MG 155 - Fox, John E. (Mrs.) Collection

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Scope and Content

This collection consists of four folders with papers of various families which seem to have no connection to John E. Fox or to each other.

Contains a lease between Susan Willis and J. E. Hillier for the rental of a house at the corner of State Street and Hawthorne Alley, 1870, and receipts for monthly rent from Margret Robnoff to Susan Willis, 1871 & 1872.

Contains a handwritten copy of the last will and testament of James Welsh, Paxton Township, Lancaster County, 1792, and a summons issued to John Welsh.

Includes correspondence and a lease between Jacob F. Rife and Colonel C. G. Edgar of the Signal Corps, U. S. Government for the rental of 79 and one half lots of Rife's Extension, Middletown, to be used as a warehouse, 1918-1919, with an additional contract for the sale of a house on two of the lots, 1918.

Contains legal documents between David J. Unger and Leander N. Ott and Alexander Roberts, Trustees appointed to sell the real estate of George & Bernard Geiger which include a bond and warrant, a mortgage for several tracts of land in Halifax Township, Dauphin County, 1869; Docket No. 89, a suit between Roberts and Unger, 1873 and an Abstract of Proceedings, Judgment and Opinion of the Supreme Court, 1877.


John E. Fox was born in Hummelstown in 1861 and received his primary education there. He graduated from Lafayette College, Easton, and read law under Weiss & Gilbert. He was admitted to the Dauphin County Bar in 1888 and practiced law in Harrisburg for many years. He became one of the best-known attorneys in the state and was elected judge in 1921 and reelected in 1931. He traveled extensively here and abroad. He was married to Rachel B. Kunkel, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Waugh Kunkel. He died in July, 1942. A photo of Mrs. John E. Fox can be found in the Photo Archives. The connection between John E. Fox or his wife and the papers in this collection is not known.

Date(s): 1792-1918

Extent: 4 folders, 11 enclosures