MG 280 - Harrisburg Reserves Collection

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Scope and Content

The collection contains the charter, by-laws and directory of the Harrisburg Reserves for Home Defense and Military Training organized June 2, 1917 and granted a charter on July 5, 1917. The booklet lists the officers and directors of the civil organization headed by Vance C. McCormick and the officers of the military organization commanded by Major Alonzo M. Porter.


The Harrisburg Reserves was organized in June, 1917. Its purpose was the formation and maintenance of a military organization for the instruction of its members in drills and maneuvers in order to repel invasion, preserve the peace and protect property. The active members consisted of male citizens over seventeen years of age, residents of Harrisburg or its vicinity, who were physically capable of bearing arms. Associate members consisted of male citizens not eligible for active membership. Summer drills were held at Island Park every Tuesday and Friday nights at 7:30. A charter was granted to the Reserves on July 5, 1917.

Date(s): 07/1917

Extent: 1 folder, 1 enclosure