MG 009 - George J. Heisley Collection

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Scope and Content

Consists of newspaper clippings, one about the "Star-Spangled Banner" and a clockmaking flautist which appeared in the New York Sun in September, 1944; two copies of clippings concerning the sale of clocks and a brass compass made by Heisley; and a typed manuscript relating the story of how "The Star Spangled Banner" was put to music and played by a Harrisburg soldier on his flute.


George J. Heisley, born in 1789, was a burgess of Harrisburg and a skilled manufacturer of surveyor's instruments, a clockmaker, and an amateur flute player. He was a member of the company of 144 volunteers who marched from Harrisburg to rendezvous at York for the defense of Baltimore in the War of 1812 and became known as the first to play "The Star Spangled Banner," which had been put to music by two fellow soldiers, Ferdinand and Charles Durang. He died in June, 1880 in his ninety-first year.

Date(s): 1944, 1983

Extent: 1 folder, 4 enclosures