Sunday, April 8, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8-1 Rain. Easter Sunday. Mild, thunder in last night and this morning.

Rev. A. H. Hand D.D. of Easton preached for our congregation in Hall of House of Representatives morning and evening. He was sent by Rev. Mr. Cattell, our pastor elect, to supply his place. He brought a letter to me from Mr. Cattell of introduction. I did not see him at all, being confined to the house all day by indisposition arising from cold, irritation in the throat, soreness and aching in the limbs &c, old companions from which I have been more than usually free this spring and during the past winter. Daughter Fanny also at home all day with cold, coughing a good deal that being the chief ailment. To bed 9 pm.

Monday, April 9, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9-2 Rain in morning with thunder and lightning before 10 am. Also rain in last night.

I was considerably indisposed through all last night with a dry, tight, tickling cough- rather the most incessantly annoying and tight and inflammatory or attended with throat and chest inflammation that I have experienced for some time. In other respects I am well enough with a good morning appetite. I had thought of not getting up this morning but changed my mind, feeling such a sharp appetite for breakfast and not caring to be in bed unless very much indisposed.

I sent for Dr. Charlton after breakfast being the first time I have called him in and being induced to do so specially from his general reputation as a good physician, and evidence of instances of his success where others had failed. His gentlemanly and agreeable and thoughtful behavior and manner. Also that his wife is a member of our church and he a regular attendant in its congregational services, and because he uses the homeopathic system.

I sent Sam. Burton for him and about an hour after Sam brought me a dozen small powders and directions. By request of the Doctor I stripped to the buff and he examined my chest by knocking on it with his fingers and laying his ear on it here and there and said there was nothing wrong or that a ___ except at the right-side near the shoulder of the upper end of the right lung which he said was congested, that is crowded with too much blood, and in that condition usually preceding hemorrhage. There was another very prominent inducement for my desiring to consult with Dr. Charlton which I omitted to notice above and which was perhaps chiefest, that was that he has been attending W. C. A. Lawrence for some months and in that he has had opportunities of becoming acquainted with the course of practice of Dr. Parrcourt[?] of Chestnut Street Philadelphia. (in whose professional knowledge and skill I have strong faith) who was also called upon to prescribe for Mr. Lawrence. His care, it is true, presents such a uniformed and adverse condition of consumption ( a consolidation of the lung as Dr. Charlton says) that there is no prospect of his even temporary recovery. Dr. C. says that Dr. P. had told Mr. L. to drink as much whiskey as he could, to eat anything and everything he wanted or craved and to talk and laugh and have friends as much as he pleased and as he might find suitable. I have strong grounds for believing that the course thus prescribed is under proper regulations and judgement the very best and most hopeful one that can be pursued certain cases of consumption. I believe if I had commenced it in 1842 and pursued it under proper regulation from that time and would now be much stouter, stronger and _________ within perhaps the last year. I have been using as seemed to be suitable but in perhaps what Dr. P would call rather limited quantities old or pure rye whisky, grape and currant wine some honey and know that I have been very greatly benefitted thereby. Hence whatever may be observed in my book of the purchase of these ____ is attributable within the last year or more specially to these considerations. Dr. C. Say that Dr. P told Mr. L. that his main hope of recovery depended upon his following the course recommended, though Dr. C. does not seem to agree therewith and says that Mr. L had great difficultly sometimes in retaining the quantities he was advised to take in his stomach and would occasionally throw it up repeat several time before he would retain it. The idea was that he was to repeat very frequently taking it as often and as much as he could well bear, and Mr. C. says that Mr. L. has actually thrown it up frequently and at times before he could retain it on his stomach.

Old Joseph Werrich at my office between 3 and 4 pm. I spent day and evening at home taking the Dr.’s powders according to directions and to bed at 9 pm.

Tuesday, April 10, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10-3 Rain in last night and thus far (noon) today, rain all day, warm. Dr. Charlton to see me about 11 ½ am. Sent me 1 doz. Powder. I am considerably relieved this morning. Symptoms commenced "thawing out" that is softening or melting lightly in the night. Cough much less troublesome and loose and irritation or inflamation of system especially throat a&c abated.

David Peelor from Indiana new tenant for my State St. Mitchell house here this morning. Then again here 2nd time about key of one of the doors and his nephew R. B. Gemmel with him.

He gets the premises for $138 a year payable in 12 equal monthly payments in advance on the 1st. Day of each and every month $11 ½ at a time. He requested me this morning if suitable to wait with him for the months rent now first due 1 April to 1 May when he will pay both months together and he proposed to pay interest inso April for 1st month to May. Of course I will not receive interest. I agreed to wait till 1 May next for $23 in rent.

One Daniel Erwin a blind man with his nose partly destroyed as if by cancer and about 40 to 45 years accompanied by one Henry Ginter (apparently something younger) with whom at seeing the former has heretofore boarded some 7 years or so, called at my office about 8 3/4 to 10 am on business of said Daniel under his father’s will touching his support with letter of 9 inst. From John Gibson Esq. York his present or late counsel there. I examined his papers fully and agreed with him that he should pay me a fee $5.00 for present consultation which he paid and that I would visit York and consult with his consul there on the subject, whenever he should send me $10 to pay expenses, loss time, &c which he would not do now but expects to send in a letter by mail the beginning of next week. Spent day and evening at home- E.M. Pollock here to consult me about Harry Fahnenstock ________ to the house ____ offered $5 ,which I declined. To bed 9.

Wednesday, April 11, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

April 11-4 Rain through last night, with some ____ and light , and rain nearly all day betimes.

Mrs. Rawn at Market for her sister and ourselves. Paid 2 lbs. butter 31, twist bread 10, herring 6 and __ 3. Paid ____ for ½ lb. _____9. Fine salt 10.Amt. $0.69
6 1/4 lbs. veal and beef of Mr. Carey (cr).50
Paid Daily Telegraph for 2 weeks to 7 inst.(yesterday).12

Daniel Wenrich (Worrich?)called yesterday at 11 am and again at 2 ½ to 3 ½. He is to come next Monday to work for me a few days at some small job. I am yet remaining in the house from indisposition mainly because the weather is not suitable for me to get out. I should have gone out to walk today had it been dry and clear. Dr. Charlton not here today thus far (5pm) John B. Simon here about church money 4 pm. I wrote note to John Haldeman Esq. , one of our building committee, to call for me. Spent evening at home and to bed 9 to 10.

Thursday, April 12, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

12-5 Clear and fine and fresh at 5 pm or so then windy and rain. I attended with Mrs. Rawn and other at J. F. Seiler’s school at 10 to 11 ½ am and from 2 1/4 to 3 PM. Public Examination of his scholars in Latin, Greek, Math, English, Grammar &c. They were highly creditable to him and his scholars. He has a remarkably fine, intelligent healthy set of young chaps generally about 14 and 15 years old, a few older, none younger. They number about 23. John Calvin did admirably. I went into court a few minutes about 11 ½ am and again about 4 ½ to 5 pm. Walked through day some 3 miles in all chiefly between 3 and 4 pm., when I walked with Mrs. Rawn and daughter Fanny. Air nearly as well as usual. Dr. Charlton not here today. Spent evening at home. To bed 9 ½..

Friday, April 13, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13-6 Clear, fine, pleasant air, fresh, some winds . Paid at Robinson’s store at Canal ______ and Kunkle building for - 8 lbs brown sugar .68 , Sam Burton with me purchasing groceries

4 lbs. white sugar .42, 1 box shoe blacking .5= $1.15

This day our first election under city charter. I voted the Peoples Ticket-out and out- in our ward for Mayor, city treasurer and auditors except for Judge and Inspector of Election, which I seldom vote for now because they nominate for these places out of compliment to these men who are not capable to fill places of infinitely more trifling importance and except also that I voted for Frederick Heikert- the Dem. assessor. Neither of the candidates was even moderately fit for Mayor and Kepner, the Dem. or Nigger Party or pro slavery party candidate was certainly much the most competent of the two incompetents, but as the election was put on party grounds, and K.’s election would will he paraded as a Dem. or adm. which in other words is a pro slavery extension into free Territory and free states triumph. I had to go for Boas, the people’s party candidate. Stopped in court once or twice for a few minutes at a time . Walked 4 miles between 4 and 6 pm. Evening at home and to bed 9.

Saturday, April 14, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14-7 Clear, fine till 9 am or so, then cloudy and rain, and clear and tine. Mrs. Rawn at Market for her sister and ourselves, paid 2 lbs. butter 50, twist 6, beans and dried apples 15. Change 4 retained by Mrs. R. Figs and sundries 20 for 3 days for self and children. amt. $0.95

3 ½ lbs. beef of Mr. Casey (cr) 32

Two Magnum bonum plum trees (white) .40 bought from John Calvin of Mr. Dervis Boak (v. 7 inst.) $1.67 one of which trees Sam Burton, John Calvin, and self planted in the yard at my Mitchell State St. Property and the other in yard where I live near (within a part of) fence and 4 to 6 feet from Washington plum planted 7 inst. It appears that Kepner was elected Mayor yesterday 7 by 134 of a majority in some 400 votes and 6 Dem. and 6 cp. to Council and one a tie. Watson (Dem) city treasurer and 3 Dem. city auditors.

I walked through day 4 to miles chiefly between 3 ½ and 5 ½ pm. Received letter from Daniel Erwin York April 14 (v 10 inst) enclosing to pay expenses &c for me to come to York. Fee $10.00. Spent evening at home. To bed 9 to 10.

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