr. Baltimore & kept Copy (vs apl 54) walked after [?] out St. Road. Met wife & children & Mrs. Wm T fanders returned with them at 7 1/2 Pm. to bed 9 Pm.

Friday, August 15, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15 - 6 Clear. Pleasant - P2 50 cts at Harrisburg Telegraph Office for 20 copies of that Paper for Distribution with addrep of Ex. Arm of Freemont Club in it. Hired horse & 2 seated carriage at Colden livery stable at 1 PM and wife and children to de to Dauphin to lookafter Property there - I paid expenses 31 cts on our return we saw Wm. F.R. Wiruk ther daughter in law Mrs. Wm. Shunk[,] Mr & Mrs Geo Wysth & children + woman at Hallebarks - home at 6 1/2 Pm. Nu? [New ?] of Thomas Laur [eve kran on ap ?] of Fee $3.25 - He settled pros. at Dyr. Mydess with deft - who p.2 wits. I was there. Wrote note in Eyr Griffiths office at dauphin and left with land. Thompson to Lerve on my tenant Chas. Hamman to leave for non pay 'offend.' Spoke to Eryr. Griffith to get carpenter have to fix building of Boas Gelf at Dauphin as he would get it fixed of it - was his own. he said he would. Spent Evn. home & to bed 9.

Saturday, August 16, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

16 - 7 Clear - Pleasant - P. 1lb butter 20 - 1 1/2 lbs beef 15 of [Neorauy ?] (credit) rolls 8 - Tomatoes & apples 21. Ice & 8 pr 3 Dys amt 71 di. distributed Telegraphs got yest. (10) to market - people generally acquaintances, su short Am. in Daily Herald of Yes. by [sme ?] signed citizens about town council Publishing their Proceedings. [Rvervis ?] of Mrs. Eliza Wallace attaining Fee 5.00 entering appearance for her as in No 85 Aug 7. 56 (v 18 June last) Nu? of Aaron Sanders Col. of [han on ap of Nit - 8 ?] Fee $3.25 in the matter of a proceeding [?] [kindy ?] his wife for Maintenacne. Walked through day but Chiefly in Evs after tea 4 to 5 miles. Attended Freemont Meeting in Court House from 7 1/2 to 9 1/2 PM. Bishop La Fishes & Boruen of Ches. Coy. [?] Elk of Kansas Invest 5 Com ee made [spishy ?]. I called

Coverby's Hotel after Meeting from 9 1/2 to 10 to see him. home, to bed 10 1/2 PM.

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