MG 214 - Kepner Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains letters from Daniel Kepner's friends who served with the Pennsylvania Volunteers in Mexico, 1845-1848. The letters from David J. Unger, E. C. Williams, I. S. Waterbury, provide a picture of many of the places in Mexico and the customs of the Spanish people as well as conditions the men endured during the fight with Mexico. Collection also contains letters, 1842-1844, concerning invitations, acceptances and regrets relative to lectures to the Dauphin Guards from W. DeWitt, J. Chandler, A. Parsons, E. Morris, W. Sprole, J. McClintock, M. McMichael, D. Brown, J. McLanahan, Thaddeus Stevens, H. Spackman, W. Kern, J. Durbin, J. Kunkel, Rev. C. Schaeffer, J. Adams, I. Diller, J. Wallace, W. Packer, W. Morris, J. Messick, G. Barton and a few business items, such as a receipt for tuition for his sons Charles and Elias, cancelled checks, a license to sell merchandise without liquor, a certificate stating he had been elected Clerk of the Orphans' Court in Dauphin County, and a statement certifying an accounting of the tax on writs collected from 1855-1856.

Also contains two commissions appointing Daniel A. Kepner, Recorder of Deeds for Dauphin County. One commission was issued by Governor William Bigler in 1854, the other by Governor James Pollock in 1855.


Daniel Kepner had a store in Harrisburg in 1839 according to an early directory. From material in the collection he was a merchant in 1851, clerk of the Orphans' Court in 1854, recorder of Dauphin County in 1857 and a member of the Dauphin Guards. He was also assistant superintendent of Zion's Lutheran Sunday School (information obtained from a member of the church).

Date(s): 1840-1857

Extent: 6 folders, 58 enclosures

Creator: Daniel A. Kepner